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Jac Oct 2020
the sunflowers had withered
gracious had they once stood,
competing with the golden hues of the sun,
there exuding radiance had been a delight to gaze upon;
now left to be fetched when morning came.
withered sunflowers no longer competing with the golden sun
Poetic T Jul 2019
You were the flower and I the petals,
  but over time we dulled and the taste
                              was nothing like before..

           I lost each petal of affection for you,

till all that was left was a stem,
                void of what had flourished.

the stem a tombstone of consequences,
       a monument that not everything that
                          blossom was meant to last.

I drifted into tomorrows and you found
                         that you could grow again,

somewhere new without me.
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Hit not once but twice
Expecting me not to rise
Face bloodied and bruised
Heartbroken and confused
Words of hate won’t suffice

This has taken all my might
All alone in the middle of night
Thoughts of leaving creep
It’s time now to take that leap

Never again will that happen
This is my vessel; I’m the captain
Time has passed, I am no longer mad
I have flourished and refused to be sad

No regrets from the past
Although my choices did not last
I am stronger showing no shame
I pass no judgment nor hold any blame

The damage done was a cracked cheekbone
Still till this day is there and shown
I forgive that crazed juncture
My heart is still whole it didn’t rupture
Poetic T Jan 2019
I couldn't find the pocket knife
in my pocket, I wanted to etch
                 us in eternity forever.
Our names growing in time but
that was never meant to happen.

I planted seeds that never grew,
one was for me the other for you.
Wanting us to blossom over time
        but all that flourished was
time that never really grew.

How could you never see the space
             that was between us separate.
Even though we were inseparable
          we were couldn't reach to
                                  touch the other.

I planted seeds that couldn't  grow,
one was for me the other for you.
Wanting us to blossom over time
        but all that flourished was
time that stood between what grew.

But when I look at you
      and your gaze back at me.
I know that it doesn't take
                         words etched
or for a flower to blossom
to show the connection between us is real.
I couldn't find my pocket knife,
so I kissed you and love grew from that
to what we are and this is us me and you.

Why wouldn't the moments stay
with us, it passed like we weren't
even in the same time zone.
when I wanted you the phone was

"This is the answer phone of my life leave a message,

But you never got back to me?
               Are we still that message on a tree,
               one never etched but meant to be.
Poetic T May 2015
In the woods where light never penetrates
Where only the dark oak grows. Permeating
The air does the barks sap seep unto the
Surrounding never letting lights magnificence
Pierce its veil darkness in this place grows.

Black leaves as dark and rigid as coal, all
That land upon their veins where the light
Of life flourished was drank, Like an
Autumn leaf does this empty husk now
Cursed grey, gently slump greeting the floor.

In this darkened place of soulless sap,
Where leaves are black and veins feast
upon life. A glimmer of light floated
Above the canopy, a single breath of
Sunlight touching the core of a young
Sapling showing it the light banishing
The influence of darkness away.

As the little one grew where blades
Of raven tried to cut it down, shards
Now turned supple and green. Spreading
Life where only darkness loomed, The
Green leaves did reflect light unto the
Dark piercing into this  mournful place.

It was but one in a crowd of many, but
That ray of sunlight every morning widening
Its energies, as grass grew greener in glazed
Darkened place. it was a beacon of life growing
Stronger everyday, and when all the leaves of
Raven black had fed their last, and life was in
Its place then this would be a day when sunlight
Shone banishing the darkness  every single day.

— The End —