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Julia Aug 1
You are the reason I put
gin in my vinegar.
I am light years ahead,
a misfit.
You crush my very existence
into tiny white lies. 13 stripes,
50 stars in the wide eyes of
time’s bride:                              
Now is not the place
to erase history deface
Its story.
Meditate to medicate
To my reader: you are full of beauty, and so is this world.
Julia Jul 9
today I can’t get out of bed
so the poor cat will go unfed
all the plants will end up dead
tell the sun I want rain instead

don’t have the will to pack a bowl
or even decide on a tv show
and I know what you will say
but no it’s not ‘cause you’re away

I don’t need anyone but God
or at least that’s what I thought
now that community is gone
I see where God was all along

I need to eat but just can’t choose
I can’t go out, can’t tie my shoes
don’t wanna play; I know I’ll lose
instead I’ll scroll through /r/worldnews

instead I’ll post my poetry
it’s easy when you’re mean to me
heaven, hell, and earth make three
Julia Jun 17
Looking for a plan
to homestead with honey
You find the land
and I’ll bring the money.
Start with 8 hens and
then get a rooster.
Sunlight and dirt are
the best immune booster.
community grown
no, you won’t be alone
walkie talkies instead of upgraded iPhone.
remain lean and fit
use up every bit
for excellent compost mix in chickensh!t.
swale in the roots
of a filtering lily
irrigation to grow
what I’ll use in the chilli
weeds in the cracks
seeds in the snacks
a little help from the axe
and the *** makes us stacks.
And I’ll spin what I comb
from the fellows who roam
on the sod in the loam...
All we will need is
some land and some money,
a pocket of seed,
and true love for honey.
Julia May 29
I love so hard
it’s not always pretty
so if you happen across me
on a day like this
just know your
lil struggler loves you
with all her heart.

pain, I mean real pain
spurs from loving devotion to God
and all of the People on this Earth
today’s challenges are necessary
for tomorrow’s Revolts
justice for George Floyd.
Julia May 16
my kind of therapy
is giving my all
to the ones that I love
my music
my garden
the river that feeds
my roots nutrients feeds
my soul poetry
Julia May 16
sometimes I feel scared of you
like I haven't been there for you
my eyelids spiral it's been

I care so much
I've been coping by rolling
a rock uphill
but maybe I should let it

let livestock open their own eyes
to see through the wolves' disguise
find my kind and    mobilize

my pain closes the door
my muses don't visit anymore
I am disconnected from the core
radiation blankets Nature
pollination ceases
quarantiners get diseases
Julia Apr 22
“American dream,” we all bleated.
You must be asleep to believe it.
I tried
my hardest
to be free.
Now no one alive can remember
having a choice in November.
If it counted
they wouldn’t
let you do it.
So they keep control of petroleum.
America runs on linoleum.
I’m just a nut
Growing all my own medicinals,
hygienics, fabrics, nutritionals.
Just don’t
drink the water
from the tap.
happy Earth day everyone
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