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MJL Mar 17
Some flowers don’t get picked
They stand alone
At the edge of the field
Shaded politely for too long
Waiting for the rain

© MJL 2021
MJL Mar 16
First Parish
She was 87 years, and a saint
We were 4 years, and angels
Pre-Sunday school
God who?
We were playing
Ostrander was old
But we loved our grey Hen
Cooing Mother
She gave us all saltines
Bless her
We didn't know better
As crackers go
While we waited for Mum and Dad
We were hungry, weekly
Salted salvation gave peace, briefly
White sandy heads hummed and bounced, gently
Nothing could be better...
And then
Vanilla wafer cookies?
Minds blown
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy ***
We believed
We believed
God love vanilla wafer cookies and Mrs. O
True story. Mrs. O was real. Filling parent gaps, ignoring racial and ****** bias... Life offers these people rarely. Amazing to see. Children are not "for" religion, but are for human kindness. Peace.
MJL Mar 14
They ring
Do you hear them?
They are for you

© MJL 2021
MJL Mar 12
This branch is called home
Bumped by Lung Ta
The bow excuses itself forward for a clearer view
The misty windhorse holds the lucky pair up high
They shake their worn flags over the golden field
Painted butter, coral, pine, and snow chrysanthemum petals
Twirling like children, they sparkle exuberantly
It is a special day for the giddy lovers
They whisper their secret mantra in Mother Luna's ear
Shared pain, mindful freedom, renouncement of a broken path
And now they're poised for rebirth
Evergreen Hill holds hands with Blue Horizon
Swarmed by yesterday's, the burnt umber couple sees softer times
Dried edges curl inward offering brittle comfort against old fears
Grackles screech carving the crowd silent
All hear the heavy still as it rests upon them
Then the hooved white noise rises to announce a life-gust arrival
Pushed from behind, they jump together
Dancing briefly apart, they are nudged back for one more hug
Angels race in to twine the lovely soul stems with forever wishes
Freed from their anchored life, now together again... Imagine that
Spectators roar at the rare gift, neither left behind
Tomorrow they will be raked up together
Pressed hard against one another, one last time
Watch as poets fill parchment with their love
The **** beauty of proximity
Leaves will come again

© 2021 MJL
Two old leaves living a lifetime setting side by side together on a branch they call home...

Some references to Buddhism, Islam, mindfulness, the four truths, and Tibetan prayer flags...
MJL Mar 9
Over and over
Your mother
Your job
The system
The cheats
The liars
Your excuses
Eventually most meet truth
For a minute
Feel the power
This couch feels good

© Mike Levine 2021
Did you read this in the 1st or 2nd person? Ha.
Whether the dialogue is with yourself or a friend, ownership can be hard, and judging can be too easy... Meditation is great. And a good couch sometimes even better!
  Feb 3 MJL
You kissed me softly in the rain,
then laughed gently into my mouth.
It tasted like Spring.
MJL Jun 2020
What is he looking at?
Don't know him
And why's he smiling?
D’oh, eye contact, look away
Hmm, just a quick peek
That's weird. He’s still staring and smiling
Maybe, "friendly," aka ******
Don't want to get pinned down by a tweaker
Better smile and prepare to nod
He’s headed this way
Definitely, a freak
Look down
Huh, he walked past?
Well, thats rude
Having some fun following a stream of thought... People are funny. A smiles nod for trust is sometimes left unanswered. Maybe there's some hope for next time? Ha...
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