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LD Goodwin Aug 2022
**** the clock, leave me be
I have an itch that can not be fully scratched
a hunger never sated
a Jones that never peaks

I am a slave, a concubine,
a conscript to words
they shiver up my spine
and are as a Dragon's flame

I need more to live
like air, and water and love
or the wind's subtle touch
and my muse's flesh against mine

For she has shown them to me
Her rings of passion
that shimmer in the sun
and I swell, hypnotized

**** the clock
rest your hands
I am bewitched
and must needs be met

Leave me be
to our fantasy
She waits for me still
true and wanting

My drug calls
my veins throb
the words, the words
they tell her where I am

I am still here
and the Dragon
must be appeased

Oh tenderness
the sweetness left in my memory
for my wild imagination
to ferment like wine

Drunk now on these visions
impaired with temptation
I taste their milk of love
and suckle to sleep.

**** the clock
though I can not stay here
nestled within her *****
safe from the Dragon's flame

Aye, I must leave
but a spark of permanence remains
a tattoo on my brain
of flesh and sun and rings
*as always, thank you for your inspiration*
LD Goodwin Aug 2022
With my first breath, I become
to wander till the last
to be and be and be some more
time slow at first, soon fast

And with his last draw of this world's breath
an orphan I become
His time well spent I take my place
to hear my distant drum

Dark dying thoughts once swallowed me
like harpies chattering on the wind
But with the truth of death fresh at my door
I greet him as a friend

Together we shall walk and talk
and leaves and stars will fall
I will see the patterns unfold
once hidden revealing all
Last year I lost my Dad, Sister, and my Sister-in-law. The naturalness of death brought me thoughts of my own.  They are not morbid thoughts anymore but rather peaceful truths.
LD Goodwin Oct 2017
Do I escape here
To my cave
My therapist
My priest
An ear
Does anyone hear

Is it just minutia
words that get moved around the page
like dust bunnies swirling in the noonday sun
why do I want you to know what goes on in here
inside this cerebral mass
why do I want you to witness the excising of my existence
the vomiting
lancing of these boils
the expressing of **** glands
emptying the dark places
only to fill them up again

I have always wanted to write down my feelings
what I see......emphasis on ā€œIā€
I always have felt that I see it differently than you
Not egotistically speaking,
but that I see it the way this mass of cells called Larry sees it

It is me in here
The one speaking to you now
And if you are reading this
Thank you for listening
I arose early......this is what you get.
LD Goodwin Oct 2017
Dad is home
Dad is old
Old and living
Old and dying
Dying alone
Dying free
Free to be
Free at peace
Peace is work
Peace is hard
Hard to walk
Hard to hear
Hear the TV
Hear the groans
Groans of pain
Groans of time
Time won't stop
Time speeds up
Up at 6
Up and moving
Moving bowels
Moving chores
Chores don't stop
Chores keep strength
Strength to move
Strength to prove
Prove you can
Prove you're a man
Man must live
Man must die
Die someway
Die someday
Someday will come
Someday Sister calls
Calls about Dad
Calls on the phone
Phone calls me
Phone from Dad
Dad eats oatmeal
Dad plays poker
Poker is fun
Poker is life
Life is fleeting
Life is dying
Dying alone
Dying at home
*My Father will soon be 99 years old. He lives in his home and for the most part takes care of himself. He cooks, cleans, shops, does his chores, and plays poker.*
LD Goodwin Feb 2017
I get lost in you
your dreams imbue
my mind
like flower and sun
we become as one
they ne'er cease to give
in my heart they live
LD Goodwin Feb 2017
I will not bend, my heart is true
and I will not kowtow to you
I do not fear your will on me
I am the might of one you see

I'm not alone nor have I been
truth holds us fast from your dark sin
and so wave not your flag at thee
I am the might of one you see

So turn your words around and 'round
till down is up and up is down
mine eye will not its gaze be free
I am the might of one you see

a day will come our voice will roar
your thrown will fall, your voice no more
unmasked and all alone you'll be
I am the might of one you see
*Kyrielle originated from troubadour poetry, and is often religious. (Not this one).
Typically written in quatrains with rhyming couplets... in this pattern... aabB ccbB ddbB eebB etc. Typically written in iambic tetrameter.*
LD Goodwin Feb 2017
a longing for you
over took my pen tonight
for your voice was the night wind

and then with closed eyes
and full heart you came to me
your soft touch from miles away
Thank you R for keeping me alive.......

*A Sedoka, pair of Katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing perspectives. A Katauta is an unrhymed three-line poem the following syllable counts: 5/7/7.*
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