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Be unapologetically you
That's all you can do
To feel complete
On the inside.
vonny Apr 13
the walls were crashing down on me

silver sadness poured out of my eyes

i kept running and running

but there was nowhere to go

except pits of black darkness

stumbling, my feet tripped

and i proceeded to fall-

a warm hand gripped mine and pulled me over the surface

more water streaks were on my cheeks

as the goddess pulled me in for a hug

the warm fragrance of animal crackers enfolded me

friendship and smiles in one long embrace

and i wondered why i thought i was alone in the first place
i wrote this about my best friend, but this was after i stopped having romantic feelings for her. this was about our friendship, and how pure it was. i love her so much, she is my sister, my best friend.
I'd make you cinnamon rolls, fruit and iced coffee
And we could sit under a tree, or on the swing

We could go on ice-cream dates
Or we could grab some coffee

We could take walks in the park
Or have a sleepover on the rooftop

We could make pizza rolls and cuddle
And have a movie marathon

we could go pick flowers in a field somewhere
or we could move all the furniture in the room

i just wanna spend
some time with you
a poem every day

felt a lil wholesome today
holding your hand
would be so beautiful
for a worried soul
such as mine
and we could tear apart
old ghosts like ratted sheets
turning our world into
whatever we thought it was
in our heavenly dreams
Serena Mar 25
Oh I’ve climbed the tallest mountain
I took the steps so slow
And at the top I looked around
At people down below.
The hustle and the bustle
The rushing in the snow
And knowing I was part of it
It kind of made me glow.
Kyle McClure Jan 27
a well liked man is a well cut ham,

bodies sitting around the dinner table,

the smell of salted snacks, cheap beer, and wine,

sibilance of love and reflection to pass the time,

curvature of lips in an upward spiral,

soft eyes, relaxed muscles,


the wise lady walks in,

time to toss the sin,

a prayer for rainbows in stormy weather,

a prayer the same goes through with a warming sweater,

many minds converge as one,

to speak and think of love,

for one another.
To my wonderful grandparents and the teachings of love they have shown me over the years. Thank you.
Casey Dec 2019
The decade is ending and I'm really not good with saying emotional stuff so I wrote a lil something for ya. I know I have a few other inspiriting poems, but you can never have enough.

Lemme start this off by saying how much I frickin love you guys.
Thank you for all the things you've done for me.
If it wasn't for you, I honestly have no idea where I'd be.
I've only known you guys for a few years, yet you've changed me so much for the better.
You've helped me become stronger and more confident with who I am.
You've helped me to not give up when things seem hopeless.
In my darkest moments, you guys were the lights guiding me back home.
I know that you always have my back just like how I always have yours.
Honestly, you guys need to know how frickin amazing you are.
You're worth so much more than anything of material value.
Thank you so much for being in my life.
If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold you up, or someone to talk to, know that I'll always be there.
We've had our fair share of laughter, dumb jokes, arguments, and tears.
But through it all, every single second spent was a moment with you guys that I'll never regret.
Realize that whatever weird or crazy stuff happens between us, I'll always care about you guys.
I'll never stop caring about you guys.
Whatever next year brings, no matter how scary things will be, I know I'll make it through because I have you guys by my side.
Likewise, don't you ever give up.
Not as long as I'm here.
Because I believe in you guys.
As long as we're together in this world, I wanna make memories to last a lifetime that I can reflect on and know that I had a life well spent and a life that was fulfilling.
So let's go into 2020 with our heads held high.
Let's achieve something great this decade.
I love you guys.
Stay strong.
Stay proud.
And as always, thank you for being you.
I know two of you guys are on here, but I don't know your usernames so I can't tag you guys ughhh. Whelp, I'm just gonna hope that you find this.
Jaden Dec 2019
Love is

The sun shining on you
As you chase a friend
Or when the sky is blue
And on them you can still depend

Or when you see a poor man on the street
And you offer them some aid
And from then on
Their smile is a more common trait

Or perhaps when you see
Your crush pass by
And you heart flutters a bit
Their voice a lullaby

Maybe even when your on the edge
And you go ahead and weep
But someone grabs you off that ledge
To save you from your leap

Love is many things
But one thing stays the same
Love gives us wings
And once gained
They never go away.
Kylee Dec 2019
"I wonder how many times I have ever kissed you”
Gerdlie Nov 2019
I refuse to stand still
And wait for the sun to shine on me
I’ll move so fast and free
That the sun will be forced to follow
Lets take flight
We have a world to see
Just you and me
Living out our dreams
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