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Jac Feb 29
my butterflies adored you;
attracted by the soft lingering scent
of the flower crown that ever so
graciously rested
on your pretty locks.
Jac Feb 29
as a phantom of the night
i wandered into
my state of euphoria
where none of my ponders
oppressed me.

i was the one Almighty
mdma makes me feel Almighty
Jac Nov 2019
i vividly remember us together
sitting by the sunflower fields
they were all turned to you
it had been a cool summer day
yet i had felt warm
next to you
have you seen the sunflowers in the south of France? they are stunning.
Jac Nov 2019
a bucket full of withered roses
two repeated sentences —
both still lingered in the room

Echo repeating:
he loves me
he loves me not

she was not heard
another unrequited love
in the midst of a stillness
Nov 2019 · 113
Jac Nov 2019
i guess i should feel
somewhat honored
to have seen past your
mask painted a deer
no need to pretend around me pretty
Jac Nov 2019
you left me
shattered, everything
we had gathered in that
glass box —
into pieces

i should have known
glass is vulnerable

yet it is the most beautiful sight
when the light hits it,
it refracts
covering its surroundings
with rainbows —
thousands of them

but now it is gone
i am broken
Oct 2019 · 102
are you feeling my love?
Jac Oct 2019
i can feel you
if you can feel me
an ensemble of two
in this heartfelt misery
Jac Oct 2019
you must know all my secrets
by now since you are in
my mind from the moment the
sun lights the flowers until
the moon illuminates the waters

thoughts feel clouded
but precious are they so

i should embrace them
like endless endearments
whispered in my ear
so pretty and sincere
making the cherries blossom near

yet when you are oceans away
why would i let this feeling stay?
me being cheesy and sad
Oct 2019 · 135
Jac Oct 2019
my dear
you made it quite clear
that you do not wish me here
so why come near
when all you do is sneer
is that just to make me shed a tear?
Sep 2019 · 108
Jac Sep 2019
i enjoy it
Jac Sep 2019
both looked so grounded
as if they were guarding
me with their lives

certainly, i did not mind
it made me feel quite at ease

watching the two red roses
in front of me,
tranquility at its finest
Sep 2019 · 302
in the 7th month
Jac Sep 2019
i had felt so calm

as if i was swimming in a lake
nearing two am on a summer night
the water still
warm from the sun
that had set hours prior

floating while gazing at the stars
with the moon illuminating
the subtle waves
rocking me into my sleep
Sep 2019 · 179
dawn was upon
Jac Sep 2019
a certain tranquility had
washed over the place

once crowded and populous
now as if any event of the past
had never been present

you could call it the end of times
at the start of a new day
Jac Aug 2019
i flew away
to an unusual reality
their skin had a faint glow
matching the vibrant hair

the personas were moving
while i was at a still
i caught myself smiling
through my numbness

as my conscious returned to me
the colours in my vision
turned dull once again
a trip to a numbing vibrant reality
Jul 2019 · 39
why am i not numb for you
Jac Jul 2019
i think i would still enjoy
watching the sunsets with you
yet i am now not quite sure
on how to

i think it is safe to say
you are avoiding me
our paths are not colliding
any longer i see

i think i am better off
without you in my presence
but in these moments i wonder
what is the essence
Jul 2019 · 348
heavily influenced get help
Jac Jul 2019
forgive me for i have
belittled myself

the grand picture
has disappeared

i seek guidance
yet defy the system
that also just
injects me with treason
Jac Jul 2019
this is going to sound cheesy
but even if the sun would shine its brightest
the moon being at its fullest
and that together with a million stars
you would still be the brightest light
in this world and others

being willing to give up an eternity without you
just to spend a day in your presence
Jul 2019 · 138
lies secrets distrust
Jac Jul 2019
i remember you said that
you would travel the world for me

why did you leave me in a trip?

it was bad,
you know  

yet i still cannot leave you
Jul 2019 · 312
Jac Jul 2019
promise me
when you come

i will go on my knees
and beg,
to not make it a one night

stand with your values
handle with care
please do not leave me in despair
Jac Jun 2019
i would travel three oceans far
just to see your face
when it lights up
as you smile
Jac Jun 2019
the angels had cried
a few moments past
the sky now tinted a soft grey

morning dew still fresh
on the various roses
that covered the fields

she sat alone
cheeks a bit wet
and her mind slightly numb

the only thing she could feel
were the spirits in her presence
her shaking hands
went up to her face
drying the tears
i am glad the spirits were with her
Jun 2019 · 112
is sacrifice worth the loss
Jac Jun 2019
am i in love with the mind
or do i just mind

please do not call me kind
they will just make me a martyr

strip me bare
make it so there is nothing left to bare

these ways can not be called fair
yet my name
has already been shattered
into pieces
what would u do ?
Jun 2019 · 86
a lost game
Jac Jun 2019
defeated by the losers she was

her wanderings were cut short
as she reminisced
the girl sat in the valley
of the withered roses
face scarred

hoping one day
she would find light

even if it was just a spark
May 2019 · 74
Jac May 2019
her eyes had met more
than just the surface

it went further
than shallow waters

her thoughts were deeper
than the lowest point in the ocean

as she sat on the hill
covered in pink flower petals
with the wind silently flowing by
bringing a soft cherry smell
oh, how bittersweet it was
Jac May 2019
we should move
to the castle
on the hill above

