But still so receptive
To her negativity
Shut her out
I try
But she understands
Or so she says
Bloodletting for her love
Even if it isn't real

I'll see this when I'm sober and probably delete it

I'm not who I'm supposed to be
But I will be

The wine you left behind
Almost as bitter as you

She told me she's more than she looks
But to figure her out you don't have to hit the books
She'll twist you and say all the right things
Be what you need but in the night what she brings
Is not lust for you not passion or need
It's only her insatiable heart breaking greed
To call her a whore would be too dirty
She's calculated and pretty far too evolved for flirty
She's a carnivorous creature of the night
Hear her words but I pray with experienced might
That this girl won't cross your path at any point in time
For this siren, this mistress was a manipulative love of mine.

Don't let this girl fool you she's more than she seems and more trouble than she is worth. My Dangerous. Homewrecking. High school sweetheart.

It's dirty it's impure I don't want it anymore
It was my life and I loved it
But now I'd rather eat my own
Words by refusing it from the loves of my life
My best friend, my fiancé and my soon to be
Gone girl she's a right off she's all over the place
And as much as it hurts I wish she would sit on my
Lap and kiss me and look in my direction
But the boys get in the way with wanting me to fix their
Desperate need for attention when all I want to do
Is be talked to and held but they just wanna screw.

Perhaps I dont deserve nice things
And 12 lemons were too much to ask for

I wanted art galleries
You wanted to get away from me
Because I got sad from time to time

I didnt leave because I didnt love you
I left because the more I loved you
The less I loved myself

Thinking out loud x
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