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Paul NP Oct 17
When my heart is weak,
doth rib de-liberate.
My heart and soul they squeeze. Conservative pulses make thine
spirit breathless.
And in my breath, my idol stale.
Paul NP Jul 25
When I breathe my body is relieved.
Where once timber, now limber.
My posture is vibrant and silent.
I'm cleansing my Violet.
Violet where once crown, no longer a frown because
I'm grounding, I'm grounding until my soul is unbound.
I'm breathing, and when I'm breathing laughter reveals me but I focus, I focus and I don't let it seal me.
I'm cooling, I'm cooling, and soothing my soul, so that it may stay open for one and for all.
I meditate
I abbreviate, small glimpses of light.
So that the sugar of my solar may fall out - from my sight.
I am serious, and my breath is sinuous.
It awakens my mind,
But these competitive thoughts: they do not oblige.
So I keep breathing and breathing for full conscious feeling and through this procession my spirit is right.
Spirit pouring out of my pores.
I am rich with inner vision.
What sun shall I bring up to clear division.
What light shall I pour out tonight, Oh Sun
I am ready to stand up for what's right.
Deep Breathing Sessions
Paul NP Mar 13
You may call it Sky.
I call it Blue Breeze.
You may call it Sun.
I call it Zen.
You may call it Rose.
I call it Reason.
Paul NP Feb 18
Deep sleeping delta breathing
Breath of subtle water air
Salivating in mid summer airs-
Night view on the dark pavement.
Hands on it feeling upward rising
Warmth. Gazing up at the sun
Red, Pink, Orange and Blue coalescing infinitely.
The Sky Earth Action in my memories
m e m o r i e s
Paul NP Feb 10
Reason I Resonate
The Order of The World
Resonating Love's Evolution
Magnetic, how Purpose
Dilutes Pupils
Cleansing their Magnetic
Such is, Sun light
I Am, Who I Am.
Reason, Love, Sagittarius,
Paul NP Jul 2020
She who is well spoken has a mind of worth.
Takes giving and lesson from the soil out of
Air and Earth.

Two works.

Of Feather, The Father of The Aether, of thin air, this thin veil we spare from our Mothers. The Mother, The Healer, mediating sands. As the waters of our souls get poured into the land.
(Ambient splash sounds)

Breath by breath. Wave by wave.
This is the song of sentience in thy name.

Breath by breath. Wave by wave. This is the song of sentience in thy name.

By The Spirit of heat in sand.
I flash step in the spirit of my hands.
For the rest of my life I stay true
I will, I will do.
Each little grain supporting all our fame within the flames of fortune.
Fortunate to love my cells, and my calls.
Paul NP Jun 2020
Her eyes, piercing through the veil.
Felt as if she was given, but she had chosen this way-in.
Introverted visionaries of extroverted politics.
Picking up rods and staffs out of the abyssal airs of
Storm. Thunder in the hands of a victim, clenching
the black sands of a vision-less torment.
On the sands, on the sands of an Empath.

But out from the mud and clay of a silver and blue oasis. Through the steaming council of a warping wall. A Portal opened up her thirst to this thrall. Where the day's moon  pocketed the corner, of her upper most thanks to think things over.
She paced elegantly, closer and closer.

And through the mist, a mysterious bliss kissed the tip of her upper lips. The scent of a cool memory. This water of Mana, that quenched the flowering stanza's of a blue lotus vision.
In depth and revision.
Through the tingling sense of forgiveness.
She was beautified and living.
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