When a mans intent becomes one with his craft
He is not the same man so much anymore
Because the actions of a man midst passion is more
Than whatever his mindset had since set before
And his intent all along though it long since has passed
Is still willed into present
When he's one with his craft.
This can be applied to all humans. (:
As an old oak tree
Empties its arms in the fall of Autumn
So I must also empty my heart
In the spring of this youthful you
Knocking me sideways...
Seanathon Apr 17
Handle your words with caution
Your impressions with care
Because words can impress
And compress the impressionable
Like metors on the surface of self
You may never know
The value, the worth
Or the cost of such words
On another persons earth
Though I do believe in tough love. I'm also a follower of honesty and a fan of kindness whenever possible.
Seanathon Apr 16
Walk through my life without me
And see
All that your eyes could partake of
And still
I wouldn't be scared for either of us
My voice speaks louder asteticly
And within resides my will
I lie to myself far too much. Expecting those who get to see the true me will want more of what I have to offer. But it is not so... We are selfish creatures. And I am spoiled beyond compare.
Seanathon Apr 13
Prop upon an elbow
Look beyond a lens
Stare into the memories to be
And pray
Whispering quietly
That soon it will be so
And that it never has to end
True story.
Seanathon Apr 11
Listen to the rivers run
Your mind with far away

Hear the words of another lover and stay
Be it near or far away
From all others

Focus on the one thing that matters
Until all other matter does fade

As you hark, attend, harken and heed
Be careful not to let the kindest voices
Waiver until they fade and let you slip away
From all others
About sound and listening and truly hearing. How valuable is the latter in life, when the words are a last ditch effort to help.
Seanathon Apr 10
New songs
are like lovers
once newly discovered.

When you find them
you'll loop them
and listen unendingly.

Thinking that the newness
they provide
is what perfectly defines
your life as it is.

Yet knowing all along
in the back of your mind
that such feelings wont last
once a few days have past
and the love which you felt
is no more playing back

Yet we loop in our minds
doing no more to define
the true meaning of presence
in another person's life.

Because all feelings will fade
like the end of all days
and Martin Luther was right
when he proclaimed God remains
“Feelings come and feelings go,
And feelings are deceiving;
My warrant is the Word of God--
Naught else is worth believing."
Seanathon Apr 9
What threatens and congests my chest
Is neither feeling nor felt
But frustration at the April snow
At the frozen tendencies of me
Which move so slow
And yet, never for the life of them, seem to melt
Frustrating is this man called me
Sometimes in life any amount of thought is too much thought. Some things are just apparent and therefore apparently needed in order to be done. Only then can you be, not content, but distracted. For the contentment you need faith.
Seanathon Apr 8
Though I do not know
   Where you are at present
       I want you now more than ever before
More than the ink in my pen
   And the quiet corner of my world
       (which I also adore)

   Than any father or mother
       Stranger or friend

Because I want you my other
   More than life itself
       Yes, I want your times itself to spend

On anything and everything
   Our hearts
       Our ears or eyes desire
Because I want you more
   Than even my former self
       In this moment it's you I desire
Desiration | de·sire | dəˈzī(ə)r | noun | 1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
Seanathon Apr 6
When they curse you
And they blame you
When they passively
Or in all other ways
Attempt to shame you
Into fleeing as if
You have nothing to be
And no reason to exist
Or to write such things
As these and this
When they try
And try
And YOU find yourself
Your world
Suddenly spinning
On brand a new axis
It is then
In that moment
Of parry and precaution
That you must decide
How it is best to be
How you currently see
And can share such things
Beneficial to those
Who WILL always stray
When you hoped they'd stay
But as for me and my house
We will ardently seek
And oftenly pray
To show kindness to those
Who cannot
For the truth of them
Or the life of them
Or for the anger they store inside of them
BEGIN to see
The ways in which
That the sacrificial lamb
Has blessed us all
With this
This my friends
Is why I say
Be strong in this
And we'll walk that way
Because of him. I'm always encourage to pray in place of hate. To love in place of disgust and distrust. To protect myself and my family, yes. But to also be an ambassador for goodness and truth in this world. As I will ever be as long as I'm here. *nod*

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