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I love the dark distance breeze.
I picture it swaying me with the trees,
My feet dangling beneath me.
My hair is darkened like my soul.
Hell is waiting for my fury.
Kara Jean Jun 29
Her morphed view took her heart
Shot her mind
Eyes hold the fear of defeat
Bipolar is a deadbeat and I hold all of this inside of me
Kara Jean May 31
I am fixated, fascinated with my death
The chilled breath as I enter hell
The twigs snapping under my bare feet as I sweep past the trees
The innocence drained as I hang

The pass hasn't always been that bad
My future ran cold
Death is my best friend
We have late night dinner dates, reminiscing on my mistakes

I know how to die
Living is untried
I may have to see where I end up tonight
Kara Jean May 26
The deeper I go the cheaper my soul
I feel the suffication of my existence setting in
How easy it is to hide
No one gives a **** about your cries
Jesus blessed my sin, I'm just hell bent
Here's to the broken life again
Kara Jean Mar 24
His depths are following
His sins are hollowing
His features are detering like a good horror feature
He comes in with regrets
He is a leaders of, "let's"
He has no conciouse
No sense , just enthusiasm and a great suit
We all love to follow and say, "it's totally ok"
He is your dismay
We counter it with our fake great
Now let's pray
Rain will prevent the decay
God will you know,
you like the delay
Kara Jean Dec 2018
I could finally conform
Let it set in
The medicine taking hold
Having that big grin
Fake and thin, that's the win

"just mold"
"Fit in"

Lifeless no statement of boldness
Only coldness

Finally one win
  Oct 2018 Kara Jean
Jordan Rains
When it's time for the show, words don't flow, rhymes don't show
up in my mind, Lil' ****** up; Havent slept for three days in a row
I could get myself some help but I prefer pills & hemp over 'em
Or I could write but nowadays when I scribble, there's no rhythm.

I took a deep breath, sat straight then thought for a minute.
My life is like battletoads, I know I'm never gonna win it
I making bad moves though I've played this many times before.
No cheat codes and my feet won't fit in my shoes anymore.

Feels like I'm losing this game; I wish things could be same
Like 5 years before, now ashamed of myself for what I've became
An ent- the perfect host for everything I once hated the most
Now slowly descending towards The End, I'm there almost

I admit I cut myself from every person who cared for me.
Built a humongous wall all around me and kept storm in
Hopin' to fight it alone instead loneliness fed on me
And as it kept formin', I saw the sky falling down on me

I started callin' friends, Hey! Any plans for tonight, homie?
Why don't you come over? Tonight's drinks are all on me.
As life is a busy *****, most of 'em said- Nope, buddy!
Only silence was there for me and I felt like I'm a nobody.

Felt so hard for me to cope with truth so I used to contradict
all the **** I cooked up; I got hooked up with some derelicts.
I mixed my days with ******' drugs; I became a dope addict.
Drug is the skippin' rope which kept me jumpin'. Stop, Addict!

Okay! This is what I usually do when I see me in front of dead ends
I know I'm not a quitter but I sit there all day long smokin' blunts
A hophead soon to be drop dead, I never make use of my talents.
So many friends I've offended, its time for me to make amends.

When I came back to senses, realized I have fallen already.
All the offenses I did started followin' me, I walked steady.
No one to help me; There are many ways, Where am headin'?
Went from place to place; Somehow I lived but was dead in.

I tried to let all my emotions out on a paper but it never came out
Still don't know who the **** I am or what my life is all about
Feels like livin' on a sinkin' boat, save me please I never shout
Life in motion, deeper than oceans, I'm full of diffidence & doubts

Life is a decoy for pain, it ******' destroys us to be full-blown
Lord give me more choices, sorry I didn't take the path you've shown
All I want is these voices in my head to leave me the **** alone
Please silent these noises, that's all I ask, this you should condone

And I swear to you, rest of the things, I'll take care on my own
Not afraid of being alone, as I know one day we all will be gone
To acheive my dreams, I'll beat my head against any stone wall
Not a thing I'll mothball, all crown galls I'll **** once and for all
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