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Traveler Jan 14
I know this may seems crazy
And surely I’m
A mere buffoon
I have come
To deliver you
From the darkness
Of your very own gloom
The place where
You hide the
True wishes of your heart
I’m that artiest
You are my art
Aesthetically beautiful
I can't get enough
Oh how I need
More stuff!!!
No thanks!
Traveler Tim

Lonely tonight!
Traveler Sep 2018
I wouldn’t dare to guess
The whole extent of
The adolescent mess
  Left upon the first broken heart..

Certainly you are one of those
Who have overcome
Those common blows
    That tears a first timer's world apart...

Or even luckier yet
Perhaps your soulmate
This time around
Is who you met
   Reflected in the passion of your art....

Being a poet
Can be quite telling
Aesthetically rebelling
Sharing all the secrets
   Of one's unique solitary heart.....
Traveler Tim
Diana Oct 2018
I once read the lines
“Practically on top of us
is a girl
with long brown hair
a black hoodie
and the tightest jeans I have ever seen
I automatically hate her
because those jeans
make her look good”
From a book

This mentality bothers me
I mean
Why can't we
Admire another girl's beauty
Instead of becoming jealous
Or envious of it
While attempting to find
A flaw of theirs
To counteract their beauty
Why can't we just appreciate it
While loving ourselves
Without making ourselves feel less
Or desirable
Or worthy
Because they have something
That is "better"
Which is entirely subjective
Due to the fact
That there are many opinions
Of what being beautiful
Aesthetically means
Since there are many people
In this world
Which in itself
Is beautiful
We should feel empowered. There is nothing aesthetically that can make another more "woman" than another, so admire another's looks while confidently rocking your own.
my heart doesn't have to be aesthetically pleasing to you,
you have no idea what it's been through
vern Apr 20
I am a small and expressive six-year-old
I just came back from India, just a trip to visit family
I wear a bindi
My hands are decorated with mehndhi¹
I wear bangles on my arm of all different colors
I wore a little churi daar
And everyone teased me
“She has a disease?”
“Why is there a dot on your forehead?”
“You look funny”
A few of my friends tell me that I look pretty and they wish to wear it too.
I get a few compliments but the rest hurt
I never wore a bindi in front of them again
I washed my hands to rid the orange stains
I never wear my Indian clothes
I am a not so small and not expressive sixteen-year-old
I see music festivals, I see movies, I see the people who teased me when I was six
They wear the dots that I had worn
They decorate their hands with what they call “henna”
It wasn’t an Indian holiday
I’m a little hurt
Why was I teased?
But they are praised
“It’s aesthetically pleasing?”
“The bindi is indie”
Do not tease me for my culture
And then take it for your own praise
Is that even fair?
Do you think that’s fair?
some thoughts about cultural appropriation
1. henna in intricate patterns
2. an Indian outfit prominent in Gujarat, worn during holiday celebrations
WA West Sep 2018
A strange kind of intrusive ambiance; voices in several languages, forced laughter, technological functioning; human activity intermarried with machines. The volume rising perfectly in sync with my cortisol levels, I interrogate  my past for signs of the path that led me here; it remains blurred. I did not dream of working in customer service; but here I am regardless, moments of my life that I will never ponder again; a cascade of  the present moment repeating as long as my employment contract exists. An event-less horizon, memories are stillborn here and true ingenuity stifled. There is much and nothing that has led me here. It is hard not to feel like a horse bred for performance in this place; everything is monitored, quantified, reviewed and collaborated. Performance reports produced with the fervor of medieval scholars translating the bible.  I look to the sky, what else is there to do; only to see smoke alarms and aesthetically neutral lighting arrangements. There is art work on the walls, but is generic, created to defy analysis. The colouring of the walls is chosen to exude a neutral sort of trendiness; on brand for the overarching corporate image.
#short #customerservice
jas May 17
you are the most beautiful person i've ever accepted into my life
my heart tingles sending electrifying waves straight through my veins
drawing ever sense of mine to
your soul

the power of connection that brings two spiritual beings to collide into one is indefinite
your aura annexes the neurons traveling throughout my body

this path appeared without my knowledge of intertwining fate
in where I'd never encounter a most perfect individual
one full of the universe multiplied by years of worth

till the end of time and back, for there is no death of a soul
if I could just freeze this ripple in time where our bodies encounter
with a warm intoxicating embrace
so exhilarating,

in this life that exists today,
I'm delighted to have accompanied your presence
an aesthetically pleasing inner being

one that encourages me to have a better perception of existing
to live life vicariously with a passion

a mentor
beloved friend
one who reads my soul like an open book

you are my soul and I am your mate.
influential in every way
the words that you say
leave me crazy
but in a good way
I swear

i've been putting my actions into words
I cannot compare to observe
so if you, you know

my soulmate
i wrote this for one of my dear friends i enjoy. much love for you - p
ConnectHook Apr 10
Kabuki monstrosities of cute

