Seanathon Feb 7
Does quality know that it's quality?

Does a thoroughbred know it's a winner?

Do the chance-less still stand, for a chance at all?

Can the redeemed ever not know their redeemer?

Though you cast all your peals before swine, do they care?

Will we think fore we trample our friends?

Can you count all the birds in the bushes as if caged?

Just as man counts the days till the end?
No, no, no and no. Nah, nope, no way and good luck...
Seanathon Feb 6
em>Polish a coin until it shines
A coin it still remains

Scratch the surface, smash the matter on the tracks
And yet the etching still ingrained  

Flattened to the edge of flat
So the world around remains

As a coin which flips is falling fast
With fate less interchanged

No bounce determines forward path
Which wasn't first ordained

Mere steadfast midst matters of the past
For we all in life break change
Just started writing on a whim and the reference made me think of an old acquaintance from a former life. Ember Nickle.
Seanathon Feb 5
em>When you look at the body,
        you can see his work.

And when you investigate your own work,
                you should see his work.

And if you can see nothing else,
                        in the kindness, see worth.

And when you see the next failure,
                                 see him quietly at work.

Because we have no room for ego next to him.
                                         And nothing is small enough to stand beside.
There is only room for one.
Seanathon Feb 5
When day becomes night and night becomes day
And the woods are silent with seeping snow
Heavy on the branches, you'll know
The feeling of hot and cold
And the fever which drains your time away
Which you'll never get back
The old, the cold
Seanathon Feb 5
em>In case you ever wonder
Where the other half of the moon goes (to rest)
It's on my chest
Just to the left
So long as I am under you and your spell
Looking up past the tress.
Seanathon Feb 1
em>A clock is not a muse ... you stare?

A door is not a hallway ... you stretch.

A meaning is not a life ... but temptation.

And a cause is not a just ... personification.

A thought is not a word ... once spoken.

A hope is not a hope ... once shared.

A truth is still a truth ... midst ignorance.

And a muse is of your own mind ... you care?
You can't make yourself see something you're not ready to see. Some perceptions are just too deeply embedded to be rid of all at once. Some things... take time to unravel. Until all that's left is the truth and the understanding of self.

You chose the muse. YOU! No one else. Remember self...

They have no say in YOU and your choice.
Seanathon Feb 1
em>Crosshatched in the sky

The stalling rain

Which cannot decide to be snow or not


In the eyes of me

Just as you'll always remember the last time

The moment before you smile and flee

Into the new storms eye

Good endings don't always metastasise

But water always begins again

And evaporates most every time

You don't have to be more than you've ever been

All you have to do is try
That moment when you see rain turn to snow. Almost mid air... Is ever so slightly magical.
Seanathon Jan 30
em>Welcome change
Embrace its embrace
And you will grow new
In spite of the length
Of your shadowy face

Because long is the short
Of the time in this place
And though changes are made
At a self-perceived pace

We are meant to endure
We are meant to take place
Would you welcome the change?
In all of it's uncomfortable embrace
Wow... Deja Vu - It's like I've written this before
Seanathon Jan 30
Never forget
Though you will
That you are a mountain
Formed by two forces
Meant to last
Slowly moving
Clearly never
Be not content with what they call you. Call to yourself and you will respond.
Seanathon Jan 26
When did our altered
   culture decide
     that WE
       would be happy
         with our little screens
           and little such stillness
             in our lives
Sad really
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