we could spend our moons
singing songs so sweet
while watching those
beneath us

we would find the light
between the clouds
while the wind brings forth
a violet like perfume
dozing us into our dreams
May 2019 · 119
exhibit x
Jac May 2019
if you were an atelier
i would take a visit everyday

treasure all that is inside of you

you are a wonderful piece
created by the masters
May 2019 · 310
Jac May 2019
your smile could light up
a million different candles
while your eyes then formed little crescents
as ethereal as the moon

you felt as a summers day
in the middle of December

my cheeks would change colour
just at the mere thought of you

you were like a delicate flower
standing out in the fields
May 2019 · 109
we should wander far
Jac May 2019
let us go to where
one can hear the angels sing
and the sky is painted
a soft pastel violet

let us go to where
one can jump on the clouds
but not fall
and the wind carries the melodies

let us go to where
one can dance all night
surrounded by light

oh, that would be
a wonderful sight
May 2019 · 50
bittersweet reminiscence
Jac May 2019
the last rays of sun
refracted through the window
paint the girls’ skin
a faint honey gold

dusk is upon
she sits at the table
brows furrowed

as her mind wanders
to those sweet days
not occupied
by cares
Apr 2019 · 189
beautiful confusion
Jac Apr 2019
it was a mere figment

clouds in the water
drops in the sky

her wonders went up high
Jac Apr 2019
while orange and pink turned
dark and blue
the two young sat together
on the hill covered in flowers

the wind, now cooler on their skin,
carried a faint cherry smell
the two young exchanged words
that were just now set free

on this spring almost summer night
where there was no thunder in sight
the two young felt something bloom
as they each left their private room
Apr 2019 · 119
Jac Apr 2019
on a warm summer night in July
a young girl settled down in the valley of roses
lips curved up in a smile
while the grass tickled her fingers
her eyes wandered up to the sky
at the stars who were beaming

the moon felt bright
she was in love with the sight
Jac Apr 2019
‘’we should live on mars”
she said
the boy turned to face the other
saw the stars in her eyes
and swore the girl was worth more
than the days and nights combined

“where even the fairies can’t find us”
she continued
the boy looked up at the sky
that had long turned dark
over the moon he was for her

the two young sat on the hill
covered in pink
in their own little world
and the boy softly held her hand
Jac Apr 2019
angels were dancing
underneath the violet sky
they had found the light

drops fell to the ground
while the sun was beaming

“c’est trop beau!”
they sang
at the end of the rainbow
Apr 2019 · 320
blurry vision
Jac Apr 2019
he carried the ocean in his eyes
it had never been flooded
till that one day
it spilled, flooding his mind
drowning his views
making him lost
until he would one day find,
the eye of the storm
Mar 2019 · 125
Jac Mar 2019
plummeted into the depths
sounds were heard
yet too faint to be received

drowning in her thoughts

swimming in her never-ending cycle
she was out of breath
before she even knew where to head
interested in the different interpretations people have reading this
Mar 2019 · 425
growing up
Jac Mar 2019
as she spiralled down the rabbit hole
expecting wonderland
yet frightened she was
in the world of the aces

as the daisies began to wither
and the cakes now tasted bitter
doomed, her mind became
the list of impossible things was nothing but a card game

‘’off with her head!’’
she heard, faintly in the distance

mad had she become
and numb she went
in her wonder-turned-waste land
Jac Mar 2019
on the platform i stand
waiting for the midnight train to Paris
the wind brings with her
a sweet strawberry scent
i follow its lead
and am met with a pair of emerald eyes
carefully studying my complexion
i look away
a soft rosy colour on my cheeks appears

i can count the stars reflecting in your eyes
it brings joy to my heart
you give me a soft smile
as i return it
your eyes light up
as beautiful as the moonlight
gleaming over the water
Jac Apr 2018
my tears had dried out
like Sahara’s dessert
Oases no where to be found

as I lay there
almost alone
With company; the stars

‘what can be done?’
‘to one who can drop no more?’
The void did not answer

while moonlight gleamed over my self
i cried out for help
But it had lost its way

lonely I had become
so I was now
‘could it get worse?’

I was testing it’s limits
Feb 2018 · 241
Jac Feb 2018
The darkness under my eyes
reveals for the observant
my ongoing struggle of
the way of going, being and finding
for the majority it is yet concealed
under a mask I appear
looking bluntly bliss

Around me is a cycle
spinning worlds all over
dazed and confused I turn
as lightning it hits
leaving a burned inside
with tension through the veins
I lay struck but awake
Feb 2018 · 125
Jac Feb 2018
Chaos in my head
i’ve been feeling no regret
just chaos
chaos in my head

for a long time i have silently shun
not wanting to know what was there
avoiding that feeling out of place

being the omega
yet aspiring for the alpha

time has drastically changed
i feel more in place

but now this ache emerges
heading to my inner me
framing an image
something unlike i
picturing a fright
of this undesirable oblivion
remodeled into the mediocre masses

aware i am this will pass by
frankly speaking,
this angst brings determination
eventually leading to me
now with ongoing inspiration

chaos brings me balance
Feb 2018 · 83
At sea
Jac Feb 2018
As lost I was
Deep in my sea
Thin as glass
In search for some flee

For a while I was there
Finding everything but air
All things I was seeing
And meanwhile my void was feeding

There was not much left to eat
Just me on this sinking fleet
‘Must this all go on?’
‘It is not even what I long’

What did I have?
Slowly the bucket was filling
Could I even laugh?
All my thoughts were drilling

And there rainfall came
Filled then overflown
It was the end of the game
I started recapturing my throne

— The End —