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MJL Mar 11
It’s like you are snoring
While you are awake
You emanate noise
On and on
It grows
Until it stops without warning
Just a peaceful tease
Then “The Return”
A hit performance
Thoughts from your head in puffs of air being traded for oxygen
You breathe words
I pray to black out
Halt the sound
Bring sleep
But you can’t unplug
It’s like you are a noise machine that is unable to shut off
It’s OK
Repeat the mantra:
     I would miss this when gone
     I would long for the soundtrack of your being
     I would long for the music that is my love
     My Dreamgirl...

Dear Lord...
**** me now
Bit of humor between us. :)
Kara Jean Jan 2017
Strength is interpreted wrong in the thought procces of the ones who feel weak
In actuality we should be embracing the unique
Thank god for what we see
Forgive ourselves for the guilt stuck inside our bodies
We have a  fire built deep for a reason
A purpose alluring
Everyone is looking for that belief
I just follow the energy
It seems to always be calling
Spoken word never seemed so bleak
Julia Oct 2018
forever is a long time

to wait
for someone
and he waited

for me
for 9 years
9 tears
   his face
   a trace
         d       n       e
   a                           s
s                                 s

o       l       t       f
n       i       h      r
         n      a      o
t        e      t       m
h       s              
e               r       h
                 a       i
                 n       s

E      E
Y      S
t          s
   o   e

nobody knows
how far this goes
how      o                     n
        o        o           o         g
     l                   o                  she strolls
without (whoa)s

each pebble places puzzles
pedaling peddlers play in puddles

        e            tu
   ­     r              mb
        s            le

rumble mumble bumble

                       GO AWAY
                             stay okay

my tires are all tiring
my spark plug is misfiring
my wires need rewiring
my modem is requiring
the answers i’m inquiring
why are we all conspiring
an interweb inspiring
an instant gram empire ring

my Angel waits on HI
If I replaced all the time I spent on social media with hello poetry engagement, I would probably be a lot happier.
Doug Potter Sep 2016
Don't talk to the old man
on the ladder he's likely
cleaning eavestroughs

end to end full of leaves
kite string & black

He may mumble
teetering on the rungs
but don’t interrupt work

he has enough to handle.
If there were a language for walls,

It would mumble,
Per broken jaws.
The sun would shine through fragmented holes,

A windows' lone goal?
To magnify heat,
Til' all was engulfed.

With confirmed dead inside,
None knock, as they've read inscribed:

"Family tree,

"Family business,
Buy one,
One comes free,
Fire wood sale."
Jordan Barrie Sep 2015
Boundless energy around us,
Stretched to snare the senses.
Shaped and bound to our life-force.
No barriers, or defenses.
Limitless interplay, front
row seats shall we say.
To astounding cosmic displays.
Consider what a day holds;~
Glimpses of magnificence
In the eyes of the beholder,
Fear not insignificance.
Take grip of your awareness
Exchanging energy,
Is inherent in us.
Throw a love curve ball. . .
Await your reciprocating shower.
those stars, they fall
They deal not in glamour.
Casually causing us
humans to stutter and mumble.
Let not, your heart labor,
Loves home-run rests
On your minds table.
Prana for everything,
This **** ain't no fable.
Jon Thenes Mar 2017
foisting up at the strop of yawn
i remark,
at the bluffers worn
it is kildy and capy
i'm underly mistaken
i plonder on my clothing
and part the towd ranglings
blind are the dawnings
it's still a mite
at four gone the night
and more a tune til the mourning
i am blowtard and sworn
i mumble back to kibble
and a mount full of scorn
Early morning nonsensica
PC classic May 2018
I wish that hearts were like dogs and you could let someone take it out
for a walk
for a while

and feel nice and hollow for sometime
like taking off shoes after a long hard day
and walking on cool rainy grass

I want sleep to be sleep,
to just roll the eyes back
and drift off
not alt+Ctrl+del to cross end a thousand thoughts
one by one

or stand behind
a hundred doors
opening into a hundred roads
with choices sitting like avian minions of hell
on the branches of my being

The world is filled with the inevitable

ads for the youtube app popping up after every three videos
ruining your playlist

This world
Our dear world
on the arms of Atlas,
recently existential
thinking of shrugging it off

