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Bhill Jan 2020
The whole decade thing came at us fast
Or did it
Was it really, what, 10 years?
*** (where the f¥€k did it go)
Surprising that it passes and so many people missed it
DO NOT miss the next one
Jump right in and start it robustly

Just mumbling some morning banter.....
I didn't even realise it was Friday...****
Brian Hill -2020 # 203
Morning rant and banter...!
Ah sweet boredom, a beautiful thing
Oh what ease boredom does bring.
Oh the silence of thoughts that are dead
All perilous thoughts hang on a thread
From tired lips these words do spill
Aching and empty, lacking thrill
Boredom does not loosen it's ties
To leave instead would be wise
A little bored today. A little tired today.
LA Brown Oct 2014
You mumble when you speak,
but I think it is a cryptic pattern.

I'm to catch every word or so,
weaving them together like a puzzle.

Sewing the seams of a patchwork quilt,
until it is a thing of wonder, of beauty.

I overlook your methods, I choose to deny,
the mumble drowns out the other words.

I hear nothing...nothing but your mumble.

You mumble when you speak....
I'm not really sure if it's insecurity or an effort to sound intelligent. Perhaps the blanks the mumbler would like us to fill in are words he cannot conjure, or is at a loss for...?

— The End —