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Man 35m
I write these little love notes
really to myself
just cause I can't rant them to you
but still need to rattle them off
for my health
Man 37m
even in the ranks of the angels
there is no status
they could give you
Man 3h
i might be small
i can't tell
one sensitive *******
with nerves shot to hell
stature means a **** thing
when you're up to bat
and can't swing
or even worse
choke and don't
Man 3h
on the outskirts
the very beginning
a torrent rains
like knives from the sky
and every man is a monsoon
and every woman a hurricane
God, the lord
help me
Man 23h
such a wretched feeling as this,
I should wish
for others not to feel,
but it's of no use
wishes fall to mutes
dead tongues and deaf ears,
but hear this,
I wish you were here
Man 1d
call me
run your fingers through my hair
give me signs
you're at least there
Man 1d
and I will submit,
on my knees,
if you want me to be
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