Seanathon Sep 2018
The warmth and roundness of me.
Is only there due to the edges taken off by you.
Stones In A Riverbed - The Christian Life
Seanathon Sep 2018
Before the autumn comes
Before the trees are torn by the harsh winds
And the world is consumed by leafy snow

Before the fires edge and burn out slow
And dark soiled Earth is turned to rust

Before the autumn comes again and then
I will find myself
Once more and last
In the springtime of my youth the pass

For there my fate will not be determined
For all are falling, all are fast

But before the autumn comes again
I will outstretch my strong summer arms
And try and hold the winter back

In the springtime of my youth to pass
In October I do battle and each war is always different. It's no longer about making enemies or friends. It's not about ME or this frail human history. It's about the blessing of being able to try and fail. The freedom to be without restraints for a few days (like when I was a younger guy). That freedom to me means oh-so-much.
Seanathon Sep 2018
Tear the idea limb from limb, until the acorn of truth falls.
And then, rend the earth and begin again.
Until another, and another
And another thought begins.
Growing slowly with every Fall.
Acorns everywhere. So are thoughts. Growing. Let them go.
Seanathon Jun 2018
Setting sun
Waning light
Pull the string on this bursting chest

Jump until it's perfectly timed
And fly
For just a moment in hanging past
True stories - Wish I could write fiction
Shaelyn Jun 2018
your fingertips
grace my skin
like spring breeze
over dandelions
Seanathon Jun 2018
BE, like a quiet wind through the cattails. BREATHE, like a cloud in the minds sky.

SOUND, like a hallway in the grandest library. And TRUST, like parachute lines.

HEAR, like the rustling deer in the bitterroots. HUM, like it's noone you'll find.

SLEEP, like the deep pooling waters of green. And SIGH, as if he were only there in mind.
Or she. If you're like me.
Seanathon May 2018
When the eyes see trees and not possibilities.

A future that is not beyond tomorrow.
A person instead of a lover, or another.

When all of these things, in closing eyes see...

Then ones line of sight is oriented properly.
Meaning - Trees are for more than just use. Tomorrow is more than just another day. Your lover is a person, not your past. And to see the truth in these things is to be in THE moment.
Seanathon May 2018
We spend our academic lives...

-worshiping ours, or
-regurgitating someone else's

When words are meant to be neither of these.
That... And they do mean more at night.
Seanathon Apr 2018
When a mans intent becomes one with his craft
He is not the same man so much anymore
Because the actions of a man midst passion is more
Than whatever his mindset had since set before
And his intent all along though it long since has passed
Is still willed into present
When he's one with his craft.
This can be applied to all humans. (:
Seanathon Apr 2018
As an old oak tree
Empties its arms in the fall of Autumn
So I must also empty my heart
In the springtime of this youthful you
Knocking me sideways...
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