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Derek Leavitt Dec 2016
Darkness falls & Darkness Hides..
Darkness on the walls and Darkness in the sky's...
Darkness in you all just look into the eyes.
Can darkness save lives?
Light is shining but the light is dim, the night is here and it seems so grim...
If Darkness comes it will flow from within.
Let us join together to control this force
Let us hold hands and enter the void..
The light is there just take one more step,
Enter the well, let us enter next.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter..." a sign spoke, as we lowered in the the pit I saw smoke.

This wasn't a wishing well, but instead we had stumbled upon the gates of Hell.
Climb up and abandon your friends to head home or enter inside and save their souls?
A journey of the truest test and a quest unlike any of the rest. A Land of damnation and utter doom. pain and cries from every corner, bloom.
Do you have the strength and courage or are you a coward and vermin?
What can protect you in a voyage such as this? Faith and Hope and the ability to resist?
Venture fourth and vanquish this evil and find something within that is far more than equal.
Find yourself, find your friends and return home. Use the light to help and in the end peace will find you along this road.

This journey has merely begun.. so what shall you choose? Will you stay?.. or should you run?..
Derek Leavitt Sep 2016
What is Love? Part 6: Home

Why is it we love so deeply? Is it for romance? Is it to reassure our significant other that they mean so much to us or perhaps it is because we see ourselves in others.. or something more, so we conjure up this energy to try and prove to them their worth towards us. This never ending declaration of unconditional, inexplicable and yet some how, profound love. A love so powerful it bounds us together almost making us one, almost making us whole and so we fear shutting our eyes because we think that if we open them again, we'll wake up and it'll all have been just a dream.

No... No, my dearest friends.. listen to me now. When the sun breaks dawn and you feel that cool eastern breeze just brush against the nape of your neck all the way around to the front of your cheek; look upward, north, and remember. Time will stop for a moment and you'll be able to travel anywhere in almost an instant. But nothing could amount to that moment you looked into her eyes and felt... Home. Safe. Truly Happy. Remember that feeling. Remember that feeling my friends.. when you shut your eyes.. and go to sleep. Cause when you wake, I promise, she'll be waiting right there in front of you, smiling and with awe.
Dedicated to a special friend of mine and her wife.
Derek Leavitt Aug 2016
When she's around... time slows down... almost to the point of complete nothingness... I look at her and think, is there truly anything more gorgeous?..

When She's around, I feel safe and that anywhere could be called home. Her eyes; a curious stare... my hand twitches, longing to touch her curlicious hair.

Our gaze's meet, and I find myself drifting... closer and closer to her feet. Her lips just within a leanings reach. Her dimples nearly touching my cheek... Her sent... 'Heavenly'.

I run my hand through her hair, and I hear her gasp, a sudden rush and a cool breeze changes the whole atmosphere. Her legs grab my waist and I stare into the pupils. She leans in, our eyes drift shut but our lips finally meet and I feel the grip of her legs tighten around my waist...

I walk forward until her chest presses against mine and her back makes love with the wall. I wrench her hair and kiss down her chest, real slow.

I mumble sweet nothingness into her ear whilst I caress her bare *******... Her legs decend and wrap around mine and I hear her begin to beg. The second my tongue makes contact with the nape of her neck her hips grind tight against mine.

This is not routine, she is trembling. Brewing like a steam pipe, compressed, ready to burst. I slip my tongue into her mouth and open it as I **** the air clean from her lungs.

It is at this point her legs curls inward and rips me back, causing me to fall and back crashes against the floor and she lands right on my lap. I grab her waist as she grips onto me.

The night is young, and ready to be explored. Our quest into each other will bring us beyond the star systems to a plane uncharted and unlike any other, ventured before. The night sky will bear witness to our event and the stars will weep out of sheer awe from beauty. Life, being made in a single dance of love and our moans, and wails and cries of ecstasy and desire, passion and Love...

and when it was all over.. we held one another.. and peeped into each others soul. It was love... Love.. Love of the Titans.
Derek Leavitt Jul 2016
He stood there, shield in one hand and sword in the other, ready to face whatever odds would come to face him. He had been fighting for days without any sleep nor had he eaten a bite of anything. It was hot, he was sweaty.. Tired and weak.. He stood with all his might, his back facing the edge of the cliff.. His shield pulling him down.. He let it go, he did not need it anymore. His sword too. He had given up resisting... He had done enough fighting.. He leaned back and let fate decide his destiny.. He fell.. Drifting in the air with the breeze. His armor gently drifted from his body and all that was left was the bare leather of his own skin... He closed his eyes in ease.. Ready to rest for all eternity.. Weather it be for pain and suffering or heavenly glory.. He was ready.. He just wanted to do one thing with his life.. And that's leave with those he met knowing his journey, his adventures, his joys and happiness.. His sadness and his worry's.. His accomplishments and what he stood for. He wanted to leave with everyone knowing that no matter what he did or who he met or whatever choices he made.. He always cared.. He always put those before him and he was humble... Kind.. And courageous..  Even in the face of Tyranny. Or just a nemesis.. Or maybe someone he could never understand but tried to make peace with... It was time.. Goodbye.
Going out with.. A free fall...
Derek Leavitt Jun 2016
Thee Woman

There is always a woman every man will ever come into contact with that no women after or before will ever come to level with. This woman could be an assortment of types. But in this case.. in 'my' case... this woman was 'Thee Woman'. She stood tall, strong, elegant, classified, grounded, intelligent, beautiful beyond comprehension. She stared with such force. Eyes piercing directly into my soul.. But she did not mean to frighten me.. but instead show me a certain kindness I had long forgotten. She fully understood her own passion and chaos. When she was weak she would not show it. When she felt Joy she would remind he who poured that joyfulness over her. She was exotic in her passion. The *** was not something of this world. It was like 2 universes entering a black hole, into oblivion.... She would moan and roar and scream and cry and she would rock the stars in the long, dark, frightful night.. The sheets of our bed would soak, the windows in our room would fog, Our bodies doused in exotic bliss and ****** ***. We were drunk off one another... We held on tight to one another and made utter love.. Her juices oiling over my as if to loosen up my rusted body parts, to make me move again and have life... a new start. She was god like but demanded no worship. She is humble, she is creative. She is pure... Earnest. When she loves she gives it her all. She is so many things... so many good things... Completely and undoubtedly, the woman of my dreams.. in reality.
A broken heart is troubled.. and more difficult to repair by the crushing of the love of your life.
Derek Leavitt May 2016
Alone is as lonely as alone can be. I am alone and as lonely as can be. I wish to be free, I want to be free so please, somebody, come and set me free. Give me joy show me kindness and give me love truthfully. For I am so lonely and how lonely can lonely be? I am alone and alone is all I've ever seen.
Derek Leavitt May 2016
Enter in this journey.. embark on something new.. but be sure to change your path. Make it your own truth. Find something bright. Here.. Walk into the light... Step out of the shadow and turn what's wrong into something right. Rise from the ash. and into a meadow.  That smooth eastern breeze.. It's as if the morning was saying, "hello". Now your on a beach.. The sun rays so elegantly rippling off your soft smooth powdery skin... You're free... fall. sink. and let the cool liquid pressure consume you in. Open your eyes my love.. focus on your fate. Focus on Love.. not hate. Can you handle it? it doesn't matter. Because like it or not, change is imminent. Mad as a hatter? or as wise as an old man, your future is your permanent. Your path is but your own. So do with it what you will... just be sure to remember your way back home.

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