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Wonder what was going thru my father's mind
As I grew in my Mama's womb ligament tugging on her spine
Like them Virginia boys all he knew was the grind
Paper route, security guard and distribution of crushed porcelain
Razor chop watch the white powder divide
He lived by the bricks
So I guess it was fitting that them shots didn't miss
I love you deeply
Think the dead sea
Depths on this Earth that no man can reach
A love that's not shallow or superficial
Yet  I still call you beautiful
Think the coral reef
Love, a word often abused
And if God is love then love should identify with the truth
And if it doesn't
Then it's something
Else but not love
That's why so many are broken
And avoid the God that is love and holy
And brings us into wholeness
The concept of being one from one man and one woman is foreign
That's why God created marriages to reflect his love a pond the world
We are his Kingdom ambassadors
Called to uphold a standard
Even as the percentages climb and marriages dwindle
We hold it together with faith and grace
Not magic
It's no hash tag blacklove
If we're not first biblically grounded
Love should be  astounding
Painted in multiple brush strokes
We're image bearers of him
You see us,  you see him
The seamstress who  hemmed humans with many  tones of skin
God the Finisher
the Author
the Artist
Architect of the garden
A love that's built off of his blueprint
Do I really want to bring kids into this world?
And produce more wickedness
Being that we are shaped in iniquity and born into sin
And there's nothing perfect about me
So how can something beautiful come up out me?
I guess that's why my seed is crippled and unable to sprout
Without the help of science
And at times apond faith I feel unreliant
My dad murdered by the gun so forgive me if I get excited when it comes to violence
I mean he was superman
His ****** taught me that life wasn't the comics
No bullets bouncing off his chest
Instead it just took one to the neck
30mins later he took his last breathe
And my future shaped by him died too
Here I am a grown son that lost his dad as a kid
I know more than most that this world births hate
Yet still my heart desires to create
More life
Even though that life in time will end
If it wasn't for the scriptures giving me a glimpse of my Lord and Savior
I would be a true pessimist
Life with Christ the only way to purge
The corruption that's produced by this wicked world
Sometimes I have to put my frustrations on the page. The words of a flawed man
Listening to love songs, written by people who aren't even married.
Like can they really fathom what love is about
That one man and one woman, God covenant route
With no exits unless a spouse is an unrepentant adulterer or  gets buried
Not that you only stay married for happiness love
I'm talking when both husband and wife place each other needs above
The individual
To get a full context of this love it has to get scriptural
A Husband loves like Christ
For his Wife who's Illustrated as his church
So understand a love like this will hurt
A wife submits to the headship of her husband
Not contingent on if he gets it right
Things get out of focus
When the man is more concerned with the role of his wife
And when a woman is more concerned with the role of her husband
If both are focused on their own roles
We would see the body of Christ with healthy marriages at an abundance
Instead of the world's playlist on repeat
Potent purpose is placed in the pedigree of Kings
It's evident in the lineage linked through generations
True royalty  redeemed an entire creation
It Heirs up
The script says Son of David
The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous
Heirs recognize that they are made in God's likeness
They walk in  dominion, the earth is theirs for the taken
No procrastination but know that  purpose is perfected in patience
Greatness permeates from the soul
They know to lose is to gain.
And gain is to be Heirs to the Throne
I am a father
not because of biological deed
but rather of the wisdom I feed

I am a father
not because of the title borne
but rather for the life that’s worn

I am a father
not because of ancestral traits
but rather the heart felt weights

I am a father
not because it’s a given right
but rather embraced with might

I am a father
not because of some legal ritual
but rather acts that are habitual

I am father
not because of profit or fee
but rather by the family of “we”

I am a father
because I desire to be
I am a father
because it’s a gift to be
I am a father
because He told me to be.
Happy Father's Day to the men who treasure and understand it.
I have to be more intentional with our interaction
On this road of life it's tough to hold on when the tires are wore I wish I was a man with unlimited traction.
You are my heart , my cardial-action
I have to me more aware of you
Be there for you
Although this life makes me feel grizzly
I vow to be a care bear for you
I apologize for my perverted view of intimacy
My mind is being rewired to what Christ intended it to be
How a husband is supposed to be wired to his wife
In all facets of marriage ministry
It's tough for me to interact
Without the thoughts of ***
Too often I let my flesh direct me
I have to focus on your beauty, not just your ****
If time permits will you let me
Show that I can be everything that God as called me to be
In life and towards you my wife
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