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Rabbit Jan 2019
You're a dream come true
Like a secret rendezvous
As I Chase you through the hallway
Desiring you through and through

I adore your every essence to the depths of my soul
That's why it's so often
That these words can so easily flow.

I'm inspired by your sight
Can only imagine what it feels like to touch
Butterflies in my stomach
As my heart and blood begin to rush.

Love our time together
On the phone that we get to spend
It's all worth it to me to
Get to know my true friend.

Homie, lover and some more
Is what I hope that you will be.
Unimaginable, stupendous,
Amazing, and complete
Is what you are to me.

So overwhelming beautiful
In every single way
A spirit so lovely
Blessing us with your presence
Just a few words can make all our day.

Come up from behind you
As I softly kiss you on your neck
Listening to Chris Brown
On everything else, I'll take a raincheck.

I stare into your eyes as I
Connect with your mind, body, and soul
We grab each other and two bodies
Embrace and connect as they become one whole.

Unity, communication, trust,
Love, respect, and honor.
A relationship worthy
of a handshake from a father.

Rose petals at your feet,
Foot massages on a daily
Let me treat you like the goddess
That you are you are
and If you haven't figured it out by now
I want You to be my lady.
Rabbit Dec 2018
It's getting hard to bite my tongue,
Feeling like grabbing you by the hand and leading you out of the office on a run.

Just a little alone time
To sit face to face
Play some footsies for a minute
Talk and wander off into space.

****, I miss you when your not here
Even though I can't talk in person I feel content just knowing that you're near.

Don't get me started on how perfect that you really are, the old feelings are coming back of wanting to run away from you far.

Cuz the desire to touch that skin and kiss you on your neck is growing so strong,
while you're on your walk want to pull you in my room, kick out Isaiah, and make out all night long.

Rub some Coconut oil in my palm,
and massage that **** body till it almost feels wrong.

Then stop and quickly put it in reverse, we're just getting to know each other I don't want no curse.

You're the type of woman that's worth the wait, show you my heart, take my time, get to know you, and put it in the hands of fate.

For the record I have never came this hard or cared for another with my heart so full,
with you it's different, unstoppable, it's like a planetary gravitational pull.

Please know that you are gorgeous all that and a bag of chips,
intelligent, spiritual, funny, beautiful, strong, and **** with a voluptuous body and hips.

I feel you Melissa even when your not around.
Queen so perfect, come a little closer, stand next to me, and put on this crown.
Dedicated to the Queen of my heart...
Rabbit Dec 2018
I'm not sure just what's going on, sitting up my room singing out loud love songs.

Brother feeling like I'm back in junior high,
skipping down the street dancing looking up in the sky

Dream girl status right in front of my eyes,
pulling out all the stops head spinning wishing you were all mine.

No it's not an act nor am I trying to run game,
My heart feelings and actions in the past have never been the same.

I go after what I want like a wolf on the hunt,
just know my attention and intention is genuine for real and in no way a stunt.

I spoke you into my existence now you're right in front of my face,
I don't mess around play or even allow another woman to get in my space.

You meet all my criteria exactly to a T,
regardless of the outcome of this relationship there's one thing I want you to see,
my love dedication, prayers, and support will always be free.

Unconditional, expecting nothing in return,
my heart character and personality little by little you will learn.

I do what I do for me and my baby girl,
when I'm where I need be I hope to have your hand in mine to celebrate look around and take a twirl.

Put your best foot forward, heart in hand, give it all that you got,
The hope is that in the end of the day Melissa, my funny face will not be forgot.
Dedicated to Melissa..
Rabbit Nov 2018
You are the sunshine of my life
My boy Stevie Wonder said it best
You are my seed, my blood, my flesh
The heart within my chest.

The fifth element is what you are
Gods perfected human being
Yes you are the Scorpio, they better watch out
You don't just bite, you can sting.

In the ancient Chinese, Water Horse is your sign
Strong, flexible and fluid
with infinite power and strength in your mind.

October 28, 2002, is the day you entered this earth
Father and daughter is what we are
And East Los Angeles is our turf.

Halloween baby my dear
That is what you will always be
Chucky, Freddy, & Jason are your friends
and that's totally fine with me.

Always remember to cherish what you have
its not by accident the universe made me your Dad.

I am with you every day in mind, body and spirit
Our connection is so strong
I know you can feel it.

Walk tall, walk proud, like the Queen that you are
Make all your dreams come true baby
You will always be my superstar.
Rabbit Nov 2018
Amazing, intelligent, gorgeous and a
Character so rich
So easy on the eyes, perfect combination
And yea-beautiful dark and thick

Goal orientated, working so ******* a daily
Not a regular girl or your average chick
But a fully developed grown up Lady.

