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Dominique Aug 2018
I should have given you my poems,
I should have played you serenades.
You would have taught me maths equations,
And fed me Georgian food you'd made.

We should have planted in your garden,
And bought each other's favourite sweets;
We could have danced in parks at twilight,
With the best song on repeat.

You could have bought a ukulele
From the money we would raise
By working weekends at a goat farm
And filling up our precious days.

We should have talked about sad things,
Because our world was sometimes cold;
And when we'd cried for it together,
Our mindsets could have been more bold.

And when we'd have to say goodbye
(Because that day would have come)
We'd have known that, at least once,
We'd gotten drunk on your dad's ***.

I think I killed
Our love story
By making us things
We weren't ready to be.
And the next time I have a partner, I'll go all in without giving it a title too soon-
But I wish I'd known that with us, and I'm sorry I ran out of steam.
Savanna Nov 2014
"We're only human."
It's always said
With doubt and disappointment
Like all it will ever be
Is a limitation

Why is that always so?
It should be said like
It's an opportunity
Meaning that we're only able
To always improve

We are only able
To reach further
And find a way to become
Something better
And something more

Something that pushes on
To improve the quality of life
In any aspect possible
Raising standards and
Changing mindsets

To unite under the idea
Of being citizens of the world
And move away from
Being citizens of
Our own selfishness

So do not doubt
Because we are only human
Yearn and strive for better
Simply because
We are all human
And who better than us
To change the world
Kalvin Moon Apr 2017
When I look into the moon I see the only dependent part of me that still exists. Its as if the silence in her vocal cords spoke words of solitude. I gave her the only bio mechanical part of me that mattered.

The gears in my chest keep turning like clock work.
I count seconds into minutes and minutes into hours and hours into days. I keep thinking time is standing still while im still standing still.

I'm waiting, waiting on patience and as unjustified as it sounds I'm impatient. Dreams are just your natural thoughts heavily sedated, a sub-conscious reality based off the feelings we cant display them.

I don't consider myself a writer, I see the constant flow of words and as a kid it left me inspired. I'm more of the sub concious reality type. I drink coffee and outside of that I really don't have a life.

For me writing is self exspression without being judged by others.
I opinionate my feelings and organize them in ink. The papper is my empty canvas, my thoughts are my judgment, and the pen is the deliverer.

Sometimes writing is the only thing that can stitch my wounds, like the words curved inside my brain penetrating like the needlesof a tattoo. I wonder what will become me, in what paradox will I redeem the sum of me?

I just hope this bio mechanical heart ticks away. I hope people continue to be people with different mindsets and open steeples. I want love to be found and dreams to be created.

Kalvin Moon
Me spilling out my brain in thirty minuets.
T'yana Thomas Oct 2018
If only you knew how much you make my day from a text message or the gentleness of your voice
How foolish would I be if you weren’t my choice

First time we chilled in your room we sung and dance with one another
So I thought **** it I’ll take one step further

Two conflicting mindsets whom seek perfection
We can’t away from each other
Infatuated with our reflection

Because of you I Laugh a little harder Cry a little less and Smile a little more
Ooohhh how I despise to see you walk out the door

I like you because your you.
And that’s all that matters to me.
I choose to love you because it’s a choice
In my actions you’ll see
Hopefully not a day late because by then that’ll cease

Wait Wait
I know that last line appeared harsh but time truly waits for no one
My love unmeasurable and unconditional if you’ll open your eyes and see me in front of you
You’ll notice you’ve already won
Ben Tol Dec 2018
Straight borders,
Carved by former rulers,
Hidden treasures,
Disparity and deserts,
Majority poor,
Civil war,
Super wealthy,
Mindsets unhealthy,
Transatlantic bombs,
Landing on the wronged,
Once an oasis,
Now no go places,
Oil worth billions,
Starving children,
International villains,
Attacking civilians,
In constant crisis,
Lack of human kindness.
I describe my baboon as baboon-shaped. Her name's Babs, which is
short for baboon. Sunday I pushed her to the library where we were
given a library balloon. It had snot on it, the balloon, because the li-
brarian had the Shanghai flu. I'll take my free-book-borrowing busi-
ness to Havana, Cuba, where snotty librarians are chippy chipper &
well & they never trim their dry quims & they're not bound for ****.
spacewalker Oct 2018
Feelings don't drip from my lips like honey
Its hard for me to talk
Id rather be stung a hundred times
Then tell you my deepest thoughts
I'm a hive of negative mindsets
pain trapped in a hundred unbreakable locks
When I try to take them off even I can get lost
So I keep them hidden
I'm just not in the mood
Feelings don't drip like honey but stay in my throat like glue

— The End —