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Julia Feb 11
tickle my roots
so i giggle and
jiggle my lymph.
dandelions thrive in crust
but i'm a prairie nymph.
my feet need
fluffy stuff like peat.
my leafs need
complete fairy rings
to hum the drumbeat
as the prairie sings.

how fortunate to meet
mycelium, come eat
where i sleep:
in Creatures' compost
replete with giggling
wigglers underneath
the brown and sticky
sticks betwixt
the Sun-fed sedges
on the edges
of the Forest.
(biology) A symbiotic relationship between the mycelium of a fungus and the roots of a plant.
Julia Feb 8
of mowed
diamonds at the
neighborhood parks are
Vast            and           widE
my seeds need space
to become corn
on the cob
of course i wouldn't till up the actual baseball field, but there is so much field around the field outside the gate that we could use for growing food. contact me if you are in the Houston area and want to help.
Julia Feb 7
blessed sting
i’m numb
with jubilation
a nettle found me
  Feb 7 Julia
As in math
Are a sign of consciousness
The universe
An ever-changing algorithm
The rain falls
In trigonometry
In awkward harmony
Notice the telemetry
Of the stars
God sighs
And the problem
Already solved
Julia Feb 5
a vigilante stepped to me
and said, “i’m on
a terrorist watch list.”
I trusted what he said was true.
i made him up.
he’s in a cult
that brainwashes people
to think for themselves.
he also gave me seeds,
enough to share.
a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.
Julia Jan 18
you want quick poems
with obvious messages
I have just the one
Julia Dec 2020
I Know I have strong spirit guides
I Call on Them with the Highest Intentions
I pray God shine a Light on this Dark Winter
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