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MJL Jun 4
Dead people on my walls
Each moment framed
It’s so depressing
Looking at them
Almost there

Penny for a replay
Love to all I’ve shared time.
  Nov 2021 MJL
Mohan Sardarshahari
अक्कल नै बाड़ी नीपजै , हेत नै हाट बिकाय।
Means wisdom doesn't grow in bed & love isn't found in the market.
MJL Nov 2021
Bedtime comes early for Jean
A last splash
Bubbles tickle her painted toes
One sandy wiggle
And then the final dip
It's good
Everything is good
Thanks for that
Watch the stars dance and play for her
As she floats on her back
She drifts a palm kiss up to the heavens
A good day. The story adds a final page to mother Jean.
MJL Oct 2021
It's not your fault
You were created
Made for the rain
Given the hammer
That brings the gold
Use it for the dream
Days will turn to fire
You are burning now
Will you feel the heat
Before it it's too late?

© MJL 2021
MJL Sep 2021
You're too much
I can't take it
Wait that's me
Never mind

© MJL 2021
Heh. It's a journey. Hopefully, we learn to live with what we've been given. :)
MJL Sep 2021
We try things
Some work
Some don't
Gift yourself

© MJL 2021
Minutes turn to years. Make choices. Live with them. Be the real you.
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