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i want you
the way artworks
want to be painted,
the way the poems
want to be written,
the way songs
want to be sung.
To all the people reading this,
To all the ones who cared.
Thank you for being who you are up here,
Your words will be shared.
A "poem" every day.

I want to meet you people so badly, You are so fricking sweet. You're all precious lil beans and I love you. Take care y'all
Connor Jul 4
The weight of your lover as you're cuddling,
Their usually tense body so relaxed and
comforting, the slight pressure of them on
You makes you feel so safe.
The almost subconscious movement of your
Fingers as you run them through your lover's hair,
The pleasant texture of soft hair
And the occasional appreciative groan
Keeps you from stopping.
The sound of their quiet breathing is
Slow and steady, and you,
Being half awake, mimic their
Breathing pattern as best you can to try and
Sync with them as their chest
Rises and falls against your body.
The full feeling of being completely warm
Makes you never want to move from
This exact position for a long time,
It's addicting.
I have found that I am almost always craving cuddles now that I know how amazing it feels to cuddle with someone you love a lot.
Reimers Jul 1
Take care of your smile
You're always frowning
It's been a while
Notice it is raining

You looked up to the sky
It is bright and clear
Did not notice the streaming tears
On your face, you wonder why?

Stop Harboring all the pain
Lean on me and Let it all out
Free yourself from your chains
Don't stop, Don't doubt

Leave the past behind
Cast aside all the pain
Never again be confined
Happiness you shall obtain
Stella Jun 22
I don’t have work
I don’t have school
I have no books to check in or out
Yet still,
you get to sit around
Look at me,
my swollen black circles
under my lifeless eyes

I’m so tired
I see the shy little nerd stacking books again

She’s my kryptonite now
Who knew leather books could be so comfy to lay one’s head?
It’s not cool being awake for over 24 hours driving through the day with coffee. You feel jaded but not in a good way
You're the best
A "poem" every day.
you're lovely
A "poem" every day.
You're the best.
Wait, what?
I can hear you thinking:
Shut up.
I love you.
A "poem" every day.
Yes I might be depressed,
But that doesn't stop me from loving you.
You're the sweetest
A poem every day.
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