   White snivel, and children who sniffle as they walk.
    The containers used for oil. Little sparrows

shopping-malls of Shinto reactors
tsunamis of Hello-Kitty schoolgirl ****

   Pretty, white chicks who are still not fully fledged
    and look as if their clothes are too short for them

tiny plates of aesthetically-arranged trivialities
meaningless Engrish phrases on T-Shirts

     Last year’s paper fan. A night with a clear moon    
       One needs a particularly beautiful fan for some special occasion

in herd-like apathy, they download Anime Girlfriend App
the robotic allure of the Orient defined

    To wash one’s hair, make one’s toilet, and put on scented robes
     An earthen cup. A new metal bowl. A rush mat

cramped restaurant-bars with detailed replicas of food
PROMPT #9 : engage in another kind of cross-cultural exercise,
inspired by the work of a Japanese writer who lived more than 1000 years ago. She wrote a journal that came to be known as The Pillow Book. In it she recorded daily observations, court gossip, poems, aphorisms, and musings […] write your own Sei Shonagon-style list of “things.”
Diana Apr 4
You say you love me
But not in that way
As a friend
You say
But I can’t harbor these festering feelings
Within me any longer

If I was aesthetically prettier
Would you say you love me
In that way
If you were attracted to my looks
The way you say you are to my personality
Would you then
Pursue me
I find it quite interesting how there are many people around us that have such attractive personalities, but we don’t pursue them because of their looks; however, if they were to look aesthetically pleasing to us oh how different would our feelings be for them...
Bettlejuice May 30
I will never be the girl next door
I’ll never be skinny enough to hold
I’ll never be pretty
I’ll always be me
Even if that means I feel **** everyday
Even if that means every time I look in the ******* mirror I hate the girl I see....she’s so ******* fat and ****, why would she even continue to breathe...
Abortionate my reality-please someone **** me
Even if it means I tear apart every photograph of me...please not today I’m so ******* ****
Even if it means I’m suicidal all the time...self harm on the daily bludgeon list
I have scars on my legs and arms
Words cut so deep
I almost got fired and cut “FU”-didn’t get to ****-but it didn’t hurt this time
Even if it means I can’t shower everyday...scared of astral things (***....scary)
Even if it means I’m scared to be a human being...mental hospital days (psychotropic to say the least)
Even if it means I’ll never be a **** beautiful thing....I’ll always see an **** beast (please don’t make me a meme) or if you do don’t show me...
You know what....
I’m okay enough for me
I’m no model
I’m not grade A-100%-pretty
I’m no GMO-plastic surgery-witch
I’m organic
I’m ‘the eat what you want and do you’ *****
I’ll make you laugh till you cry-
and cry till you sweat
Remember I try to tell no lies
I want a nerf gun fight
Wrestmania for life
Battle buddy
I want a gym partner who doesn’t make me feel **** for trying-going-or failing
I thought Failure was a part of life
To know-
I’m scared you’ll hold my hand
I’m scared if someone ***** with me you’ll yell at them-or try to kick there *** (**** we both would)
I’m scared that I think I’m really in love
I always said **** getting married-**** children-**** that hypocrisy
Now I am the most jaded hypocritical being-
in love wanting to be your wife and future mother-
imagining our kids nestled up by a fire is reading them stories of times that they can aspire to be superhero’s or anything the want to be
We’ll tell them with love and kindness-you can accomplish anything-
I was in a school for teachers education-I want my life back
I almost have an associates degree’s so what do you have ‘honey’?
I couldn’t even finish that semester I had to drop out-I was scared of the finals-public lesson of how I would run my educational plan-speech now-gased out-cashout-god maxed out
Money? Hahaha...
You act like I can’t earn anything
I make 14 an hour when minimum wage is 8.75 I think
And I need you
Nope (Lesley Knope)
**** ***** boi
You needed me
Why the **** do you think you can mess with me
******* *******-**** boy-McFlurry
But I loved you
If you’re hungry I’ll make sure you have something to eat every night (French fries over guys)
I’m more like your mom, ew right, not a hot piece of *** to hold and grab everynight
I want that 60 shades of grey kind of boudoir night-everynight
I’ll make you laugh again
I can’t even pretend
I could’ve seen us together conquering the world
Instead you ****** a bevy of girls
People I could never even hope to be
You showed me ways I which I’ll never be pretty
I hope you know Im happy for you
Despite what you’ve put me through
Please I hope you do get married too
Don’t feel bad for me
I’m suicidal it ***** but that’s life “dumpling”
Can’t always be pretty
But part of my feelings is really from your lack of love not trust
Can’t blame you though-
I just wasn’t enough
I thought you’d always wait for me
I thought being overweight meant nothing
Even if you needed to meet some of your own personal needs when I wasn’t ready
Grossly justifying things prolixs my reality
I guess I never be enough ****-pretty-skinny for you to notice me
Even makeup makes me regret trying
I always feel like my true face is hiding
I’ll never be the girl I see when I wear nice things
-fake ****-fake **** girl ***** ****-