I see you so professional, so kind and so sweet
Yet in the face of adversity
I have seen you
Rise and plant firm on both feet.

Educated, went to college yet grew up
in a rough neighborhood
I have to wonder what your parents did
To raise you so stable and so strong as wood.

You’re definitely a Queen like I told you before
That’s a woman balanced in the
Areas who’s sum equal four

Like a pyramid with four points
that come to a peak
Energy pushing up like a volcano
Yet so balanced you are so unique

Physically, mentally, emotionally,
And spiritually grounded
As a man I look, evaluate, and ponder
Yet it still leaves me dumbfounded

Your perfect in my eyes and a
woman like you in my heart is what I desire
Yes I have my areas that I struggle
and I am developing
Myself daily and I’m still in the fire.

One thing I know is that a woman is to be revered
Cherished, uplifted, loved, never mistreated,
Abused or wrongly steered.

Respected as an equal partner
bending backwards
For the one I adore
Willing to sacrifice, protect, die for
And so so much more.

Mother, Provider independent
Mama grinding so tuff
Baby at home, I hope you get your rest Yet I know it’s probably not enough

I don’t want to scare you or even creep you out
But when I’m in my room alone
thinking about you
It makes me want to shout

And yes I have developed a little bit of a crush
I can’t even look at you for long periods
It makes me uncomfortable and I want to blush

Face like an angel, beautiful dark
Melanated smooth skin
Can’t be around you too much
Without breaking out in a grin.

I only want to be your friend
And I know I am your patient
Just know that when I am close
My hearts pounding and rapidly racing.

I respect you, admire you and think that you
Are truly a complete being
I will never cross your boundaries
That Mellissa I am guaranteeing.

Be blessed and continue to prosper
I wish you nothing but the best
For you and your adorable little
Girl, Keep pushing forward and know
That you are definitely not like the rest
Rabbit Sep 2018
The true essence of a woman
has never truly been understood
From the Spanish demolishing our cultures
to the way that they are viewed and treated in the hood.

I don't like the use of the word *****
Whether you're rich or poor
upper or middle class
or a ******* lying in a ***** ditch

In our indigenous tribal times
women were respected, revered and held in a high regard
the damage from a European psychology
has pierced our mindsets and left men and society deeply scarred

Try to keep you dumb, barefoot, and pregnant in the kitchen wishing,
while he is out there acting a fool
trying to be a player straight fishing

I'm talking about a  species that not only can bear a life
but a being that can hold a job
help with homework, cook, and be a **** wife

Or maybe baby daddy was never really there
or maybe he's stuck in the judicial system
in a cell staring at the wall with a blank stare

Single strong mama doing it all by her self
playing the mother and father
being the comforter and still having to pull out the belt

Tu-pacs dear mama was real and said it the best
until you've grown up with a single mother
you're probably tripping like the rest

I love you, respect you
and truly understand your pain
don't trip mami, I see you and all that work
that you have put in is not in vain

Keep grinding and working hard
continue to do all that you can
I feel you're and got your back
I'm your number one fan

And if your man doesn't appreciate you
and treat you like the Queen that you are
My advice, ditch the punk, be on your own
or find a king that treats you like a true superstar.
Rabbit Sep 2018
**** the Police
Coming straight out the underground
Young brother got it bad
Cuz I look Mexican and I'm brown

Can't forget to do diarrhea
on the sheriff deputies
Cuz you wear a uniform and a badge
think you deserve respect like a G

Biggest violaters of civil rights
in the ******* land
take advantage of everybody
cuz you think we're stupid and you can

Where are you going? What's your name? Are you on Probation?
California is not a stop and identify state
How about I cuff your ***
Take you to an alley and let out all my frustration

Am I under arrest?
Or am I free to go is what I ask
Boo bop & slit your throat
come up from behind with a ******* Chucky mask

I'm the worst ******* nightmare
there ever has been
A conscious, Chicano, 5 percenter
Moorish American free national citizen

How about next time you **** one of us
We hunt you down, home invade your family
and launch you all of a cliff in a bus.

Quick to leave a pig bleeding left for dead in a ***** ditch
***** sewed to your mouth, you wanna be me punk *** *****.

Or we'll cut your head off
and stick it to a thousand foot pole
start the vampire nation, count Vlad's idea yea I stole.

14th amendment, 85 percenter
corporate security guard
driving a big *** truck with your undersized *****
and you think your all hard, you ******* ******.

You're obvious and pathetic
I got no time to play
We don't die we multiply and the movement is here to stay.

Get off me stupid I ain't signing no autographs
Che Guevara reincarnated now who has the last laugh?

— The End —