It hits me like a tidal wave
Although I don't taste the salt
It rocks me like a song I cannot hear
Although I don't breathe in time
Abstract feelings no sense of control
Tired and twisted
Shivering so hard; my aching spine
I fall to the beat of your heartache
And crumble lower inside

Pick yourself up my kleintjie
Your heart is in your eyes and your tummy is empty
There's always home in our arms
Always a bed to keep you warm
My lover and I will keep you sane
The others don't know, they don't understand, they aren't the same
They all blame me for your possible demise
But all I want is to hold you tight
They push you with hard words and take no pity on your gentle soul
We want you to be okay
We understand
We love you whole
Chin up my kleintjies
You are the two who fill the holes

It was always the lies
He told them to me with a rose and stabbed me with the thorns from behind
I was his possession
Not a thought of running away could save me from his side
I was always alone
Without a song in my heart in a false mess I could deny
I was broken
I was weak
Then this person was sent to me somehow somewhere like an angel from the sky
He changed me
For good
I learnt I was worth more than what lay naked before his eyes
I got out
I got free
It hurt me
But I won't cry
Because the love I feel for myself now was worth living through those lies

I know you aren't a poet
I know you don't write songs
I know you don't have a lot of money
I know you forget your wrongs
I know you aren't the girl of my dreams
I know you want to die
I know you forget I exist sometimes
I know you break down and cry
I know you don't tidy up much
I know you get low
I know you give up really easy
I know you don't let it show
But I know you try your best everyday
And that your heart is true
So for all the bad inside your head
Just know I'm here for you

Knowing you need help for it
But having it stops you from getting help

Don't be so bitter last love of mine
It wasn't a lie or a waste of time
You taught me much about who I am
And more about who I am not
I am no whore, no criminal, no thot
But I am worthy of love and lust and touch
You taught me to be gracious and grateful and kind
You taught me to love someone like me
That wasn't you now I can see
But it's not like it wasn't meant to be
So don't be bitter last love of mine
Time will mend you have her and I have wine
Speak ill as you will I can't stop what you do
But I have learnt to forgive
and so should you

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