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Jac Nov 3
i vividly remember us together
sitting by the sunflower fields
they were all turned to you
it had been a cool summer day
yet i had felt warm
next to you
have you seen the sunflowers in the south of France? they are stunning.
Jac Nov 3
a bucket full of withered roses
two repeated sentences —
both still lingered in the room

Echo repeating:
he loves me
he loves me not

she was not heard
another unrequited love
in the midst of a stillness
Jac Nov 2
i guess i should feel
somewhat honored
to have seen past your
mask painted a deer
no need to pretend around me pretty
Jac Nov 2
you left me
shattered, everything
we had gathered in that
glass box —
into pieces

i should have known
glass is vulnerable

yet it is the most beautiful sight
when the light hits it,
it refracts
covering its surroundings
with rainbows —
thousands of them

but now it is gone
i am broken
Jac Oct 30
i can feel you
if you can feel me
an ensemble of two
in this heartfelt misery
Jac Oct 29
you must know all my secrets
by now since you are in
my mind from the moment the
sun lights the flowers until
the moon illuminates the waters

thoughts feel clouded
but precious are they so

i should embrace them
like endless endearments
whispered in my ear
so pretty and sincere
making the cherries blossom near

yet when you are oceans away
why would i let this feeling stay?
me being cheesy and sad
Jac Oct 29
my dear
you made it quite clear
that you do not wish me here
so why come near
when all you do is sneer
is that just to make me shed a tear?
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