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hannah Mar 2018
You are no longer the same
Your smile has be beaten so bad that I can no longer recognise it
Your eyes scream that your in pain while you fake a smile
You keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself
You used to be outgoing and happy
You used to be very opinionated
You used to have a smile that could light up the whole town
What happened
What happened to your laugh can you no longer use it
What happened to your smile can you not repair it
What happened to your confidence can you not find it
That's ok I will help you repair what is broken, find what is lost, use what is discarded, I will bandage up what has been beaten. I will help...
Dez Cat Jan 2016
The bipolar life I live
Thoughts so thin
Like paper planes
They can fly so perfectly
Then crash to an island near by.
The bipolar human i am
My emotions mean nothing
My emotions mean something.
The bipolar thoughts i think
I feel so outgoing
I feel so unspoken.
What am I?
I never thought about it that much
But making conversation is really hard stuff
Put me on stage without a script and I'll shine
Put me in a group of girls and I'll cry
Because I'm a one of a kind extroverted introvert
Really ******* confident and out of it
But incredibly ******* shy
I never really thought about what I say that much
I think the most honest form of communication is touch
If I want you out of my space I'll mumble "go away"
But my actions are a lot louder throwing a punch at your face
I struggle over Facebook when you say "what up"
Because I'll say "hey" and immediately log out
Its like my personality wants to be known
But my words are muffled and rarely shown
I'm a one of a kind extroverted introvert
I don't expect you to understand
Clindballe Aug 2014
When everyone is outgoing I am awkward.
When everyone is outside I am inside.
When everyone is happy I am sad.

Why should I be outgoing?
Why should I be outside?
Why should I be happy?

What is outgoing?
What is outside?  
What is happy?

*Outside these walls I have never been.
Written: August 30. - 2014
Luna Casablanca Jun 2014
They see me alone all the time.
They wonder, they judge, and they criticize.
They worry, give in, and think they are the ones I am to rely.
But they must know
I am just fine.
Who do I bother? Why do they care?
I feel so
confident, independent, contempt and strong.
I go out into the world alone
I do nothing wrong.
To them, that is a DARE.
I'm alive, I'm here,
I have self-security, I have no fear.
Though a butterfly must travel alone
to find the right place
and to settle and roam.
Then they may not be friends,
but saying hi is always worth a try.
I have not died.
I live in a way that is a concern,
but when they see what I can do, they learn.
How independence is gifted
from the heart.
Avoidance is a move
that can be very smart.
They see I show up,
in shock,
let them be.
I'm alive is what they get
by the presence of me.
Everyday and the future
is not going anywhere.
Because now,
I'm alive.
I must  be productive and wise.
I'll do what I want,
and if I'm alone, I'll do it.
I'll go.
So I dare.

— The End —