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Viseract Apr 23
Wake up, clothes thrown with a smile on my face
Test my looks out in the mirror as I skip the page
Shoes tied, looking nice and I'm out the door
Time to push it to the limits and give my all

Here I come, fame, notice my success
Tell the doubtful to get lost but give them my best
There I go, comfort, I'm going on a trip
And I'm sorry but where I'll be, you can't come with

Like a bushfire raging, and moving uncaged
Imma put them in the dirt and rub the dirt off my stained slate
You can't stop this! Why try to stand to me?
I bag and tag from rich to rag it's all way too easy

I'm laughing in the face of your disgrace because I know
Your back is to a cul-de-sac and you're straining the ropes
To hold the gate and trust the chains, but you know I'm busting through
So why try to slow me down when I know how to move

I'll show you speed beyond belief, make you know the real deal
Not the drugs to which you're numb, but as smooth as a worn wheel
More grip than I spit, like Velcro I'm ripped
Old bandaids on bullet wounds, festering filth

The sight of this regression is dis-gus-ting
Fling that **** away from me, like a discus: sling!
Moving on and growing strong you should be dis-cuss-ing
Instead don't use your head just be braindead stay cussing, ah!

**** ****, ****, **** and chicken wings
Not making any cents, your job is imaginary
Up in your minds eye, making flows and energy
To the same beat, whack **** that really isn't lyrically

Challenging, like using word play to slay with words
Instead you play with trap because you're snared by actual work
So you rap one flow, spit that **** real slow
Work that auto tune, to work more comfortable

Sounding like T-Pane on a bad day, like Machine Gun, more pray than spray
When you face the mass and have the nerve to  say your work is "okay"

When you admit the sins of your mistakes
But take to the net and say differently
No indicator but you turn to see
Even the mirror cracks up when you speak!

Achoo! Sniffle, snort, blow my, nose
Take the, mic and, ahem clear my throat
And roll, on down, this slippery, *****
Here I go, the PR has made the close!

Mumble rap, just mumble crap
Clothes and *******, this and that
Money, money, flex and gloat
Man your life is just a show

Sitcom, sit down, slow poke
Honk nose, clown knows, no hope
So he goes, and buys rope, a gold chain, the same though
And hangs himself

Agh! If only they would
Just make something good
No fake gangsters and hoods

Just messages and representatives to give a lesson which
Would teach the world perspective and not create this diss
Of which all of us lyricists have been reaching through the television
And telepathy to maybe bring something intellectually substantial, elephants

In the room to be tranquilised
Put to bed for good so before I say goodnight just listen one last time... A hole has been made
Six foot deep, so mumble rap please lay down in this earthy bed and sleep!

Oh and please!
Don't even make a Peep!
Mumble rap is hardly rap now is it?
s v e n Jan 21
My pulse is racing
My head is turning
My voice is cracking,
My everything is failing me
My everything is breaking me
My everything is ignoring me

The words are going mute
I can't find the remote to switch them back on
Same goes for those voices in my head
That repeat the things I don't want to hear
But I can't help but listen to every word or mumble.
And now
My heart is caving in
Every little tick
Every little beat
Sings sweet melancholy
The music is playing to loud
I wish for this static sound to go away
I wish for my everything to go away.
I just wish for utter silence.
Idk maaan [why can't I write happy things] anyone have any tips to write happy things?
// btw I'm not sad or ..ehh I'm decent atm ^-^
Celeste Briefs Nov 2018
mortal coil wraps itself around my paper throat

can't speak
can't breathe

trembling fingers mumble words
that I so long to scream

I shiver in the heat
of ever distant summer days

voices in my head dance
and sing their songs of woe
trauma's weeping eyes
are crumbling in the dark
Tara Jun 2018
Clanking my knees down each hallway
Breathing heavily
The world is crashing
Each sound amplified

Shaking hands
Puking again
Falling over
On edge

Verge of tears
I want to cry
I can’t anymore
Leave me alone
After all everyone leaves

We are temporary
So what’s the point
Leave me now

You will get tired of this venom injected to my heart
Be like everyone else

Everything hurts
They’re watching
This isn’t enough.
My daily pain
K Balachandran May 2018
clouds mumble secrets,
rain’s mysterious chatter;
Evoking unknown!
Megan May 2018
I'm in class
instead of paying attention-
doodling instead of listening.

I'm just hearing
the mumbling
of the professor...

he's talk talk talking about...
Doing something
because of something.

But I’m just doodling.
Again not listening.
Again not hearing
Such important details

Of something
Happening somewhere
Because of...

Something bad is happening
Sounds like something that’s happened

I continue to doodle
adding tornados to the scribbles.
Causing mayhem between
Simple blue lines on bleached paper

Just like somewhere
Where something happened
Because of...

Harder like the pressure of the pen
I doodle with
It’s too late

Lecture over.
Don’t get me wrong though I love class and learning! It’s just sometimes it’s like people never listens in class or take their own initiative to learn something and that frazzled me up a little lol
Matthew Harlovic Jun 2017
momma said not to mumble. be humble.
keep it under your tongue - like a secret -

only seek it if your time has come.
otherwise you’ll succumb to the sequence

- as frequent as most -

weakness engulfs
those who loath
to oppugn
the approach.

i encroach upon
the broken ones
with cloven tongues
woven from hell.

i tell them when the moment comes
open your swollen gums and yell.

© ?Matthew Harlovic
Penelope Apr 2017
I absolutely hate
when somebody says;
oh but...
you're so young
and beautiful,
why in the world
would you ever want
to hurt yourself?
because, little do they know
that the pain
behind my eyes,
stems from a story
nobody seems to be able
to tell.
and that the
quote unquote
lacerations on patient's arms
are from me
trying to get the demon's
imprint out.
little do they know
that my wisdom,
is from the centuries
of the pure evil
I had to endure.
that my age
of young
isn't rather fitting.
or that beauty
is just a *******
feel my insides
as they rot
and spoil further.
so, *******
for thinking
that you know me
on the way that I bleed.
because you may think
I have everything in the
world to live for,
when in reality
all of that everything
was obsolete.
Äŧül Jan 2017
Intact, they don't even mumble,
Once broken they will grumble.
My HP Poem #1391
©Atul Kaushal
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