Yearns for the trees
No more than I
A humble man
Yearn for the pride of my prior youth
For one you have begun
You can always begin again
In some respects

Isn’t that write?

Just trying to be clever on a rainy day. LOL.

How deep is a puddle?
Underneath the sky
Atop the earth
And soaking into the dirt beside the rugged asphalt

Created beside the hand of man
How it reaches in
To stir itself into a frenzy

How it seeks to meddle and mend the crooked stream
From its own perspective  
When the preference is not to wind but to align

For this I say
Unto the man
Who holds the line
With his elbows locked an intertwined

That a winding way is not a way
Or a challenge from the immortal hand

It's just a steam of the natural
It's just the earth trying to begin again

Pulling the water back to the sea
To grind the eternal rock to sand


And this is why
Directly beside your creation
The puddles began


I pour it out
Like a bottle of wine upon the ground
I have spent myself therein
And soaked into the bitter grass
Behind the house

Because no expectation can withstand
The truth within
Which is that you can control the consumptive means
To make or break most anything

I pour it out
Because I can

What is any substance on a rainy day.

Though storms may come let songs remain
Despite the cites firm embrace

Take photographs to pass the time
As I do wait and part the glass which separates

The scraping skies and flying wings
Both above and below the shallow sea

Let us walk beside the crashing waves
Just you and I, to smell the air and sense the breeze

That we might once again be free

This verse was burred. Deep in a place I used to write in. Amazingly...I wrote this in passing and without much thinking. Describing a few gray images of a storm and it's city. Looking back on's probably one of my most favorite pieces now. (:

Written 12/07/15

Let the future be your motivation
Your drive to make it down the road
Remain focused, remain persistent
Although the direction therein, you do not know

May no know, yet, to be specific

Have you ever known the most of this?
Or the truth which is
That it pulls a young man by his feet
To the bottom of the sea
When he realizes that
She isn't thinking about you

You will know it when you feel it.

There are certain people who are going places
Who are doing things even when they are standing still
Such people posses a tremendous will
To succeed and grow, to change and know
And then there are others, who are just standing still

We are such people...ever thinking in order to grow and know. (:

For just one day
Could the rain clouds cover the entire earth?
Could the rains wash the weariness of another Monday away?
And connect our hands, our eyes, our hearts?
To tip the glass and spill the words out, quietly
Until all is spoken and soaked in happiness
And the doubts have all been washed away
Into the flooded pasture of memories

For we are such on such a day
But even more so now than ever
That is, if the clouds could cover the entire earth
In which case we could look up and see
That the same old rain falling down upon us, you and me
Smiling as it hit the ground
Until the splashing molding droplets
Are just a memory to be relived

Let the clouds cover and the raindrops flow
To ever be

Rain day!

Have you any idea?
What you do to my eyes?
The wrinkles and lines which you evoke?  
With delicate ease…
You do this to me
And have you any idea?

Let it sit for changes needed. (:

Sitting on a mountain top
On a sliver of rock
As jagged as the pointing edge of the west
Indefinitely, is the earth beneath me
For I do not know how long this will last
But I know that I will sit and wait
For the sunrise of my youth to finally pass
Not because I fear the day that’s been or will be
But because I am smarter than the shadows
Which will not outlast the light

A verse about time. About waiting. About my time.
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