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Exhale Your Mind Nov 2019
I want to lay in the corners your smile
And sleep between your laughter of eternity.
Exhale Your Mind Jan 2019
The past is like an unwelcome guest
That sleeps on your couch and eats all your food.
You can’t get rid of her because you’re the one
that keeps inviting her.
Exhale Your Mind Sep 2018
Decorate your sadness with flowers
And make your wellbeing a beautiful garden.
Don't be afraid to blossom in his comfort.
Exhale Your Mind Feb 2018
His hair beams dark gold glitter
like it memorizes sunshines.
No wonder why it always feels like summer
when my fingers surf between them.
Exhale Your Mind Oct 2017
I searched for you in the alley of conversations.
In the backyard of a smile.
Between the walls of simplicity.

I searched for you in the corners of affection.
In the garden of butterflies.
In the unsafety of my dreams.

I searched for supernatural, divine encounters.
For beating hearts and shaky voices
For mindblowing realities.
I searched for God in a man.

Instead I found sincerity
I found differences
I found fear and jealousy
I found mistakes
I found acceptance

I found human.
Exhale Your Mind Apr 2016
For what it's worth i loved you.
Even when my eyes were too afraid to meet yours.
I just wanted to escape the breathlessness of being near you.
I was waiting for the rain to pass over our circumstances.
My heart was like a never ending earthquake.
The beautiful landscape of your mind was never the reason.
For what it's worth i really loved you.
I usually don't write love poems.
Exhale Your Mind Apr 2016
i'm not a slave of compliments.
I won't overdose on injections of racism.
The only addiction i have it of the melanin in my skin.
My heritage is not a sin.
My womanhood has always been the evidence of excellence.
My faith is not a bad habit I need rehabilitation from.
If discrimination was a drug i would be high every day
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