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Man 2d
a week
turns into a month
into a year
and it's like i never knew you

though that's on me, i suppose?
when never do i receive
a message
a call, a text, letters

this is so very clearly
a one-sided engagement
so why should i waste my time
when you offer nothing but enragement

i realize now
it had always been this way
only older, i have less patience for it
Man 2d
woke up
with the sound
of jet engines
thundering, overhead
streaming the sky
brush strokes on high
of red and black

jumped at
straight back
from the bomb
they dropped
square in my living room

walking away
another day
i'll be back
when dust settles
amidst no attacks
on the sandy soil
of my
Man 3d
you're unaware of your plasticity
but it's plain to see to me
you're an artificial fabrication
of what you think you should be
but the rescue boats are coming
if you'll throw your hand out for an oar
help you'll find
from people like life rafts
who'll drag you to shore
yet you stab at the boat
puncturing it's tender flesh
the water's rising
it's hard denying
you did this yourself
Man 3d
fear them;

for their strength
for their intelligence
for their rationality
and their unwavering pursuit of the truth
fear them

because they know more than you
because, in their strength, they are stronger than you
just like how in their clear headed soberness
they scare you
with simple truths
because of your refusal to acknowledge them

simply put
fear them
because they are repulsed by you
and can figure out how to be rid of you
and will be rid of you
when your usefulness dries
Man 5d
you a pavlov?
or a pavlovee?
what i mean is

what are you
do you know
i don't
i'm very confused
i think that's okay though
no one comes out the womb
knowing themselves
they aren't there yet
they might never be

i hope you get there
Man 6d
women don't know how to love
and neither do men
it's a mean world
it's a cold one
full of children
who've got the bends,
coming up too fast
Man 6d
i met you young
dumb and full of angst
you reached out to hold my hand,
i recoiled back

but it wasn't you

you told me you loved me
i was shocked into disbelief
no, that couldn't be true
i bore the flak

for telling you what i thought i knew

twenty now, a fresh man
i could see how you did
i can see how you can

too bad I didn't know it then
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