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Chloe 6d
I died
and sunk to the bottom
of my soul.
Darkness prevailed,
there was nothing
and it was bold.
I felt the tears
of my family
thousands of miles away.
And all I could do
was say that I'm okay.
Death should of been
enough for me to stop,
but honestly speaking---
It's really not.
Chloe Apr 29
There is good
and there is bad.
There is happy
and also mad.
Beauty exists
and ugly, too.
But nothing compares
to all of you.
You see, nothing is real
and it's all we have.
Everything real
is made in our heads.
Chloe Apr 16
Some people are
Ready to let you go
Before you are
Just accept it
Chloe Apr 16
It's been really,
really  hard
to let you
Chloe Apr 12
How could you
take all of my love
just to toss me to the side
the moment you're bored.
I wish you never
said all the things to make me
love you.
Now I'm left confused
and used.
Chloe Apr 11
I love you,
because I hate myself.
Chloe Apr 8
I depend too much
on other's reactions
to set me free.
Scrambling around,
cannot breathe.
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