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Aaron LaLux Sep 20
no rules,
pheromones, coffee & *******, at midnight,
killing common sense, just to feel alive, & live life,
but in my defense, I’m not having kids, I’m not a common guy,

& all that averageness, well I’m not having it,
I’m a picnic, that’s missing some sandwiches,
driving high with one headlight in a Hyundai with bad handling,
one hand out the window with one finger to The Establishment,

had it together Once Upon a Time In Hollywood,
then lost my mind like Brad Pitt, not exactly sure where it went,

got a few screws loose, yet still manage to handle stuff,
plus the fact that my head is too loose is taken advantage of,
by some thoughts inside that’re about to make their escape,
subtracting erratic additives & adding eccentric adjectives up,

wish to stay organized, even had a list in order to prioritize,
but lost the list & forgot whatever it was that was on it...

from THHT3 The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
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When the dust clears and you are near
The air brushes a wind straight through your hair
Sensations I cannot explain, sunshine or rain,
I see you see me call your name
In silence, the desperate call, I wait each night
If the stars align, and Jupiter meets Saturn, then it is the time
The gate will open and you will meet the lover’s nest
The owl awaits and watches the hawk below Venus once the sun sets
Where are you big elephants and fluffy bunnies?
Where are you sly foxies and happy butterflies?
Where are you funny hedgehogs and night owls?
Where are you all?
Where did you go?
I miss you all!!!
Ira Aug 2018
Parched in a tree,
Watching the prey with glee.

Seeing them scurry and run without limitation,
Makes me pounce without hesitation.

I grasp the prey sqirumining,
Hearing the voice of them worming.

I clench my claws over there body,
I pierce it’s hide,
And my talons get ******.

It starts shaking with false life, shaking and shaking,
Until it gives and all the death is for the taking,
All the meat is for the taking.

I parch in a tree to enjoy my feast,
And then see the sun rising in the east.
Hmmm... I just felt like writing it. So here ******.
Devin Ortiz Mar 2018
Dear night mother,
The youngling flew the coop.
Off for wild adventures, he cannot be tamed.
His elder kin spoke of magic,
The intellectual splendor of spells
Gifted yes, but not quite so as her
The painted daughter of darkness,
She colours the world in twilight.
This brings us to dusk, mantle I wear proud.
Eldest of eld, nutured by you mother,
To grow strong, wicked and well.

Those glowing eyes,
The prestege of feathers
Mother owl, bless our endeavours.
Grow old, grow wise

Bless you, oh mother,
And the nocturne skies.
Heavy Hearted Mar 2018
Down swoops lonley owl
Graceful talons search for prey
As field mice scatter

May you land, dear owl,
Where love is a place, learning
the languange of the night.

May you understand
"...the unfinished creation
Of a changing soul."
tripple haiku
Jose H Oct 2017
In the summer nights
The owls see the world
The world, the simple eye can not
In simple eyes
Vision is distorted
Wrinkles of reality
Lines of insanity
All that the simple eye can not
With simple eyes
Reality is within the visionless.
Take it for what it is,  trust what you can't see. What's right in front of you could be a lie
Acina Joy Sep 2017
We build our bridges of starlight
only burnt down by the blazing sun.
But we've just transgressed to night,
where owl wings have come undone.

The rat scuttles past the forest floor,
leaves crunching in their path like the fall,
as some people leave open doors,
when they have no one else to call.

The owl swoops in to take its meal
on four, short weak  legs.
The shadows across her window
shows the two dropping into her bed.

The owl took its meal and ate;
his stomach was now full.
The man had what he wanted to take.
He left a feeling so cold and cruel.

Burning bridges isn't fun
if they can only be seen at night.
They can only be burnt by the sun,
and these were bridges of starlight.
I hope you guys like this poem. It's my first one on this website.
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