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Ken Pepiton Jun 21
Dammed good facts,
today is a surely measurable day.
Set in the common course of human events
from the bottom,
where the world at this altitude,
is wintering, while
from the top we feel the sun, straight on
as Mohave at solstice,

such as I, as we, seeing we live in order
to live
in order to help

eh, hey, hear us near us say, we know

weyekin, ye ken, visionary wisdom wedom

poet singer sayer pre-sent, and representing
living in timespace at time's own pace, passing

Dark cold winter, time for inwalled-usness use,
we become the whole room,
sometimes, all eyes on I, the one, in the middle
- there
- being the connection, anhamartia-tic,
here and there, a web conforms to koinonical
image entonations, owls of common sorts,
and squeeking black lizards, settle in the shade,
to night we go,

onward, to mark the time, watching all the old
knowing proven,
as the sun rises and sets, facts
as measures confirm, solid-ifity convey, say
so it is, con-fide-used knowing, faith,
as we say.

We are the people who know this mystery,
we live in life, as bits of all that ever was,
by now, all that is weighted

significant from first landmarks set in times past.

some, not my we, some see life as a struggle, see
from a salmon's POV, the sense of efforting
is joy,- efforting rejoicing +
this is right, this is how I form the people,
offsprung from war wage slaves,
who **** us,
to hide the stars at night.

Humans in the future shall love water flowing
and starry story tellings
un seen in cities since the great white way
attracted the sharks into the tank.
Remove not the old landmarks,
find the way where good is, and walk therein, to when
you get there you know it for all it was.
Ken Pepiton Jun 20
living right
conserving reason
for the faith that is in me.
Life's trials are trials, not finals.
- oh dare me say
I know there is no hell, hubris?, nay,
personal experience has not given the lie,
survived through the common use of faith,
stretched to cover reality,
up to very recently,
when you -just occurred as next reader of this///
and I know my prayers are answered,
when I make up your mind,
hook it on an answer to find,
make up your mind
who won,
make up your mind
who won,

when Jesus, the man,
He done what he done
- or he lied, ask yourself
- if it were me, would I build a hell?
that's the chorus, c'mon sing along
when Jesus, the man, He done what he done

Hear me knock, my knock sounds true, they say
my sheep all know my voice,
and here come see I tell you true,
in the core of my house, at home
I occupy all my time.'
Ever learning is certainly better than hell.
Ever proving, by that,
ever loving curios urge to know the whole,
truth I was led to swear to tell allegiantly.

Yes, Luther was a liar, as all who claimed
Jesus invented cathedrals, to tear down in 3 days.

I know there is no hell,
and I know prayers are answered,
if you make up this mind so you know who won,

when Jesus, He done what he done

and the musing falsetto castratos
continue to humm,
He done what he done
you know
it coulda been different
and never coulda been as good as now.
it coulda been different
and never coulda been as good as now.
some how
owowowowowowo it echoes ever after,

did you ring hell's bells and laugh at the rubies,
more precious than gold,

as water in the desert,
to the sons of the pawns.
Ken Pepiton Jun 16
The act of being without a home, or place
to lay one's head,
to rest in truth
waiting… for some fool to ask how
such a life might
be tolerable, first night out.

Well, refrigerator boxes are best,
but just about any shippable cardboard
does work.

Cardboard is essential.
And a covering of some kind,
you can find really warm things
in those donation bins, at the edges of old malls.

But, stay clean, shaving is easier
than keeping a beard clean,
and never show teeth when you smile a thanks.

-How to be homeless, as done by a friend,
will you listen to me, advice from a mendicant monk,
who refused to beg.

How to be happy homeless.
you gotta know the truth,
the theory that says there must be a reason,

that is a guess, and my guess is just,
as good, at this point,
between you
and me, the
idea the poet serves as soup to the sould unredeemed.
Tough times pass as fast as any.
Ken Pepiton Jun 16
saying nothing, noting time slipping past.
doing nothing, as nothing wishes me to do.
-shoo lie, you bother me.
Ken Pepiton Jun 15
lighter, on balance or noise? I imagine
minds must be spirit first. I maximise… diffusion

or do I surmise? I promise, a maxim,
I do not know, but may
I say to my self who has the keys,
and find
qwerty guy, let us pull the thread, I said
- inner self ware SDK-ith {Writ in LISP}
- Soft-ware Deployment Kick-in-the-head
Okeh, says my eye listening to BBC 4,
from everhowlong ago,
Auden and Turing, lauded by geeks
and the per-ifery of no-repro-models, idividuating.

Laughing I hear it said, College Students
believe every thing they read, is known
you belive, for a second
all of this is true, or may, could, be maybe
to all who read things they read right.
- or do they believe the things they read? Critical point.
True story, on the trail to Admah, from Zeboiim,

-later, maybe

Change from good enough,
to best imaginable, actual
heaven ahead of schedule.

Let us literally agree, literally means:
since the 1530s,
"in a literal sense,
according to the exact meaning
of the word or words used,"

From <>

According to knowledge,
as my granddaughter, Delaney, has noticed.
Knowledge, itself, per se,
is the ultimate authority. She was seven.

