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Anderson M Dec 2021
Ease…into the flow
Live and let live…evolve…thrive
Dance…to your own song.  

Gravitate toward
That which ennobles heightens…
Impassions the soul.

Tap into the now
With every sinew of self
Milk the now very dry.

Befriend the mind space
Acknowledge constant chatter
Let go as it comes.

Refrain from putting
Things in closed pigeonholes
See bigger picture.
Anderson M Nov 2021
A dalliance with chance in absolute nonchalance…
Happening to be in lady luck’s good graces for once…
Crystallizes the instances when out of the blue
We get to experience circumstance in some new kinda hue.
Gratitude escapes definition, it’s larger than life
When it takes root, anything that alludes to strife  
Is looked upon from a position of insight
And an immense presence of mind…that’s might.
Being on cloud nine becomes norm
Rather than the exception and the pressure to conform
Is dialed down expanding the scope of one’s imagination
Setting the stage for idea proliferation.
Every waking moment a myriad imaginings manifest
It’s highly unlikely not to acknowledge how much one is blessed.
Anderson M Jul 2021
A leaf glides…effortlessly to the forest floor
As if guided by some mystical force…
Akin to a wave “destined” for the shore
It bristles with certainty that it’s on the right course.
When it rains…pitchforks…the eagle doesn’t fret
Or “sweat it out”…it’s a prized chance to rise
Above the situation…quite literally, not necessarily to get
Sky’s attention, maybe just to affirm where its strength lies.
Millipede’s slow, adopt nature’s pace
Destination is in sight, rushing’s ******* into the wind.
Each step is monumental taken with poise and grace…
Pausing every so often to catch a breath and unwind.
As opposed to clutching at straws, being still is paramount
Rome wasn’t built in a day, all “subtleties” count.
Anderson M Apr 2021
How it hit the floor…
Dramatic levitation
Through taut space and time.

Chandelier’s lit
Coaxing playfully, ornate
“Festival of lights”.

Dreamy melody
Seeps outta a gramophone
Velvety delight.

Air’s alive, festive
A blend of calm and upbeat
Layered steamy ambiance.

Mind is a mash-up
Typical tasty mocktail
Tad delectable.

A lot meets the eye
Perception’s a circus of
Bland perspectives.
…interaction with reality…is mostly listless, when we pay a little more attention, being awed is almost inevitable.
Anderson M Mar 2021
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown,
A daredevil chance at advancement and progress.
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.

Being in the belly of the beast’s sickening to the bone,
Discomfiting and a tad demeaning, fraught with distress
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown.

One might wonder how much one can condone.
Being caught in the crosshairs is the best moment to assess.
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.

A stiff upper lip to mask a frown
Will keep the peace so as not to appear under duress
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown.

It’s fairly hard to be attuned to adversity, everyone’s a greenhorn
Nevertheless, it should spur us to be hot on the heels of success
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.

Superstition takes one’s eyes off the prize, hence likely to bemoan
Fallibility rather than take the bull by its horns; a caricatured mess
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown,
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.
Anderson M Feb 2021
Underneath a star-spangled night sky
All thoughts coalesce toward eternal bliss
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

Every possibility for longevity is worth a try
As we care to relive the moments with a kiss
Underneath a star-spangled night sky.

In the grand scheme of things, we are small fry
Even though we plunge headfirst, fast, into the abyss,
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

We won’t shy away from rich servings of apple pie
As we expend all efforts to ensure nothing’s amiss
Underneath a star-spangled night sky.

When life catches us in a lie
We’ll rise above it with finesse, it’ll form part of our reminisce.
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

Amidst all the lows we won’t miss a high
Everything spruced to perfection with practice
Underneath a star-spangled night sky
No moment spared to catch a sigh.
Anderson M Jan 2021
Hills bestride valleys,
Rivers flow unobstructed
Endless miles on end.

Lush sunflowers bloom
Bristling with reverence for
The warm morning sun.

Epitome of nurture
Smiles, aloof yet accessible
Bespoke elegance.

An eagle goes for
The ****, swift and resolute
A rewarding catch.

A walk in nature
Stretches sore “limbs “calms the mind
Unique panacea.
a strand of #haikus
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