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Luxury on my wrist, not a counterfeit
It don't fit slidin' down my arm I got this
I just did but this watch is too lit, ay, ay
Gold gleaming you all dreaming
While it seeming you know it, ay, ay
This time piece at least can tell time
Fists and rhyming with ease payed dimes
Committing crimes, robbing banks, swimming lakes
Money I make it ain't fake, I'm awake
Ay, ay
TC in the garage or the lot
My car the one I bought
No licence a while back got caught
Temptation I fought to drive what I got
Ay, ay
Rapping every day I can say
That today I will make my way
Edge of the map, doing laps
Google maps, taking naps
Sleeping in class
Constantly off task
At least I'm not last
Don't you even ask
Judgments made don't affect
Me at all like a card deck
Banned from a mall I respect
But I did nothing wrong what the heck
Ay, ay
Car meets, friends on the streets
J's on my feet no joke at all
Bank account will fall I need
A wall to end this money I saw
That girl want me but I don't see
Her with me so she can live lonely
And she told me I can be by her side
And I just said back go away, goodbye
Flexing like a typical modern rapper
Off time, syncing rhymes
Rolling dies, hearing lies
Synchronize these lines
Listen and adjust
To the words discussed
Do not turn away
It's your birthday
And you will listen anyway
Don't stop, you got the right away
It's in my DNA and now yours ok
I'm not playin'
Just keep prayin'
Not displayin'
Why don't you get it
You hypocrite
Yourself to this you misfit
A lifelike missile strike
This war like fight
You in the right
But I can't write
Rise in the light
I'd rather die
And win this fight
Words on the screen
Listen to the beat
Standin' on my feet
Tryin' to sync them
Finding a ink pen
Writing at school
Now I'm a fool
Let's go
Soundin' like a talk show
Auctioneer tempo
Tracks that lack voice audio
Maybe I should stick to photos
I can't rap
As other rappers make stacks
And I am rapping ****
Out my head of what I lack
I snack on other words
By rappers that share brains with birds
Some know words but most don't
Some hum like a ***
That can't speak
They are too weak
To say to the faces of others
And do races to impress their mothers
I just write to a cheap mic
And spit words in the light
And I fight to work my way to flight
A flight of fame, like an artwork frame
Moves on, hold me down and I stay
Underground like a mole
In a hole of debt
As I crept through and hold
No attention to me and I see
That I am alone and I owe
It to you, not known
Words out, words in
But they flow
Out the other side
Thought I lied
Crept out and set em' aside
I'm an underground legend
And you just don't know
Creeping out from my bunker
Take one last shot and dunk her
But I won't stop
Not the cops can stop this hip hop
This song will go on
Not too long, you aren't wrong
I may not be the best
But you haven't seen the rest
Better yet I crawling out my nest
I will ace this everlasting test
Criticism and words don't hurt
I have a word proof vest
Crawling out the gutter and the dirt
I will be the first to legit come out
And make a hit as I spit rhymes
Managing my time not spending a dime
For producers or anybody else
That is how I felt since the start
Want my work to be true art
The goal is far but I follow the stars
Faster than a car, what they are
Constant raging temptations
Engaging enemy nations
It is just a new war
What for? That store
Blew to the floor as they kicked in the door
They tore the carpet and broke the glass
They burned the grass and stole the stash
Took the cash and burned them to ash
Drive away, whiplash
Google maps, doing laps
Find the way or we will stay
Here all day, ay
Tell me the facts
That you black and can rap
Better than me, I'm bad
But I can at least rap mad
What you had to tell
Burnin' in ****
Your soul fell while mine rose
What I chose is to sell those
Tracks in which blast on Bose
Heavy bass, this rap race is almost complete
And you can't compete with this bitter sweet
Receipt of my offbeat off sync beats
In which produce heat knocking you off your feet
Discrete feet running away as I stay and play
This track is too fast, what you lack
Is the ability in which you are whack
New car outside, set your check aside
Brand new ride, flipping burgers and pullin' fries
Card declined, just gettin' by but that car is mine
Rapping inside, as I hide
Underground what you found
Is a legend bound for success
Passed this test as I check
To see what the heck
That is, be my guest
Steer left, break their neck
Keep going, don't stop
Beep the horn we got a cop
Lyric special!
Jordan Hudson Mar 14
Standing up over a crowd
Yelling at innocent so loud
What can I say?
What did I do?
What you say is not true
Banning us from this place
Going away while you say
We cannot be here
But you are no one to be feared
We cause no harm
You are not armed so what can you do?
Yelling at us, just looking at you
I can tell you are miserable and mad
While you are claiming we are acting bad
Well that's just sad
Nothing better to say, your evil face
Well we over there having fun today
Away from you, but then you come
And destroy our lives wish you never had came
Where is your gun?
Where is your authority?
Oh, that's right, you just old security
Driving around, around the town
Exerting your power, which you don't have
Blurting more sour words and the respect you lack
Security misusing their power
Jordan Hudson Mar 10
As your buried in my head
All you've said, nothing if left
Distant and far, reserved as you are
I am shook to see your reaction to me
But please just leave me be
But please do it peacefully
I don't want a war with no treaty
Especially one with you and
We just can't
Got what it takes, but the stakes are high
And a lake is ignored by me
Your reaction is like a storm
As I get hit by more
A door leads out as I fall to the floor
In a store of wild boars as I am tore
And your roar is silent but my core is tore
As I soar through this open door
I will never forget this time
As I say I'm fine but my mind
Is pulsing in pain, my brain
Has a stain as you are the stain
My pain came from your fame
And your the same as the rest now
As I just wait for another guest now
Never good enough, rough stuff
I bluff as they love, I just
Go and seek another
Sleek and slow lover
Critique and no other
I just love her
This one of my new favorites
(It's a mad world out there)
As I stare up into the sky
I see the whole world in my eyes
Tall skylines and street lights
City dwellers at night
A world so large
A sky so far
Can I reach that holy place
A mass culture human race
Church and the mad wild
Gods along the nile
A sinister spec
The graves must be checked
Midnight run, get out your guns
The wild runner will come
The mad world is gonna end
The sad world is falling in
The majority will win
One last shot
As I aim
All I got
It's the same
This place can be bad
Jordan Hudson Feb 23
The past life
Vision in my eyes
All I see
Flashbacks and memories
On a reel in the back of my head
All I've done, all I've said
This will play until the day I am dead
Only play, no pause
Only way, no cause
Thoughts, me thinking
Me writing, life sinking
Lost dreams, lost hope
Life seems, gone, no
Nothing left but old dust
Got an F, cannot trust
My brains' creations
My stains and relations
What my life got involved with
What my life saw is
All just a vial of dreams
Just let it go but painfully
I have to crush it
Will not redeem
Just have to let it go
Have to crush this
It's not what it seems
Old times a lie
Ancient lies are why
I write
A theater in my mind
A process of my grind
Keeping me going as I decide
I remember those old times
Dreams haunt me, a deep sign
Flashbacks occur
Like a blur
It goes by
I don't know why
As I sit back and watch
I get confused and lost
I don't understand
Why this happened
A maze of memories
A gaze at the gallery
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