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softcomponent Sep 2023
keeping something away from myself

is harder than ever keeping it away from all others, a feeling of what's been felt

like a monster of mechanistic mechanical deities in the mask of an elk

as you melt into crusts below the surface of the Earth,

I tried to give birth to something more than I, as an individual, will ever be worth

could ever be a part of as any true influence which captures an axial tilt,

yet here I am continuing the trial like a trapped spirit embodied as a curse,

a progressive insofar as I'm miles ahead in a hearse that's headed off the edge of all turf,

and the next true hope I'll ever really have is:

"Cosmic burial is my first option, should that ever work."
Ellis Oct 2021
-want to say-
but i-
-to talk to you-
but i-
-thinking about thinking-
-too- because i-
-think-    -much-
-i meant too much-
but i-
-m just a ******-
because i-
-don’t know what to-
but i-
-see you walk away-
because i-
-didn’t- -opened my-
dumb mouth
but i-
next to you- -so close-
because i-
I really want

-talk to you-
but i-
-stumble, fumble, tumble-
over words-
-because i-
No- -i’m not-
but i- -i’m not lonely- -because i-
-convinced myself 15 different times-
-with 15 different excuses-

-so what-
-if you walk away-

I’ll talk to someone else.
i think i might be lonely.
but who would i tell
if i realized i was?
She's a chatty girl
She always talk to much
A girl with a beautiful heart
Always want to keep in touch

Her mouth is so loud
Like a speaking speaker
Always making sound
Like she's a fast rapper

She always talking
and it's always endless
She's a type of girl
That leaves you speechless

Yes, she's a  talkative girl
But she's always kind
She's so simple and unique
But always hard to find.
For a girl who likes to talk too much
Traveler Dec 2020
You have drawn the extra version card
Welcome to the deck
Introverted values
You no longer can connect

Intuition, feelings and perceiving
is the game that extroverts play
Opposed to sensing, thanking and judging like those introverted lames!

If you’re not sure which side you’re on
Or if you’re out there on the fence
Do you want to be alone?
Or the party to commence!

So weep not my child
they’ll be no need for fear
God made
An extra version of you dear!
Traveler Tim
Nalinee Aug 2020
Burn a little
Superficial surfaces
Reveal the real
A person's superficial nature must be removed to find the real one.
Dante Rocío Jul 2020
On est là,
Sur un boulevard de
Lit en air
Et déplié,
L’œil vers le début de
Comme l’enfant de question.

On s’est dépensé trop vers
Vers aux opinions de l’étrange,
Non propres miennes
Et on n’était plus.
Pleurer. Glorifié/-er.
Déteste parler et passer soi-même.

I know at last why I and Poetry
Got lost in a forest while
Looking for each other:
I pushed it out of
The tree line
And left it to withering
Formal ways of public.
Maimed in the stage lights it
Got to smoke cigarettes
And now something
Has to be done
To retrieve it.
Mais on a déjà le clé.
J’ai sa trace
Di indietro degli arboli.

Bon sang,
L’extravertisme me tue (comme
L’alcool en excès),
L’introvertisme me guérit,
Seule là on se reveille
Aux blessures en excès
Par le jonque d’exister en vain
(Parmi les poubelles intellectuelles).

On est pas pour le public
À son plaisir rationnel.

Et Jeanne « du Russe » a l’odeur
De la cuisine
Et du refuge.
When like water you spill yourself too much and you can’t get yourself back into your glass
To take a shape and be still.
On a semi-spiritual atelier in a sullen state.
(Are there still Poets who write on HP in French?)
waffle Jun 2020
I've always been in between life.
It's always somewhere over being
uncertain and certain,
optimistic and pessimistic,
and introverted or extroverted.

Despite all that,
there's one thing I'm sure of.
It is holding on to dear life,
going along through it.

I am nothing more than human,
but I am my own future.
carpe diem. que sera, sera.
Chloe DeAngelis May 2020
When lonely, I wish for solitude
For I am alone most when with others.
The others with their wicked smiles and bloodied teeth-
The hidden malice underneath,
My friend has left for wild wolves
And I am the one to be culled.
Let me retreat to the outside,
Where silence pervades and my mind quiets.
Let me find solace in the wreckage of begotten riots
Riots against the carnivorous pack-
The midnight shadows residing in the back.
Leave me to be human in the dark
Leave me to hunt with you, though far apart.
Leave me to be alone
Let me dispel the lonely feast
Upon my tender demeanor, ever sweet
Consumed by the malicious extroverted beast.
Inspired by the mean hearted cliques found at some parties I’ve been to, and also my own experiences with feeling the most alone when surrounded by other people.
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