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How can I love unconditionally,
When I haven't been conditioned to love?

An innocent Angel.

i collapse like a dying star every night

some how i am nothing more
than dark matter
endlessly slipping away from this world

the night arrives with my death
hanging above me,
and like every sunrise before this, i know
i am doomed

i am a wreck
as the morning awakes
every bone is aching, every part of me
is weary  
but with time, i carry my grave out of bed

gold slants of the sun
break through the window
yet it is never enough to
chase away the darkness beneath
my eyes

it is never enough to remind me i am still alive

—sometimes the light i see before my demise is the same light that i wake up to; sometimes the memories are my death and sometimes they are what breathe me back to life
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