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Joel A Doetsch Jan 2021
It's funny
Our Paths
Split                     Break
Off from                             Away from
each other.                                          one another
We loop and twirl          We zig and zag
         every now and then
     Only to lose each other                Never quite making
In the ether                                                            ­   the connection
Until One day                                                            Un­til we reach
   When we feel                                                        A point so low          the farthest apart                                  That we've given up.
We suddenly realize                                      It becomes so obvious
How foolish we've been.                        How blind we were to not see
The person we love.      The person we cherish
Has always been walking  
right by our side  
if we had only  
opened our eyes
Joel A Doetsch Jan 2019
It's that flittery fluttery
legs feeling buttery
     suddenly stuttering
         feeling I'm feeling
that's reeling me in
    I'm falling, quite breathless
and careless
into your arms where I rest
to slowly let the air
back into my chest
First poem of 2019, hoping for  one a week.  Hope you enjoy it!  Might make another go at the last 2-3 lines.
Joel A Doetsch Feb 2017
It starts with a tickle to my heart
tries to gently push my lips apart

I resist, much to it's consternation,
not giving in to it's polite provocation

It bounces around in my brain, so distracting!
Ever so slowly I feel my discipline cracking

My heart starts to race, my eyes turn to steel
I must stand my ground!  I simply can't yield!

You look into my eyes
my last defense broken...
How could I ever have stopped these words being spoken?

I love you
When you say "I love you" far too much and try to hold it back from time to time
  Aug 2016 Joel A Doetsch
Vermilion spread across
her forehead, like clouds
over the dusky sky,
Love perspired,
and frantically rained,
Her Earth quietly sighed.
Joel A Doetsch Aug 2016
I'm overcome with sadness

It's not the biting sadness
  The choked sobs
that are brought about
by the jolt of a sudden death
or the fresh sting of
a broken relationship

It's not the aching sadness
  The somber introspection
of missed opportunities,
of wasted days
of long lost loves

It's not the oppressive sadness
that depression brings,
wrapping around your head
in suffocating silence
that leaves you numb to the world
that makes you believe that happiness was
only a fairy tale


It's the warm sadness
as the tinges of autumn begin to show
and you realize that the summer
was never meant to last forever

It's a familiar sadness as you realize
that everyone changes
and the person you once were
no longer exists, for better or worse

It's the sadness that nostalgia
tows along with fond memories
of summer vacations
of drunken antics
of foolish lust
of fading friendships

The sadness that tells you that
"Things will never be this way again"

But also reminds you that they were never supposed to be

   and that's perfectly alright
Been almost a year, figured I'd dust off the keyboard and see what's kicking around in my head.  I'm happy to say this one came out pretty easily.
Joel A Doetsch Sep 2015
When you look into my eyes
can you see the starry skies?
Soaring high above the clouds
as we cut ourselves from earthly ties

With your arms about my waist
we'll leave behind this lonely place
searching for the hidden keys
to unlock the riddles of time and space

So Allons-y and Geronimo
through the unknown vale we shall go
your fingers interlaced with mine
we'll dance the stars 'til they lose their shine
Joel A Doetsch Aug 2015
I've got that itch
that feeling
that maybe I've outgrown
my little section of map

It's time to blur the state lines
It's time to expand the boundaries
United States of whatever the hell I want.

There isn't much to it, really...

Just me and a gas pedal and a general direction

a little classic rock to keep me company


Driving is so much more enjoyable
when you have nowhere else to be

Chasing the sun
Until the moon catches up

**** roads.

Bring me that horizon
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