There are great lessons to be learned
everything is eventually ******

And sometimes all you can do is light a cigarette pour a glass of wine
and hold this eventuality
till your life starts to resemble
an open ended french film

It's like being the worlds fastest runner with a phobia of finish lines

It's like texting ironically to protest against hookups

It's like realising you are a character in a movie when there is a huge plot twist coming up

and you are trying to convince the hero to expand the plotline by suggesting asinine adventures

But heroes are uni dimensional and all they know is to strive towards  their deserved end

Queen in the castle
Anchors in the shore

Execute function in a transdimensional code

Every little effort counts
Every day you wake up
To the sound of alarm
Back and forth the day away
piecing together


question mark question mark
mumble mumble
dot dot dot dot


While in some alternate ancient century BC
a feather falls on an ocean
creating the tiniest ripple and destroying Atlantis
Derek Leavitt Aug 2016
When she's around... time slows down... almost to the point of complete nothingness... I look at her and think, is there truly anything more gorgeous?..

When She's around, I feel safe and that anywhere could be called home. Her eyes; a curious stare... my hand twitches, longing to touch her curlicious hair.

Our gaze's meet, and I find myself drifting... closer and closer to her feet. Her lips just within a leanings reach. Her dimples nearly touching my cheek... Her sent... 'Heavenly'.

I run my hand through her hair, and I hear her gasp, a sudden rush and a cool breeze changes the whole atmosphere. Her legs grab my waist and I stare into the pupils. She leans in, our eyes drift shut but our lips finally meet and I feel the grip of her legs tighten around my waist...

I walk forward until her chest presses against mine and her back makes love with the wall. I wrench her hair and kiss down her chest, real slow.

I mumble sweet nothingness into her ear whilst I caress her bare *******... Her legs decend and wrap around mine and I hear her begin to beg. The second my tongue makes contact with the nape of her neck her hips grind tight against mine.

This is not routine, she is trembling. Brewing like a steam pipe, compressed, ready to burst. I slip my tongue into her mouth and open it as I **** the air clean from her lungs.

It is at this point her legs curls inward and rips me back, causing me to fall and back crashes against the floor and she lands right on my lap. I grab her waist as she grips onto me.

The night is young, and ready to be explored. Our quest into each other will bring us beyond the star systems to a plane uncharted and unlike any other, ventured before. The night sky will bear witness to our event and the stars will weep out of sheer awe from beauty. Life, being made in a single dance of love and our moans, and wails and cries of ecstasy and desire, passion and Love...

and when it was all over.. we held one another.. and peeped into each others soul. It was love... Love.. Love of the Titans.
jo Aug 2018
i wish i had the courage to say
the acidic words i mumble under my breath,
like a coward
(like him).

i wish i could throw them in his face
watch it melt.
watch it burn.

the scarred figures of a snake
remain recognizable,
and it is all i can do
to hope i have not gleefully razed
a mirror image.
for he who cares for nothing and no one.
don't let me be him.
Becky turns  on her  radio
It’s 4’oclock you see
Says she’s got a date with just me
Her Keds dazzled in red
With thoughts of Psychedelic Furs in her head
Thomas headin home
On the floor of ole truck lies his 80s comb
Hasn’t seen old school in years
The thought brings him to tears
Michael’s on a break
Wants to take time by the lake
Thinkin about Sarah
And that iconic leg warmer era
When she hadn’t worn waterproof mascara
Sarah walkin thru the old store
Hears em say, vintage is a good score
Records musty smell
Makes her feel swell
Polaroid on a shelf
Drifts back to a time of her younger self
Instant prints
Memory hints
Friends together
In spring weather
High school dance
Parachute pants
Puffy sleeve print
Tubular and mint
Neon color
Teenage pustalar
This much is true
With a Converse shoe
Glares, stares and dares
Waves in their hair
They bop
First crush
They blush
Friendship pins
Shy grins
Floppy disks
The unsaved risks
Laughs enter
In present time
Fallen purse
Fate or curse
Hand holds out a dime
Blank look
Like a old good book
Mumble jumble
Who do you see
lookin back at me
In a flash
It all goes past
Familiar face
Of time & place
If you leave
No one would believe
Together again
It was then
When they remembered when
Copyright © Marigold’s Fever 2019
Thank you  John Hughes
gleck Feb 2016
She remembered my name.

