I live for phrases
That rid my lungs
Of air.

And flood my being with meaning.

I like to stare listlessly
At the night sky for long
Durations of time, as if my
Gaze will compel the stars
To align to breathtaking ends.
Alas, they stay put budge, they
Don’t, a sneer streaks my
Face as my pride’s hurt.
And a tear droplet materializes
On the corner of my eye.
Maybe the moon prefers her
Star friends to remain as they’re.

Dazed,amazed,but the night's sky's unfazed

Kindness is niceness perched
On the pedestal of goodness.
An ever burbling fountain of
Warmth, feeling and empathy
A white thorn less rose of purity
And good intention, rarer than
Hen’s teeth and it does scythe
Through the ice of insensitivity
With a precision that’s unmatched.

it's essential to mind being kind

In each of her eyes
Is a lone star
All around abound
In vastness are oceans
Hauntingly blue, I bet
On my life there are sharks too
Swimming in them waters.

Take a peek at your own risk

Most if not all forms of government have hot on their heels
A litany of “life-snapping” ideals
No wonder most of them flounder in self-created
Thickets of inefficiency and are easily “distracted”.

of governments at the helm of ungovernable situations.

There’s a kind of beauty that’s purified and distilled
To fit squarely in the most rarefied
Of circles, given form and molded
Into an image of awe worth being storied.

Fleshed out, pieced delicately
Sculpted exquisitely and a sunny
Complexion mixed with a chocolaty
Hue splashed, oozing acute aristocracy.

Ingrid embodies this angelic likeness
That’s pure and unblemished, spotless
Inspiring reverence and a tendency to impress.
Demure she is her heart ensconced in a fortress.

Her smile lights the heavens aglow
Her demeanor barely spotting a flaw.

A kind of beauty that rids the lungs of air

Sometimes it creeps surreptitiously
In between inhalations and exhalations
And at times in the form of
Long deep sighs.
I am mostly indebted to it
The specific times it chooses
To out of its own accord
Gather itself up piece by piece
Into a word that can be mouthed
That is “thank you”.

Grateful and thankful
I think in any one point in a person's life
there's always something worthy of
utmost appreciation regardless of
prevailing circumstances.
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