Kush Feb 13
My hands reached for yours
Holding them in between
Just like it happened
In all dreams, I had seen

You smiled; I smiled
"You are beautiful," I said
"No. You are." You said
As if in protest.
Justin Lai Feb 6
I wish I could
make a bouquet
out of words
left unused

Mama always said
not to waste food
why not words:

the unit circle
The Boy with
// W47 “The Boy //
Seanathon Jan 30
Never forget
Though you will
That you are a mountain
Formed by two forces
Meant to last
Slowly moving
Clearly never
Be not content with what they call you. Call to yourself and you will respond.
Seanathon Jan 15
em>The sound of snow is a beautiful thing
Catch every snowflake, you could not
But the earth can
Like the marching ants in the fruitful spring
Snowflakes need not tiptoe through the house of winter
Instead, they patter a song to sing on the frozen ground
And we, as humans are helpless to stop it from falling down
With tiny little pinprick sounds
The reign of winter falls all around

End of storm
Beginning of season
This one... I really like
Seanathon Dec 2017
How dare he, discover these:

     The intimacy before its time
     The constant revelations
     Untangling and revealing themselves
     Slowly over the course of passing time

How jealous still at last am I?
To be on the outside looking in
Wishing that I could be within
For the discovery of such things in mind
Most envious of the unseen. The fog which I assume arrives each morning. Hence why...this is as it is. *nods*
Seanathon Nov 2017
em>The desire to be a creator never burns out
Like the immortal flame that it is
It may waiver, it my wane in the blowing wind
But it never dies, completely becomes extinguished or unhinged  
Just so long as you keep it calm and still
And close to your true heart within

Because the essence of desire is the creation which will linger in a state of wonderment
Wishing only that the original thought could be
All which you could've hoped and dreamed
About and for

Mesmerizing isn't it?
The flame unseen
It's like walking on the beach, endlessly, but not bean permitted to leave with a single shell or grain of sand.
Seanathon Nov 2017
No happy man ever said to me
"Because I'm happy it will always be so"
For in reality
Without the highest of highs and the valleys below to balance them out
How else are we to take in the sight or learn to see?
Without first having discovered both the lie and the mystery
Within such peaks and valleys
The highs and lows
The mountains and holes.
Emotions are emotions. Period.
Seanathon Nov 2017
By the passing’s of perfume on a winters day
Wow, not why
Because you used to wear that scent
Ever have that? Where something just instantaneously takes you back?
Seanathon Nov 2017
Meet me in between the lines
  Where the voice hums and the mind hides
     Most adamantly
        Away from these
Distract me until this most recent death
   Is dead to me
And hug me still
   Until I'm still
   Until all that’s left is the music and us
   Until, until
My earbuds hums and burst with song
    And shatter my drums
         Because these other songs are too sad for me
Sad to see...so young. RIP.
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