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Kara Jean Sep 20
The rivers knows me,
an aspiration with pain thrown in

She wants to exist
Feeding the wild, rapidly free

Man has his own fate
He takes her rights

She fights,
soaking up every drop from the sky

He needs to feed the envy

She has dry tears in her muddy puddle up fear

Mocked by the image of life,
she had once thrived
The world turns an eye in disgust

Her only objective was to nourish and love
Kara Jean Jan 3
The anguish has no reply
Deceit is lovely in a one story line
Her misery is the climb
Her doubt is the rhyme
Kara Jean Jan 3
Unaware blank stares
A smile while crying
A whirlwind of great
The broken taste
Her mascara holds in the shame
Her tempterment seems tamed
One more claim as she feeds the beast
She puts on her pink and mom Jean's
"Good morning, here's breakfast and tea"
Love of the mundane
The wild nature is plain
Kara Jean Jan 2
Purple dew in her hair casting hues of memories
Fair skinned with a wanna be tan
Standing still, amused by her humility
Candid personality in her hands
A mom without a plan
Compassion sits on her ripped Jean's and tugs at her plain tee
Love's sweet
Time is ugly
Kara Jean Dec 2019
My soul was hanging on his wine glass
He smirked as he grabbed my ***
One night of secret and lies between my thighs
I smiled as I looked into his eyes
Betrayal was my guide
My heart cried
He held my chin and whispered, "let's do it again"
My self doubt was in
Kara Jean Oct 2019
I love the dark distance breeze.
I picture it swaying me with the trees,
My feet dangling beneath me.
My hair is darkened like my soul.
Hell is waiting for my fury.
Kara Jean Jun 2019
Her morphed view took her heart
Shot her mind
Eyes hold the fear of defeat
Bipolar is a deadbeat and I hold all of this inside of me
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