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Grey Dec 2019
For you, my dear poetry,
I will not stir up my emotions
I will create them.

For you, my dear poetry,
I will not lie,
I will create a fiction so delicate and complex
that it becomes my truth.

For you, my dear poetry,
I will not close myself off,
I will tear my body open
and let the demons take control.

For you, my dear poetry,
I will not become a better person,
I will bathe in my emotions
and revel in my despair.

For you, my dear poetry,
I will do anything.
Dec 2019
Ssoho Dec 2019
Amanda Jan 2017
While we sit at the bar my body begins yearning
Then our arms graze and my depths are burning
I want to leave right then and there
But I have to stay put in my chair  
No one has ever made me feel this way
My attraction is so strong I can barely keep it at bay
I run my hand up and down your thigh
The anticipation that’s building is making me high
After what seems like forever we leave and head home
My thoughts fill with what we will do when we are alone
Once all the barriers disappear
And I can finally pull you near
We make it home and our tongues begin to dance
I know my patience doesn’t stand a chance
Our clothes are off as we go through the bedroom door
I’m getting excited now and crave so much more
We start to caress each other everywhere
I’ve been ready all night so there’s not much to prepare
I lay you down and begin my descent
You return the favor while my body relents
My senses take over and my thoughts become hazy
We finally connect and it drives me crazy
Moving together we find our sweet pace
The feelings of ecstasy written all over my face  
Sounds of pleasure fill up the room
We move faster as instincts take over and our desire blooms
I succumb and revel in every piece of you
Your eyes tell me that you are reveling too
Time seems to freeze
As we too quickly bring each other to our knees
I lay there in carnal bliss
With barely enough energy for a goodnight kiss
We fall asleep intertwined
And I’m smiling because you are all mine
KathleenAMaloney Feb 2016
Get **** Done!!!
"Common Girl.. ..I said "Get it"..."

Venus Calls
Curling Blossom of Eighth  Heaven,
Loves Embrace..

Body of a Snake
Pen of Wisdom

Undesired Victory,
whose meaningless sorrows
adorn the Doorway of every House
and the Frame
of every mirror

Life Departed Presence.
Home of Death.
Alexis Apr 2014
Satisfied smirk on my face,
I revel
In your misery.
What horrible people we are.

— The End —