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Kwamé Aug 2018
Happiness is getting the last slice of pizza
While sitting atop the leaning tower of Pisa
It is stepping in fresh new snow
Or watching your favorite show
It's ice cream on a hot summer day
Or being first at the buffet
The smell of new shoes,
Being told good news
Its getting a new hairdo
But above all,
happiness is within you!
Many people find it hard to rely on themselves as a source of happiness. It is possible to find happiness inside yourself.
I'm a tool pondering skyscapes.
Fondling a memory
Left behind
On sunset marquees.
It raced into the horizon like
A toad on the road.
A neon dream waving farewell.

Exploring mindsets:
An act in caressing
Bloodbath tesseracts.
A roundhouse rollercoaster,
Spinning at velocity of perfume
Hitting nasal perforations.

Core memories surface along spine cutlets,
No longer intrinsic
I'm settling for more.
A bathed blue baby is a moment
Too long to endure.

Hindsight is
A parson's lake passage;
A mad monster yet to be tamed;
A grain of salt to a fresh wound made;
Moments of grace from a fake great ape.

Blue morons slide
Into Mormon jovial footsteps.
Derided ice forestry into
King's cloaked ancestry.
Which makes family the
Opposite of attraction.

And yet here I am
Talking to you,
Eyelight through obelisks
In hotbox barricades.
Hiding behind
A past of newspapers.
Headline reads 'ONLY DEVINE'

Wipe the frown,
Draw the sword.
Don't be ignored anymore.
Maine ***** are extremely kind
intelligent telepathic lazy beasts
wisely equipped for joviality.

Imagined by
Impeccable Space

— The End —