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Anderson M Dec 2019
In moments
Of utter helplessness
I seek solace
In silence.
Human ingenuity is expanse,there are moments though when sense appears to be a lofty ideal,unattainable.
Anderson M Oct 2019
Trudging down memory lane
Struggling, to stay sane
Everything’s off course, going against the grain
Fear everything will be in vain.
Action is fast paced
Challenges are best outfaced
And for peace of mind replaced
With glossy anecdotes unspaced.
Moments are punctuated
With sad smiles, interspersed
With joyful tears, matters unparalleled
And this applies to all even the thoroughbred
It’s high time to put cart
Before horse, make it chew khat.
To ask why
Might soothe the soul
Needless to say it might
End up in a long-drawn sigh.
Anderson M Jul 2019
Darkness only exists as long
Her luminescent eyes are closed.
When she opens them
things aren't all the same.
Anderson M Jul 2019
The thrill is in the ideal
Fire up your will.
That which is hard to attain
ultimately is
worth one's while.
Anderson M Jun 2019
When one meets a rock
And see an overzealous egg.
Facing it head on,unflinchingly.
Anderson M Jun 2019
Time is the illusion that it is
As everything is at ease
And the fact that you are such a tease
It’s such a breeze.
There’re moments when we don’t see
Eye to eye and we aren’t each other’s cup of tea
But we don’t bark up the wrong tree
Still stay true and swim in our own sea.
Every moment though short is treasured
Our penchant to toy with the absurd
Leaves us having mastered
The art of life how sad.
As the spectacle and allure
Of existence is fazed like bland couture.
Frazzled and fazed.
Anderson M Dec 2018
Hiccups in time
As joy and pain
Partners in crime
Push and pull heartstrings
Yet heart’s “intact”.

Never say never
Even stars are just stepping stones
Whenever, wherever shine on

Years well, will come and go
Every second counts though
Aspire to “live” every waking moment
Respectfully paying homage to “Nature’s torment”.
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