To go into the garden, we must love each other or die.
The Daisy ad, played to boomer voters, reared
in public schools
with current events mandated
tested ala spelling bees, current events champs,
all aspiring Jeopardy champs, after retiring from…

That was the grey flannel mind, reset-
Total War, the 1965 one-off comic,
Musgrove ran away and joined the army.
- scattered brains far better than none
- -----------
I was away in 1968.

And when I returned,
I hid in here,
undermining reality, souldout.
- as conjecture has it I was expected
- to go into the ministry.
- It seems a deal was made,
- for my sister Peggy's unbaptized soul.
- I was sould to the Child Buyer… 1951
------ jump cut-
I escaped the historical 1970's

but for the mind virus common to cults.
--- my world furled tritest tricolor flat real.
TV Ad… in passing 1972… ALERT… no
repair called for, idle threat redeemed
in time, though, you know,
- hell, what if, Jesus is a Sadist?
idle threat, you
better believe, I am
gonna vote for good.
JBS library, and the KJV
Meldau's The Messiah,
in Both Testaments.

Phreak me out. This is that Neal Young trip.
Journey Through the Past,
Handel's Messiah, live from the Alamo Cult.
- we elected our own Mayor.
- So, sit on your bayonet
- Mr. Cahill from Rolling Stone…

and what else might I be
gonna vote for?
You can do anything with bayonets,
it is said, Napoleon said.
better believer, raises the ***,
_ there are two kinds of knowledge
------------ jump cut from the cover
of Rolling Stone. Bet me…
Genesis. Call, I raise you M-DNA.
good and evil, who told you she was naked?
-- is this poker or Go?
I thought it was truth or consequences,
from yes,
-oh, yeh, same…
They let anybody in this spirit realm.
------------- garden of LBJ's inaugural vision
Only evil knowing, no evil doing.
You never forget that.
--- the wedom I was
Divvied up to be.
Persona. We ache
at evil's constant threat, gonna
rub you raw
itchy ear, you hear,
have you never read,
-- SYTFiction formally,
some things one learns,
there comes a state… as
minds conform to standards.
-Same Yesterday Today Forever,
wake up.
face the music, pass water and cess.
Get the act together,
put the show on the air.
-Radioman remincing
-how he helped Sisyphus try once
more,  to activate the effectual
fervent mode
on purpose, roll on,
a job, from Truth, per said.
All the gangs I ever was near,
as an eligibility tech,
in the war
on poverty,
during the crack baby scare-
scare that was viral at the time.
-- those grew from wild boys,
corralled in the system,
susceptible to spiritual advisory
resulting in, yep,
the legendary wasted mind,
-time in mind, time may be deemed.
Used, not wasted…
made idle instead of being made
an idle mind's workshop,
fabricating confabulated reasons
for war, on call, pull the trigger,
ryhmes in y'mind, you know
- whatcheworth, y'little devil?

workshop… an idled mind, kick starts.
-New reality, a first whatifier glimpse.
May, I nod, may is your word in my wedom.

Look around, all these stupid
crack babies we was warning
don't you dare be born,
boy… you'd be better off dead.

-- what are we up to, wh'sgwanon?

We were born with a sense of common,
we know, without the filters emotions use,
we see through the glass at UHD and beyond

on wifi-only cellphones unupgraded years ago,
we are the world-
on the internet from McDonald's,
Persona Eretz,
we who read this line, we are attached
in context at the time, we are aware we are
in formed
ware, words in congress with progress,
pining to say, I think, Jerry Pournelle said:

Pens with motors are more powerful
than swords with motors.

Ai say, Intelligence twisted to defend oaths,
is powerless when opposing basic ethical I
Ai Go, win, causing no shame,
win by least possible point, of course,
through human events,
living history doxology. Sign off,

Three key salute.
Ken Pepiton Jun 9
Have your mind made up in time,
you see the same stories
situational reaction is predictive
free will is knowing what to do next, right
same spiritus possessing olden souls, children of daughters
of the sons of Ahdam, damnright, s'true

once, there was some of us sons of gods,
musing spirits witness this, and testify confabulation
is not lying, nor is it evil,
it is good to think whatever, whatif, it could have been,
you know,
told right, you can make mythic reconnections, using stories

retold, peacemaker-style… spaghetti western soundtrack
reheard the word of God, come upon the poet-seer-teller-feller,

He said, Imagine this,
of course, in the spirit, imagine this, a holy way,
in the course
of mortal events, life's little phases between times.

Pupa mind, expanding the enveloping  the cocoon.
old tricks
Ken Pepiton May 31
Each year, we depend on winds returning,
each year, we watch richest of hoarders lose,

every thing, to a storm. And ten years later,
do it again, as if there were a curse for stupid.

As a messenger from goodness knows where,
clowns as fox like fools, all my foxes,
come from Disney Studios, I must admit.

Though there is a curio-resemblance I have seen
fox-related news old so it is, so it is,
the Katsina embodied and festooned in regalia
its apron a half-fox, hindlegs and long fluffy tail,
same design as on the T-shapes at Gobekli-Tepi

representing an idea from the wild blue yonder,
we are passengers,
we are not in charge, and there is no place like home.

Once you land, and root, and sprout, and pierce the sky,
to feel the changes, as the earth wobbles around the sun.
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