Lol thoughts of self digression towards me when I wear those things...
I wish I could honestly be a *** and walk out in lingerie everyday
A teddy to caress me-maybe-people would notice my lovely body
Look at me the way I see me
Beautiful to say the least
I love my body positivity
Self love over internal hate equates gains
Im no potato but someone ****?
Why is being overweight a bad thing
I fell criminally insane not clinically
Like **** I like mundanity
Mundanity over boogie *** reality
I wear clothes not outfits
I shop in places you wouldn’t even walk in
Macklemore-thrift shop-popping
My style exists to alienate you
Make you feel guilty instead of me for not being able to feel waxed out and pretty...ugh petty
A thousands lies on that babydoll canvas
Airbrush-photoshop perfection
Paint pro came to life
Photoshopped out of all of time
If I **** myself tonight-just know
I loved you every single night
The pain is heavier than any load I would even want to bear
The thought that you’re her cuddle bear-
If I was a bear-no-I’m a wolf
I’ll howl under the moon and stand alone
Alone was always enough
Under attack
The love I thought you had for me went cold
Snow-scar tissue-no one to know
I just glad no one knows
Rumors spread like wildfire
Astral projection isn’t a wide set knowledge
OSHA-Workers rights-safety first
I’ll never be a skinny model girl or anything remotely aesthetically pleasing
I’m just a Rollie Pollie
A Black-Beatle in the wind
A blackbird singing
“Let’s just be friends”
I want to lift weights-be strong-protect me
I want to be a muscle builder
I want to kickass
I want to be my own security team
No one will **** with or talk **** to me
I’m 5.9 who’s going to **** with big ***** me
I am so scared
I want to go on walks without being scared
I wish you were here
My best friend
But her
She’s so pretty too-model for Levi-you- I’m like **** I feel so lucky-happy-for you
God must love you
She’s your blue moon-She’s your sunshine-Your midnight blues-She made you pretty in pink
Something I wanted but could never do
I just wish you chose me
I wish I wasn’t so ****
I wish you liked me
Why not me
What’s wrong with me
Insecurity, maybe
Maybe if I was like her you’d want me
Maybe if I was skinny I’d be good enough
Maybe if I was a model I’d be good enough that you would call me “slim shaddy”
I just hate the word “baby”
Maybe I’m just insecure
Insecurity getting the best of me today
I really need some good *** ****
**** was always there for me
Unlike you, Mary Jane never judged or condemned me
She was a friend-everything
Flower power
**** I’m really actually super funny
Like kevin hart mixed with tyler perry meets vitalyzed tv (YouTube it sweety)
I make myself laugh till I cry-****-***** lol mentally only though -jk-I’m not ashamed to say I might throw up all over you one day
Hey don’t be mad it’s all a part of the game
I just don’t understand why you said you didn’t care about:
The way I looked
The way I smelled
The way I brush my hair
The way I just don’t care
But you still didn’t love me
I still wasn’t pretty
You are petty
If I’m not good enough please marry her
Courthouse romance
What Happened to woeing her with your pretty voice-piano skills-dance moves-
Piano man
Have a destination wedding-
I hear St. Bart’s might be ready
I hope you have a honeymoon
That night I’ll finally forget you
Leave me alone-stop telling me you-just DONT
I don’t want to subscribe to your show anymore
One theatrical performance and you stared the whole show
Norbit plays when I want watch Bruno
Sasha Baron Cohen is my hero
Tosh.o-Comedy Central ***
***** swinging like branches in trees-and I’m the only one brave enough to climb this thing
I’m an opening act-a headliner-
Rocket man or Ninja Warrior
This is my story of how you broke a broken heart-
sawed it in half-
Broken apart-
Not even for a magic trick like you said-but for your own ****** selfishness
You stole my youth my only car
Put up for auction
Sold my stock
For what
Your ‘one’ true love
You always said I was enough
Now I know that I am truly not
Now I know “in god” I’ll never trust
I even moved on and met some new guys
Guys who made me forget about the way you made me smile
Guys who loved me for me
I was happy without you by my side
But you came back with more wicked lies
I wish I would’ve ****** that masterrdapper guy he wanted to **** and get stupid high-
I wish I would’ve ****** Christian and all his friends on his boat, or when his mom wasn’t home, in his smoke/fishing room-yes I really am that big of a *** *** ****
Like 3 nah 7 ***** in my face who am I to blame
Pornhub made me this way-**** of a century
******* for thinking I saved my virginity for you though
I don’t want your STDs you ******* AIDS giving trifling ***
Did I just take it to far with that, Hmmm I don’t know
If I was a **** like you- I would’ve ****** someone else better too
But no-
I’m stupid-
I still want you-
Only you-
**** me
Who knew
You already had when you left with her
I’m not a ****** anymore (am I?)
You made sure I was no longer innocent anymore
Why would you keep coming back for more?
Love me
Hate me
But you still loved her
I bet that’s why your exes keep coming back for more
You lead them on and they think it was something more
You ******* *****
You wanted ***
***** wagon-*******-Heart Attack
Duece Bigalow
Gigalow of a life time
I just want harry styles in my life  
Are those the signs of my times
Let you go and move on with my life
One direction
Sounds like life
**** this I’m tired of trying

