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Alex Hunter May 2016
sunrise, sunset
birds fly, land, and fret
doctors mend, treat and heal
write wake, write and feel.

sunrise, sunset
the fish swims while the parrot pecks,
the bees nestle back into their hives
as the moon lifts, and the sun dives.

sunrise, sunset
the diaries cease to forget
when all go back to rest
with the sunrise, sunset.

so as the babies mumble and the children cry,
the world lives and nature thrives.
the mother yawns and resets
with the sunrise and the sunset.
my first poem ever
Alex Hunter Jan 2016
I am done,

but I am far from

being able to run

for there are no guns

in my reach, no, none.

By guns, I do not mean

the kind of machines

that take lives and protect queens.

By gun, I mean

something that would trigger me

to run, and disappear


So until I find one,

I will keep moving on

but just remember that I am done,

and in search of a gun.
Alex Hunter Jan 2016
Inevitably disabled
with the ability to think.

The cosmos mean nothing
to my poor, misled mind.

Although the smoke
filled my lungs
and sent me soaring,

I still followed the shadow figure
down a long flight of stairs,
a figure we call sadness,
and looked into the emptiness
And stared at the vastness
and just gawked,
in awe of how
the shadow figure
could show me all of this

Inevitably blessed
with the ability to think.
Alex Hunter Jan 2016
An undeniable fact;

I am alone.

Although I am trapped

on this vast and

densely populated planet

with billions of creatures

that share the same thoughts-

I am alone.

Whether that is because of me

or because of them,

I am alone.
Alex Hunter Jan 2016
do you see the leaves,

the branches,

the moss -

can you see how much I love you?

do you see the birds,

hear the wind

and feel the sun-

can you see how much I love you?

do you see the windows

and the doors

on the house -

can you see how much I love you?

do you see the rocks

in the grass

around the pond -

can you see how much I love you?

do you see the trees sway

and the leaves fall

and the tears on my face-

can you see how much I love you?
Alex Hunter Jan 2016
door slam

mad man

walks toward me.

breathe silently

listening to footsteps

pounding violently.

loud curse,

short verse,

shouted words.

gruesome silence

laid naked

on our tongues

as he

looked me in the eyes,

held my hand

and said

Alex Hunter Jul 2015
Your touches lasted for what seemed like hours.

They stained my skin with such

an incredible sensation

that seeped into my veins

and led to my chest

where the feeling now resides

and there it will stay

until you come back to fill my heart

with something new.
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