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Natasha Monica Oct 2020
O fair Helena descending-
How could you not look at me?
You were once Narcissus in the meadow;
Kissing the soil-
Blooming with lavenders-
Basking in the afternoon sun-
Where did all your sunshine go?

Your blurry reflection-
       of somberness;
                  heavy eyes;
                          calloused hands;
                                 disheveled hair;
                                   timid air-
                               Dismayed the goddess in you.

                                          Faded golden lyre;
                                     Withered Pierian roses;
                                      Crushed altar of flame;  
                                            Mortal madness!
                                    Ascend back to the divines-
                                    Depart from this mortal coil;
                                 Be the Narcissus in the meadow.
Inspired by Jon More
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020

She who give what's due
Broken echos reach her ears
Pool entraps his gaze

Haiku dedicated to Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution.
Again, one of my favourite goddesses, haha!
I wish she had alot more love also, much like Iris.
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Jac Nov 2019
a bucket full of withered roses
two repeated sentences —
both still lingered in the room

Echo repeating:
he loves me
he loves me not

she was not heard
another unrequited love
in the midst of a stillness
toleomato Nov 2018
I sometimes think of a girl who wished to die at sea
The sea, I see, which saw her drift away so lifelessly.
Not long ago we had been doomed to die a death in bed
But now the ocean waves careen above our heads instead
She stole my heart, I stole a car, and then just like that we’re gone
We escaped from the hospital, our days spent there were done.
She would not last without her meds and I was getting sick
So to the coast was where to go, and we had to get there quick.
Along the ride, she said to me, in the year two thousand five,
“Looking at all the scenery, it kind of makes you feel alive”
At the beach, we both looked on and made no qualms with death
For there are no prayers to be said if you are out of breath
She smiled at me and I at her, and then it was time to go
She swam out with a happy face, that is all I know
Based on the visual novel of the same name
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
When you're immortal
all beauty is left to wilt
except your own reflection,
you can't help but to fall
in love with yourself.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Mothers warmth peered over the precipice
Her halo radiating with life
Projecting her color over the lush meadow
Engulfing everything in sight
How angelic, even the flora cry
An ocean blanket of blue and white
On the hillside your scapose body resides
Weighed down by blissful dew
Tipping over to one side.

Admiring that stream lazily flowing by.
Admiring that stream, what is identified?
Admiring that stream lazily flowing by.

Perfection staring, a gaze that seized
Cornas locked eternally
A beauty never before seen
Afraid to break sight, fear of ambrosia running away
Forever you stare
Forever you stare
Forever you stare
Never to look away
Left starving
Left withering
Left to decay
Left as an echo
Never to chase
Left as an echo
Never to embrace
Left as an echo
Your coupe de grace
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