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C Feb 7
Head above water
The shore looks so small
Will I ever be liberated
before the demons collect their toll?

I don't know the answers
To anything at all
I don't know if I'll be okay
I'm just floating along
C Jan 29
being a
hopeless romantic
is just
that breathes.
  Jan 8 C
Ashly Kocher
Living in sadness
So you disappeared
Now you left your sadness
With those still
Living here…
C Jan 7
stale dating scenes
goodbye monogamy
society is changing
leaving me behind
no choice but to
align my mind

i am rough
i am so sad
i just
i want you so bad

articulating doesn't come easy
these emotions i have
twisted up inside me
bring me to the light
wring me out tonight

I'd die a thousand gruesome times
just to incarnate our love
The high is enough for me to drop all morale
I wish they'd bottle you up
Fill my cup
I want to feel you inside me
I don't know when enough is enough
C Dec 2021
i wish someone taught me
how to love,
to feel compassion,
hold ambition...
i guess we can't all be lucky
and have loving parents...

i'll just use my intuition.
C Jul 2021
I fall in love
with people I can't have.
It's in my design.
I wake up every morning
next to you
knowing you'll leave sometime soon.
It's in my design.
I know it's going to break me,
but I fill the cracks
with the time I have left with you.
I know you don't love me
like I love you.
It's in my design.
I'd die for you.
C May 2021
I've been thinking about my connection to drugs. I've thought about why I've struggled my whole feel utterly powerless.
I'm so lonely.
I don't even think lonely is the right answer.
I don't know.
It swallows me into this vortex and it pushes everyone I love away. It made my boyfriend whom I love leave me.  Like always. Not new.
I'm done. I have to fight. It's that or die.
I don't want to die...
Please. I don't.
Sometimes I wish I was never born.
It hurts so much.
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