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Levita Mar 24
She walks among the slits of light that pass between the horizon and the sky,
She paints their colors with her laughter and delight in the smallest things.
She kneads the storm clouds slowly adding her tears,
Her voice, the thunder and her wrath, the bolt.

She the builder of worlds, of hearth, of home, of love,
The lioness and She Bear in one,
The thread of strength that holds so many lives together.

Yet, we must remind her she is not Atlas bound to the world,
She is like the seasons or tide steady and rhythmic,
She is all things ,
She is the title but she is more that , Mother.

She is divinity that walks the earth.
Like the goddesses warriors of old,
She shall forever battle knowing that those who stand with her shoulder to shoulder follow her unwavering into the fray.
With loyalty untold , beside this marvel of divinity,
This the holy feminine trinity that graces the world with her smile.
I wrote this for a friend. She is wild and so much more than I can ever put into words.
Sitting in wait in a silent room,
glaring at a bright screen alone,
Wondering will you return my message?
I've always longed for what you hide,
even the things that have haunted you inside,
we're family after all; I could forgive your secrets.
Rummaging for a name never heard before,
maybe what you know will make us sore,
break our hearts in two or more,
so maybe it's a good idea you leave it vacant,
delete it all and don't call,
do what you have done best,
and just let me fall,
I’ve come to learn how to pick up the pieces.
However, there’s someone who’s always been conjointly alike,
Never been a doubt I couldn’t count on her time,
I fear the day she sheds her skin,
For that day we lose a mixture of strength and compassion,
For that woman is mother and father,
For she the hybrid we see all too often,
that can't be replaced by your presence belatedly,
for after she’s gone,
even if I had what was left of your absence,
she you could never replace,
because she knew from the start,
what had significance right away.
a poem to my mother. Who was a single mother. Even though I know my father now. Being 32 and knowing him for 8 years will never match what my mother did for us.
Rabbit Sep 2018
The true essence of a woman
has never truly been understood
From the Spanish demolishing our cultures
to the way that they are viewed and treated in the hood.

I don't like the use of the word *****
Whether you're rich or poor
upper or middle class
or a ******* lying in a ***** ditch

In our indigenous tribal times
women were respected, revered and held in a high regard
the damage from a European psychology
has pierced our mindsets and left men and society deeply scarred

Try to keep you dumb, barefoot, and pregnant in the kitchen wishing,
while he is out there acting a fool
trying to be a player straight fishing

I'm talking about a  species that not only can bear a life
but a being that can hold a job
help with homework, cook, and be a **** wife

Or maybe baby daddy was never really there
or maybe he's stuck in the judicial system
in a cell staring at the wall with a blank stare

Single strong mama doing it all by her self
playing the mother and father
being the comforter and still having to pull out the belt

Tu-pacs dear mama was real and said it the best
until you've grown up with a single mother
you're probably tripping like the rest

I love you, respect you
and truly understand your pain
don't trip mami, I see you and all that work
that you have put in is not in vain

Keep grinding and working hard
continue to do all that you can
I feel you're and got your back
I'm your number one fan

And if your man doesn't appreciate you
and treat you like the Queen that you are
My advice, ditch the punk, be on your own
or find a king that treats you like a true superstar.
K Eaglechild Aug 2017
Perhaps it's something more?
Upsetting disappointment?
I'm dragging my son down a path I've followed aimlessly as a child.
He is following within my footsteps. My path.
You wouldn't understand the unbearable stress of being a single parent, with co-parenting with a idiot.
Constantly worrying about the child's needs of seeing this father.
Even when his father isn't enthusiastic about seeing his own son.
Continuously wondering if all this effort of pushing our child towards you is even worth it?
Because, in the end, he is the one who will get hurt.
You've been down this road yourself, we both have daddy-issues.
We both know how this will play out.
Either he resents you as he gets older or he will just end up never seeing you.
We both know how this ends, sadly.
Jon Edwards Oct 2016
First it was a spark
Then you gave her a go
You struck her heart
Then she gave it a go

It lasted too long
Like a cold and windy storm
It was too strong
Like banging windows and doors

And from the clouds you went on
Spreading darkness and destruction
And from the white ashes and smoke
She was the promise that broke
The spell you cast
No, it will not last
Cause tomorrow she will rise
And she will find the good in goodbye

— The End —