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They surveyed my every mood
They established surveillance
Harshly punished defiance
Had me locked up, well, for good

They forged ideas in my mind
Had me believe I was blind
Shaped me into a pariah
Repeated they were the Messiah

Repeated for hours on end
A virus had plagued the cell
To this litany without end
No one was safe, they could tell

Words echoed into my room
We were either set for doom
Or grateful to be rescued
By their remedy, they cooed

My every step was measured
Some rebelled, they were injured
One mile is all we had left
To run and not go bereft

While the media explained
The pandemic knew no end
They monitored our thinking
A ceaseless, clueless talking

If you believed me to be
Some prisoner in a facility
Well, I am very sorry
I am just, like you and me,

A human being in 2020...

11:23-11:40 pm
The idea of this poem came this morning from thinking about our situation during Covid 19, depicting it like a prisoner’s new habits.
I will not state my views on this nor say whether or not I support the mainstream views. Poetry is all about creating a space for thinking and awakening.
Enter your collective and inner consciousness
Seek, deep inside, the energies within.
Take a deep breath and expect this rebirth
That this new era is slowly paving in
Be a part of this revolution. Breathe in.

Pénètre ta conscience collective et unique
Cherche, au plus profond, les énergies cachées
Respire profondément et espère cette renaissance
Que cette période est en train de mettre en place doucement
Fais partie de cette révolution. Respire.

Your body is light as a feather
Floating on a silver river
A delicate cherry-blossom petal
Trusting the wind to propel it forward
To the edges of eternity, for this voyage

Ton corps est aussi léger qu’une plume
Flottant sur une rivière argentée
Telle une délicate fleur de cerisier
Qui fait confiance au vent pour la mener à bon port
Aux confins de l’espace-temps, pour ce voyage.

Birds of a rare rainbow plumage hum a prayer
A song of gratitude and joy
Your eyes marvel at the sight
Of this inner zen garden, made home

Des oiseaux dotés d’un rare plumage arc-en-ciel
Murmurent une prière
Un chant de gratitude et de joie
Tes yeux s’émerveillent à la vue
De ce jardin zen intérieur, fait tien.

Emerald-hued bamboos form a cathedral
Of protection and wisdom that you pass
Cradled by the fresh stream on which you rest
Light, free, you continue your journey deeper

Des bambous de la teinte d’une émeraude forment une cathédrale
De protection et de sagesse que tu découvres maintenant
Bercé par le frais courant sur lequel tu te trouves
Libre et léger, tu continues ton voyage profondément

And deeper, moved back and forth by nature
A vivid orange koi carp salutes you, undulating
You feel her breath create air bubbles underneath you
And from within, you become a calming mantra

Au plus profond, te mouvant par la nature
Une carpe koï aux vives écailles orange te salue, ondulant
Tu sens son souffle qui crée des bulles d’air en-dessous de toi
Et, de l’intérieur, tu deviens un mantra apaisant

Resonating throughout this luxuriant garden
Alone and well, encountering your own self
Meditating in a pure, regenerative slumber
Stay there, don’t come back up into the world

Qui résonne à travers ce jardin luxuriant
Tu y es seul(e) et tu y es bien, rencontrant ton être propre
En méditation, dans un sommeil pur et réparateur
Restes-y, ne remonte pas dans le monde

For a few more instants of silence and unity
With nature and everything that vibrates within
You are carried to a waterfall of turquoise waters
Become part of this whole, color your own soul

Pour quelques instants de plus de silence et d’unité
Avec la nature et tout ce qui vibre en dedans
Tu es porté(e) jusqu’à une cascade aux eaux limpides
Deviens une partie de ce tout, colore ta propre âme

Vibrate an echo that is yours only. Let it resonate
As you come back up refreshed. Throughout the Earth
Be a channel of joy and happiness for the planet
And close your eyes, go back, to this enchanted place.

Vibre un écho qui te définit. Laisse-le résonner.
Alors que tu remontes, rassasié. Autour de toute la Terre
Sois ce canal de joie et de bonheur pour la planète entière
Et ferme les yeux, retourne, vers cet endroit enchanté.