Second time I heard it from her it was a whisper.

After we got to know each other it was a quiet mumble.

As we grew closer it had made it's home between her always freshly kissed lips.

Years had passed before it was replaced by a simple  "I do "

But big days pass and it came back, a fond sound to my ears.

It brought a new start, yet also an unexpected end.

Like a disc stuck on repeat it became a shout.

Broken it was like the speaker itself.

Turning into a rare sound.

No longer uttered with a hidden meaning.

But big days pass and it left, now a rare thing to hear.

Until it got forgotten.
lenore Apr 2017
My words drip colors:

They do not breathe
Through consonants and vowels;

They do not seethe
With passion or sorrow;

They do not aim like arrows;
They do not trip on talons.

My words make chaos:

They overfill
My bones and marrow;

They slip and spill
Through cracks so narrow;

The raising of an eyebrow;
The mumble through a mouthful.

My words come back to me:

They find release in hands and fists,
(that hit and hit and hit)

They seek reprieve in tears and drinks,
(that drip and drip and drip)

They bloom like flowers
(not on my lips as I speak -
but upon elbows and knees)

My words drip colors, and so color me.
Livia Jul 2017
I died before I met you
Only once prior
I recovered, got better, and made it through
Try to believe me, I know I’m a liar,
But I died once before I met you

I died the day I met you
Because my heart stopped beating
Your attractiveness too true
I was afraid to mumble a greeting
But I already died for you

I died the day after I met you
You wouldn’t get out of my mind
I got distracted – couldn’t make do
For someone like me, you were too kind
I died because I withdrew

I died a month later without you
I couldn’t even fight it
The fear stuck to me like glue
I started breaking bit by bit
I died when I wasn’t supposed to

I died a season later when you
Saw I was too broken to be fixed
I had a strong sense of déjà vu
But I was nevertheless transfixed
My death meant nothing to you

I died before I was friends with you
Your change of mind bemused me
Because you never used to
Listen to my sorry plea
I died when the world was no longer blue

I died two more times all because of you
You made me laugh, you made me cry
Until my world was back to blue
You clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly
My deaths were caused by you

I died a last time because of you
After we were long done
I saw you with another and trouble began to brew
While that’s all I ever was
I died because I wasn’t enough for you
Don't normally write rhymes, not too sure how it turned out.
Jayme Sep 2018
Keep smiling , I think as I walk past yet another happy family, joyous and laughing
Keep smiling, I whisper  as shadows dance around me , street lamps flickering
Keep smiling, I say as tears flood down my face like rivers,
Keep smiling, I sob as my thoughts weigh down upon me like boulders
Keep smiling, I mumble as I stumble  through the street, the silence loud
Keep smiling, I frown as I stand on the ledge, the rocks below me sharp
Keep smiling.
Keep smiling.
Keep smiling.
What if I can’t keep smiling?
What if I can’t keep going?
But I can, I can keep smiling, because I smile as I face the only thing left for me,
I can keep smiling, I think, as I jump.
This is a poem I wrote for class a while ago!
mariamme Oct 2018
i feel my fear mumble;
the trauma spills out
over trembling lips,
into the gaps between
my fingers and the
sighing of the wind.

when will the air return
- be soft as my eyes
as gentle as whispers,
lilting prayers? speak
truth to me in tones
of love that is not timid.

no longer can my hands
grasp at temporary
sifted sands of sweetness;
no matter the volume
of softness, enclosed

the wind still carves
the hollow ever deeper
lifts out the softness &
as the sand is absent
the trauma closes in.
22 oct 2018
Bella Mar 2018
I love you
I mean, I love the thought of you
The idea of you
The look of you

I'm not, in love with you
Not for now
Not yet,
But I want to mumble it under my breath
It just wants to slip through my lips
To fly out
You mesmerize me
And give me butterflies
And I love you
I really do.
Maziar Ghaderi Feb 2018
I got alotta things I want to say
so when you got nothing better
than to hear me mumble
the usual suspects,
the whole ensemble
I’ll be the one in leather
the one that was just across the hallway
at that office on main street
you used to temp at, ‘member?
in summer ’06
or was it fall of ’09?
it doesn’t matter
the whole cast is here, yup
each is reborn when i tell a tale of theirs
but only if you insist
that I got alotta things to say
and that i want to.
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