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I see you in my dreams, your face ever changing
But your body is still the same
Something I crave and want to try
Maybe only once
A second hit to make it real
But nonetheless
A one hit wonder of a fantasy
I want to be free, not responsible for his actions.
Come in, sit down you've been here before
That girl you hate
She's not me
All the poison ****** dry along with my temptations
A bruised heart
A patient soul
Too honest for her own good, believe me, it's me
Head's in hell but you can be free
I may not be able to set you free but you've given up before you've let go
Forgiveness rests all bitterness
I love my life now
I can thank you for everything I have
Everything is perfect
Except you
I'm at a point in my life where I am to wake up
This has happened once before
This metamorphosis from depression to desperation
to acceptance and knowing
It hurts
It seems soul destroying
But in all actuality it is soul enlightenment
I like to pretend I'm in love
So I can feel like myself again
But still so receptive
To her negativity
Shut her out
I try
But she understands
Or so she says
Bloodletting for her love
Even if it isn't real
I'll see this when I'm sober and probably delete it
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