Love is giving when you're not comfortable giving
The difficult part is both the explaining and understanding your own discomfort
Any lover can give when things are perfect
But it takes faith and trust to keep giving
And to truly understand the meaning
Behind the gift

Love is love... SON116

Life is one wave
After the other
And the swells and lulls
In between

Sometimes they hit you, and sometimes there's calm

Like a can
I desire to open myself up
So that someone may taste
And partake in the difference
But none can see
No none can see
At least I believe
In the difference in me

Can Opener

Like a paddle lean
Cut the water with yourself
And dig it deep as I have

That way you may not forget yourself
Within this tidal swirl
The wave of life and the currents underneath

You get nowhere without digging deep.

The amount of work this is going to take
Both inside and out, and out again
To build this way
Is significant

And the sad thing is
I'm not even comfortable enough to say:

"When you're working here
Would you lay these bricks a certain way?
That way I will feel like myself
When they're underfoot
In the days to come"

I struggle just to say such things
For fear of the constructed persons way

But hopefully I truly try.

The ocean is grand
The woods are wild
And my eyes are as shallow as the puddles in the summer's rain

But my words are insufficient
And my words are inadequate
When it comes to expressing such things

The trueness of the heart and how it beats  
The clearness of your words and how they ring
Endlessly in my hollow ears

Because I'll forever place a certain value on them. *nod*

It's getting better
But every time the sun sets
On another age
Another opportunity
My heart sinks
A few inches more
Deeper into my chest

Although there's nothing more to be done
I wish that such things would pass me by
And leave my heart alone at last

Although it's getting better
I wonder what will remain of me
And who I will be
If I survive to see it pass

Certain interactions are not easy to me because of how I utilize language, tone, diction, information, etc.

The truth is not at the bottom of a cup
Nor beneath the Saucer underneath

No words can hold the sacred truth
Just as two cups cannot guarantee
That two minds will ever meet

No, the truth is out there on each table
Waiting for all who would simply sip

The truth that is, the truth is this
That regardless of wherever we may be
The truth is something that simply is

Much like this coffee
Honest with a breath of heat
Or possibly even cold and sweet

Such truth is always percolating
Even if we cannot taste or see
The words of God, resting gently underneath

Hum....what do you think? Wrote it for a specific location. A practice which I like to partake in. Hopefully it doesn't suck. :p

No words will ever say or stay
The chilling storm
The quiet calm
Or the persistent want which cannot be reached

Words can only bridge those gaps
Which wish to be bridged  

Because storms give way to rampant floods
Which wash away the builders hopes
When poorly built

In such instances as these
Words are not always the best way
To build and begin again

Sometimes you need to let it be. To let it wash away. To wait. To be different. For something be it anything.

I want the back of your head
I want the smell of your hair
I dream of it
Or so I've been
Asleep for many years
With arms in shape
But not for me
But to carry the weight
To preserve the strength
To ensure the future of our family
For this desire
For this my soul weeps
And my arm ache
I want you more than I want me

The memory is what gets me.  Be it not mine to keep.
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