Nancy, April 15, 2020. 12 :45 pm. 15 Avril 2020, 12h 45.
This poem didn't receive that many an edit. I wanted to really capture the stream of my meditative thought. It first came to me in English, I translated the stanza in French just underneath.
Ce poème n'a pas fait l'objet de tant de modifications. Je voulais qu'il traduise le flux de ma pensée méditative. Il m'est d'abord venu en anglais,  tout est traduit en dessous de chaque strophe.
Abort mission, reboot, we’ve lost control
Where are the procedures, refresh the protocol!
It seems like this civilization has been deemed unstable
Question is, are we really competent and able
To protect our planet and all that we hold dear
No, we ain’t, unless, under duress, we fear.

This coronavirus was like a bull in a china shop
We were concerned about constantly being over the top
Performance, marketing, scales, and stakeholders
It seems we need to revise the strategy, dear readers.

So what now? Are we going to slow down and ponder?
On what we have to give up and offer to manage humanity
Or keep on being obtuse, dollar-oriented and benighted?
Decide to see inside ourselves and stand united?

‘Cause, guess what? When life as we know it will end
It isn’t the green note that you desperately clutch in your hand
That will save you from illnesses, grief, and sadness
Thus: We have to seek the pursuit of happiness
Which will always prevail, keep on smiling to the new day
All this frenzy will appease itself and soon be at bay…

Nancy, March, 30, 2020. Written from 12:03pm to 12:40pm
2 hours of therapy
1 language spoken
$80 colorless shirt
3 women ditched
1 child left behind
40K a car
7 feet a boat
200 m.sq mansion
11 countries known
400 books read
2,000 lines of code
50 meals tasted
1,000 promises
143 ifs and whats
0 honest job
1 private plane
500+ LinkedIn contacts
6 real friends
0 lover
0 liver
2 pounds of coke

And you equal?

Jan 26, 2020
Written between 12:22 am and 12:36 am.
2 hours of therapy
1 language spoken
$80 colorless shirt
3 women ditched
1 child left behind
40K a car
7 feet a boat
200 m.sq mansion
11 countries known
400 books read
2,000 lines of code
50 meals tasted
1,000 promises
143 ifs and whats
0 honest job
1 private plane
500+ LinkedIn contacts
6 real friends
0 lover
0 liver
2 pounds of coke

And you equal?

Jan 26, 2020
Written between 12:22 am and 12:36 am.
A whiff of perfume
Floating in the air
The sun reflected on your hair
An aura of untold fortune
I see right through you
The veil has been pierced
The path, long, lonely and fierce
Behind: The law of attraction
Beyond us, something set in motion
Holier than time or love or sense
I met your eye to your heart and hence
Mine you are for our stars align
A silent contract our kindred souls sign
No land can't stand to tear us apart
You have something of me and I a part
Of you. No matter the distance someday
You were you are you will, ours today

Nancy, November 26, 2019, 10:57 pm
Inspired by and written after watching the film "Earthquake bird"

The starting image in mind was "lens" and this title.
Written in 4 four minutes.
The Lemur is enthroned on the heights of an island
In a luxurious villa, complete with a sauna and a pool
The Dormouse holds, modestly, a small pharmacy
Where people can buy necklaces, gemstones and pretty threads.

Every Monday morning the lemur fixes
His hair with a delicate ivory comb
Asks about the stock market in overflow
Swallowing a pure white powder in a row

His orange eyes threaten to explode
So he sits down, eats lobster and sated,
He doesn’t have a care in the world as descends the evening
His paw resting on a black jade cane stolen from the dormouse

Monday morning, the lemur, operational
Goes fast, pick and pickaxe at the mine
Extracting, sweaty, some beautiful spinel specimens
Hoping that one day at the Lemurian’s he would dine

For a trifle, the latter bought him
His most beautiful crystals and this without paying taxes
He became the leader of the island thanks to his kinsmen
The exotic animals knew something was wrong…

His only friends were the rich and the bohos
Under the yoke of this monkey, the island was a hellhole
Their chef was addicted to coconut powder
Whoever dared to say it was put in irons

When finally, an evening he overdosed
Nobody buried him among his friends
The Dormouse humbly undertook to do so
At the hole where he dug, he found a stone

The moral of the fable, listen to it then,
Who shows compassion exists with reason
Do not judge too fast, because we're leaving too early
Nature often rewards us in her own way.

September 11, 2019
Nancy, translated on November 17, 2019
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