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Julia Mar 23
I know what they did to the water
and I'm ******
I see what they did to the forest
and I'm ******
They turned the Human Beings
into a disease
addicted to machines
shooting on their screens
The Illuminati Card Game is a thing
Pentagrams on city streets
in Universities.

U.S. Dept. of Forestry
put out fires and created Smokey
propaganda just for you.
Today we prescribe burns
so prairie plants can take turns.

Maybe today I could be
that little bit that nature needs
to be free.
To provide everything.
A lot of work was done before me
to set aside a piece of pathway
a research facility, a classroom, a farm
a nature preserve, a fortress.
written March 23, 2023
weird that I found it in my journal today. it's definitely not my best work, but it's okay. hope you are living your best life.
Julia Dec 2023
fingers glide over my landscape
smoothing out the clods
loosening lumps lingering in my heart
cleansing clumps clinging to my soul
rain whispers over rolling shoulders
wind nestles under hugging hills
gentle lashes patter on the pillows
twinkling stars settle
a winking moon waxes on til morrow
written 12/15/23
Julia Nov 2023
joy to my family
peace to my enemy
strength to myself
my wisdom and my health

unkindness is tastelessness
the only way i’ll face this is
my long-term relationships
with compassion and patience
read the power of kindness by piero ferucci
Julia Jul 2023
ball cap
bra strap
sports water
farmers tan
work smart AND hard
  Jul 2023 Julia
Kurt Philip Behm
People in love
say many things
only lovers understand
Hearing voices
ringing bells
that time cannot command
People in love
go hand in hand
to course the Milky Way
Promises made
as joy unlocks
—forever and a day

(The New Room: July, 2023)
  Jun 2022 Julia
Kurt Philip Behm
My girlfriend has a girlfriend
as pigeons flee the roost
Pronouns crying God knows what
knots are coming loose

I was my girlfriend’s boyfriend
when lines unblurred defined
My love abeyant, Limbo’s child
—left here misaligned  

(Villanova University: June, 2022)
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