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Paul NP Oct 2022
Smoke and Mirrors

I want to heal my body
but my mind keeps following
and the feeling of my changing
has my personality behaving oddly

Bright lights shine into my mind
and these static visions hurt my eyes
I need to be alone in the dark,
so I can slip outside of time.

There's a sweetness from within
and it melts into my marrow
Showing crystal skies escape
when repenting silver arrows

I no longer feel the same in fear
and my mind is resting angers
Quietly repressing sorrows
Making my mind saner.

I'm sorry for staining her.
The spirit of my calling within
The divine femininity
The one who speaks in Hymns.

A poet shouldn't smoke
and tarnish reputations
because where the poet flows
is in the heart of aggregation.

I want to be brave
and say everything will be okay
That I'll live life to the fullest
And pave a path to fame

But now all I really want
is to return this axe to frost
re-enter through the cold
and free myself from desert lost.
Paul NP Oct 2022
You left the flowers by my door
and I took them in for rescue.
I placed them in a vase,
to turn back the time I laid to rest.
Wilted on the sofa,
I took to rays of sun.
To bless the inner shadow,
Who's solitude might come undone.

Might come undone.

Night rolls in
and I'm falling into a deep sleep.
MY spirit comes down to the soul.
And with our divinity deceased,
The dark night comes to mirror me;
I might be getting old.

I have no thoughts of me,
just you, that's all I think,
I wanna be with you,
my link.

For security, for safety,
For the love of our memories.
For the kids, our kindness,
and the mindful and not the mindless.
Yeah, of purer thoughts and purer love
serenity from upper kingdoms arc
To fight for belief, and sanctity,
bestowing both justice and mercy; upon thy enemies.

And so I gripped the blanket and yelled,
to undo nightmare man his spells.
I won't give into darkness no more.
I won't sleep on shattered dreams,
and walk away on empty deeds.

I'll pierce the bitter night
with rainbow sparks of aether light
as the flint stone blisters and scathes my palms.
I'll rekindle the fire and bring thunder to wire,
and rewrite these stories with passions alive.
Paul NP Oct 2022
Funlight Sonata

The lines that we write,
which make us feel great.
Come from Heaven,
When our Hearts Escape.
Fleeing from fear and the flight of the world.
Concocting the tonic of heaven's most pure.

The passages that we make are checked to mate.
And sometimes it takes forever to make.
The majesty of our perception's inflicting our fate.
Oh! Large One!
You Must Turn thy Soul Agape!

And when Heaven's gate opens,
So does the solar soul soar.
Dancing kissed keys like Frédéric Chopin.
La Campanella that you now chime,
will make new goals to implore ! :

" I Am More, I Am More, I Am More ! "
Paul NP Sep 2022
Whisped Kisses,
In cadence, an aria,
scatter amidst my temple.
Bringing sense, mid-dance
In trance,
The renewal of my spirit.
Her thoughts,
stand tall, in halls
of memories that hallow.
To hug, my heart,
in garments,
that make me purified
and leveled.

Stand tall, stand tall,
she spoke, and rode in--
on a feathers fall.
You are, you are,
the one,
that I have been searching for.
And the chorus that I bring,
will sing,
right through - into your plated walls.

To shine and gleam,
so lightly, offering,
that return in your favor,
up after the fall.
Paul NP Sep 2022
Kiss me with your words, girl.
Tease me in your world, swirl.
Enchant me with your lips
I like the way that you conduct.
Hit me with your tonal touch
Make me feel the way you blush
Turn my shirt into a knot and
Run my mind with quenching thought.
Enchanted Distracted
I'm looking for your focus.
Entrancements re-enacted
Finding center locus.
This spotlight has got light
And my body feels so sober
When I call you and enfall you
In midnight flight, October.
Paul NP Sep 2022
Illuminary Passenger

You can't stop the mind, no
Only in an instance,
Where the spaces between words,
are really steps of distance.
Each soul given shadow,
Each foot bathed in warmth,
Where the fixed stars staring
Will Illuminate you forth...

You can't stop the mind, no
Y'can only change directions,
Destinies are chosen,
when you go into your presence.
So what will you choose to do
Now that you are lost?
How will you make dew out of ember and frost.

Build a tree in your mind and you'll be
reaching up.
But if it's thunder that you want ,
then you'll be out of luck.

Cuz a tree in it's soul
While protected isn't gold.
Trees don't walk,
but they sure as hell grow.

So go and grow, go and grow.
You will know, you will know.
By the mirror, by the mirror.
Tell your soul, tell your soul.
You are full, you are full.
Full of gold, full of gold.
In the mind, in the (mined).
Thine working goal.

(So go).
Paul NP Aug 2022
Deep meaning fills my sorrow and makes my love cool.
I never thought truth would act this way. Beyond perceptions, it's participatory affection.
I never thought truth would act this way.

Deep meaning fills my sorrow and turns love into tool.
I never thought I'd work this way.
With hands on deck, steering out of my mess.
I never thought I'd get away.

Deep meaning fills my hallow and glues me in to revelations.
Watching cryptic worlds undress, removing the stress.
I never thought I'd be okay again.

Deep meaning fills my soul, and my thoughts align.
Reorienting my passion alive.
I never thought I'd love again.
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