The moon
I get mad thinking once
You told me it's just a rock.
Why should it remind me of you?
My whole life I've looked at that rock in the sky
And fallen in love
I could look at it forever
But I can't stand looking at

I don't feel
my own strength
I don't see
how beautiful I am
I don't know
how clever I am
I don't have
my worth
I don't love
I don't hate myself either
I just am
what I am
Whatever that is

Just here for your entertainment
When I'm not functioning
Or sucking your dick
I'm the atm machine
Used up
No wonder I can't get in the mood
You want someone new
You aren't you on or off the meds
Sad girlfriend
Weeping at night
Your back to me
Sleeping tight
I don't want saving I want you
To feel your love again
To cuddle up to
I'm only typing to fight back the tears

It hits me like a tidal wave
Although I don't taste the salt
It rocks me like a song I cannot hear
Although I don't breathe in time
Abstract feelings no sense of control
Tired and twisted
Shivering so hard; my aching spine
I fall to the beat of your heartache
And crumble lower inside

Pick yourself up my kleintjie
Your heart is in your eyes and your tummy is empty
There's always home in our arms
Always a bed to keep you warm
My lover and I will keep you sane
The others don't know, they don't understand, they aren't the same
They all blame me for your possible demise
But all I want is to hold you tight
They push you with hard words and take no pity on your gentle soul
We want you to be okay
We understand
We love you whole
Chin up my kleintjies
You are the two who fill the holes

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