So confident when signing up for it.
So comfortable once in.
So awkward when outside the door.
Am I the me who wants to be in?

On the fly

When did I let this vocation of mine?
Which I've worked so hard for
Become the main reason and meaning of me?

When exactly did it happen
That my passion slipped and fell to the ground
Like the seasons passing on an endless tree?

I said I wouldn't forget once I had
I said many things of myself back then
Be it most confident or most arrogantly

A vow is a vow to those who uphold
But what are the words to the man within?
Who forgets himself in his own externalties

Truth and honest. Doesn't mean there's action.

The daughter of the moon and I
Fell from the stars
And crashed into a lonely lake
Where she would spend all of her days
Forsaking all others
Except for this
The wielder of the sword to be
To rule the world
By his own outstretched hand


Eventually you forget how to escape
To open the door at the back of your mind
And walk on though it
Into the new
And that is why we should value our innocence
And our children in such a way as we do

I was speaking of imagination...

The ocean is why I wish to create
Look at the depths
Feel the weight
When you’re lying on the bottom reef
The pressure is immaculate
And you cannot wait
To taste the newness of each breath
Surrounded by salt
And the slow falling sand
Like the snow of the sea
So the freshness in your eyes cannot wait
To be both above and then below again
And that is why I wish to create
Like the ocean sands which are underneath
And not like the hot sands beneath our feet

Both in the sand and of it. But only when it's cool. My preference.

How quickly she forgot
How poorly I expressed
And either way
We are run away
With the feeling of want which may not keep
And will not if you ask the likes of me

It's true...and this is why time matters to me.

The air is colder there at night
Don't let me forget the feeling

The sky is bitter like the darkest chocolate
And bitter still at me for ever leaving

It was only yesterday that the grandest sky stretched out before me
Ever high

Be it breathing down my youthful neck
Don't let me forget the feeling of why

Don't let me forget the feeling

"It's like I can taste the sky again"

We want to dream
Because we think
That dreams will give us meaning

But when we wake
And see the day
No dream was worth believing

The only thing
That matters still
Awaits upon awaking

Because nothing
Added ere by dreams
Will ever be for keeping

This reads like a toast by firelight. Goodnight!

I admire those who aren't caught in traps
Who can commit themselves to something else
And not feel trapped by the weight

Because time doesn't matter if you're content
And nothing is ever wasted if never spent

I admire those who don't fear their own fate
But embrace the fact that they've embraced

It's bound to happen after all...
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