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Kara Jean May 2021
I'm aware of distance I enforced on my heart
My throat chose to hold in the pain
I am not the same
I smile, my eyes show the fear
My body screams, "get up!"
The rest of me doesn't hear
Your last words were,  "be brave"
Instead I sit here and cry in my cave
The things I want to accomplish just remind me you're not here
"Dad if your listening I'm not ok, atleast not today"
Kara Jean Apr 2021
She tilts her head in the mirror
Her eye spark is near
Hell let's her know they own that glowing soul
She holds her chin up, "to bad I'm unattainable"
Kara Jean Dec 2020
A demented hippie queen
The flowery thornes deeply wraps her torso,
she bleeds
She rubs it in the stained dress stepping so elegantly
Smirking at the roses nip
Sipping her tea nonchalantly,
The universe continuing to breathe
She knows the world is unforgiving
There is no return course
She rides her dark horse
The full moon guides her as she treads blindly,
hoping to find her a place to be free
Kara Jean Nov 2020
Change with the weather
Let the season be your guide
With every storm comes light
The rain cloud brings in new life, feeding the wildflowers hight
Our soul is the flower seed, let it believe
I breathe in my strength of femininity letting my leaves be the light
Kara Jean Sep 2020
The rivers knows me,
an aspiration with pain thrown in

She wants to exist
Feeding the wild, rapidly free

Man has his own fate
He takes her rights

She fights,
soaking up every drop from the sky

He needs to feed the envy

She has dry tears in her muddy puddle up fear

Mocked by the image of life,
she had once thrived
The world turns an eye in disgust

Her only objective was to nourish and love
Kara Jean Jan 2020
The anguish has no reply
Deceit is lovely in a one story line
Her misery is the climb
Her doubt is the rhyme
Kara Jean Jan 2020
Unaware blank stares
A smile while crying
A whirlwind of great
The broken taste
Her mascara holds in the shame
Her tempterment seems tamed
One more claim as she feeds the beast
She puts on her pink and mom Jean's
"Good morning, here's breakfast and tea"
Love of the mundane
The wild nature is plain
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