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stephannie Mar 26
i turn the volume up,
just like any other day,
"don't be wrong anymore,"
to his heart he says.
she's doing the same pep talk
somewhere out there,
swaying to the music,
i just couldn't care.

cause your words are lullabies
that puts me at ease,
and envelops my soul
against the cold breeze.
in the calmest mountains,
to you i melt,
through the wildest storms,
your fire is felt.

and for every time i doubt
and ask for a hint,
your love bursts in me
like a million soaked mints.
threading oceans for you
could never be wrong,
but if that's foolish,
i'll just sing to this song.
it won't stop falling
ALEX Mar 24
What is happiness for you?
Is it seeing the sun shine in the sky or smelling the scent of a loved one?
Or is it neither?
Most people live each day wishing that they would be happy, or happier.
Is happiness a feeling or a choice?
Or is it the right combination of both?
Do you become happy when you choose to or when you naturally feel it?
Or do happiness choose you?
No one knows.
Because the answer is felt and unspoken.
long time no see!
SA Szumloz Jan 21

It is said that laughter is the best medicine:

It is the pint of ice cream after a tooth-pulling,
Numbing the senses with sweet satisfaction

The glass of Nebbiolo after a stressful week,
Nectar for the ones who sleep with open eyes

The wet, slobbery kiss of a dog after a long day,
Wiping the **** and frown off the aging face

And the hug that makes you smile and cry,
All at the same time...

Laughter is like a warm embrace,
A tormented spirit finally liberated
From the ashen prisons of the soul
It emerges from the shadows,
Traveling through the catacombs
Of the heart flooded with tragedy
And into the light, opening its arms
To you and everyone around you
Welcome it into your home
Because God knows

Laughter resurrects temples.

I had such a good laugh today. I swear, it almost took away all the tension I've been feeling the past few days. I haven't laughed like that in a long time.
Man Nov 2020
she was a spring morning
in the weary winter months
that now consumed him

a dawn indomitable

and like a fresh plucked flower
he sought not the wax
but gypsum

to have her grow again
NAL Nov 2020
you may pretend/have innocence,
but we both know that you're mind
is far from virginal, honey

yesterday's draft 11/10/20
Words' Worth Nov 2020
We never came here, our love was too unkind
Two people in love, the extras an escape
Our love became empty, shapeless, and blind
My lungs blackened by the poisonous heartbreak
d Sep 2020
They say that in the final 30 seconds of your life, you see either the  best moments, or the entire thing flash before your eyes. I couldn't really differentiate between the two;
Thirty. One of the most memorable performances of my life, the day you caught my eye from amongst the crowd. Twenty-seven. That day my friends and I hung out at the pool and laughed so much that I nearly died. Twenty-three. When we were at your place and I cut and colored my hair, all in your bathroom sink. Fifteen. All of us, sleep deprives, but lazily singing and dancing on the pavement nonetheless because school was out. Eleven. My hands hold yours. Your lips hold mine. Six. The final sunset I'd ever witness. Three. Your eyes. Zero.
SA Szumloz May 2020
Be unapologetically you
That's all you can do
To feel complete
On the inside.
vonny Apr 2020
the walls were crashing down on me

silver sadness poured out of my eyes

i kept running and running

but there was nowhere to go

except pits of black darkness

stumbling, my feet tripped

and i proceeded to fall-

a warm hand gripped mine and pulled me over the surface

more water streaks were on my cheeks

as the goddess pulled me in for a hug

the warm fragrance of animal crackers enfolded me

friendship and smiles in one long embrace

and i wondered why i thought i was alone in the first place
i wrote this about my best friend, but this was after i stopped having romantic feelings for her. this was about our friendship, and how pure it was. i love her so much, she is my sister, my best friend.
I'd make you cinnamon rolls, fruit and iced coffee
And we could sit under a tree, or on the swing

We could go on ice-cream dates
Or we could grab some coffee

We could take walks in the park
Or have a sleepover on the rooftop

We could make pizza rolls and cuddle
And have a movie marathon

we could go pick flowers in a field somewhere
or we could move all the furniture in the room

i just wanna spend
some time with you
a poem every day

felt a lil wholesome today
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