Nov 23 Isaac
what a fleeting thing it is
This thing we call life
yours was so much shorter.
Isaac Nov 17
You and I live on a ball
That runs its race without tiring at all.
It gently spins at a constant pace,
Proudly carrying the human race.
How long will you and I be here?
Forever, till when we disappear.
The future and past now are not.
Our present self is what we have got.
So give your heart and soul into this moment.
It is here for you to play with, so pwn it!
Written 17 November 2018
Isaac Nov 15
You choose the influences that guide your life's steady stream.
Written 16 November 2018
Isaac Nov 15
Today is all you have.
It starts again every day.
This reality the world you are given,
Here for you to play.
You are inside your body,
With this world all around you.
So don't let other bodies
Keep you from living how you want to.
Written 16 November 2018
Isaac Nov 13
Wisdom is a tree of life.
Grab it with both hands.
Ask *** for it every day
Until you understand.
There is always more to see,
And always more to know.
Our joy lies in seeking out
What *** has hid to one day show.
Written 14 November 2018
Isaac Nov 13
Good days come with bad ones.
Time carries many different moments.
What matters is that each person runs
With Jesus. It's what makes the most sense.
Written 14 November 2018
Isaac Nov 13
Growing fuller every day;
Loving life a brand new way.
Written 13 November 2018
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