Respite my dogs- RIP my hoes- Rest In Peace big Arron
More•Over- place in which you lose yourself trying to become more.
Bettlejuice May 26
I’d tell you to ******* all the time
I’d say **** your hot but get really shy
You would say *** and I’d laugh or stay serious but hey shhh it’s always on my mind
I’d say I loved you even though those three words are so cheap in these modern times
I would say I was sorry even though I’m so full of pride
If you could read my mind-you’d find-that you and I are much alike-those insane thinks you think of I’ve thought of twice, three, maybe even five times- I’m not ashamed to say but I am ashamed to be
I’d say sometimes being a girl isn’t very pretty
I’d say being a girl is never really pretty
I’d say **** your beauty standards I want humanity mixed with humility
I’d say it’s embrassing being human
I’d say all humans are gross-after all everyone *****, ******, eats, and bathes right
Animalistic pro parallels-even animals judge no one-instincts are not etherical
I’d say women have it worse
Try having to look ****, cute, smart, poise, and angelic all the time a Victoria’s Secret Model lie
I’d say Model Mayhem
I’d say let’s rage against the machine
I’d say who has time to shower everyday, I can’t always be aesthetically pleasing your ego
I’d say who has time to always be clean-that **** is so exhausting
I’d say sweatpants 4 life
I’d say I have a demonic mind-My demons have made an awkward alliance
If you could
as i'm laying down tonight
i think of how exhausting it is to wash you off my fingers
even if it's not like i ever get to hold your hand
or touch you, for that matter.
but everynight i have to wash your essence off my fingers
like trying to get rid of gasoline but always ending up
setting myself aflame. and that despite
knowing how dangerous and hazardous that **** could be
you just couldn't stop because you love the smell of gasoline
that fills up your lungs like pumps of adrenaline
right before the stench of your own burning flesh
chokes you to death. most nights, i wash you off like paint.
you can tell that i'm trying to forget what
i bled after your face appeared on the plain canvass
when my hand automatically reaches up and
perfectly colors your lips, and i couldn't help
but resemble them to pastel pink petals
of the roses growing in royal gardens
and i know i'm fooling everyone
making them believe that such expertise
is achieved because
your bottom lip have felt my gentle stroke when i
don't even know how your lips would feel when they quiver
under a curious and longing touch.
so i watch the colors spiral down the drain.
i watch my hands brush against each other
so intensely, trying to scrub the paint gone even
if it won't go away. even if the blood is clean.
even if i look clean.
how can loving you secretly be ever clean?
i'm scared it will never go away.
i am a painter in my own sense, capturing a glimpse
of something so intoxicating and aesthetically forbidden
then turning it into something tangible.
this is how painters show that their hearts
collapse with just a name
with just a glance not meant for their way.
and they paint what little of the hope
that shouldn't have been there in the first place
and every night. every single night they would aim
tirelessly to turn it into something they could allow.
something that could exist not only in my head.
something that i can call mine even if you
don't know that i am yours
and i knew this because your face
have begun to fill every blank wall
in my ******* house and i wonder how it is
possible to fall in love with someone the whole world
believes you shouldn't.
they say that when we turn our hands into fists
it is the size of our hearts.
and sometimes after the long hours of painting
i wash my paint-stained hands clean of
an abstract myriad of yellow and blue and black
and red. red for blood. red for love. red for fire.
i wash my paint-stained hands
turning them into fists
so maybe, just maybe
it will be the same
as getting rid of the colors off my young broken heart.
colors for you.
yet i always end up washing them off
with ******* gasoline.
and you still dare to call me 'smart'
i am an arsonist and a painter. i burned while i burst into colors. and were the one that blurred my distinction between the two.
everly Aug 2018
that’s a mistake you’ve always made
trying to love me

then again you were the kinda person
who always gave people seven chances until they
proved themselves right

im up to four strikes,

— The End —