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Man Sep 15
Let us not be
A generation of little martlets
Let them hear us
Over the ramparts, we will be triumphant
Man Sep 15
Whittle with my teeth
Shovelheads and pitchforks,
I give toothpicks what for.
Thin ****** in suits
Will get what's coming to them;
When these hardened hands
And sore jaw,
Finally give in
Man Sep 15
Just a dose of nanites
Neural pattern alight
Optic nerve, perfect sight
Lightning strike down my spine
New image, cultured design
Reverberations through my body and mind
Recall undeterred, I feel it all
And at the same time absolutely nothing
The emptiness of perfection, absent flaws
The bore of excellence

To no avail
Man Sep 14
The slave spoke
Knelt beside his master
He choked out words of resistance
The odd things to have persisted
Man, even beaten into submission
Cut my hair, take my hands, even
Slice out my tongue
What have you done?
Weakness, confused as being strong
The right, obscured within the wrong
Man Sep 14
At the end of my sword
Steps, and lurches toward
The plunge of the blade
Piercing skin

Facing the barrel
Crouching, sights narrowed
The sting of lead
Molten hot projectile

Baring the tide
Waves, focused on the mind
The nausea of lobotimization
Frying the insides

Looking to the sky
Machines, with precision strike
The destruction you know
Chucks of shrapnel

The terrors of war
Changing with time
Only grow more vicious,
And become more refined

Our greatest art
Will be the blank canvas
Nuclear annihilation
Has left behind
Man Sep 14
If I stop to reflect on the horrors
They will consume me
I can only learn from them
And keep moving
Man Sep 13
the currents shift to polarity
stars aligned, planets aligned
event horizon, singularity.
vision stretched to infinity
what it means to see me
wihte room, empty spaces
black sea fibonacci
randomized perfection
crystalline & unstratified
limitless, free direction
open palms, third eye
to truly live, and happily die
beneath the ground, above the sky
this union of the soul
to the peace found inside
of the cosmic energy that flows-
eddying currents,
the tides that wash away
the woes of life
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