In this world of socialness and social media there can only be one God. And he does not share, comment, like or retweet.


Written a long time ago in a fit of honest rage.


Well... Not really rage. Call it annoyance at how things are.

My ears are open
My eyes are to the sky
God I will try
But help me let this go
If I must

For she is more fair than everything. But she is not mine. No words... Just the sight. That would say it all. If it were possible.

The truth is written there
Clear as day and yet shrouded as the night
Across the sky
That I am the only one who knows
Who I've written about
And why

Because this is me being honest. This is me telling the truth without being either inclusive or exclusive. It simply is the way that it is. And that kind of OK is alright with me. For now at least. :)

The writing is there is you understand my kind if elvish. ;)
Sean Scribbles Apr 15

"Beneath the sky, above the grass un mowed and growing high .

There lives a quiet seamless wind, which whispers words in the back of my mind.

It questions me and my own being, and inquires as to if I am wasting my time.

Searching throughout humanity, for someone so practical and pure of heart, who I never was actually intended to find."

Homest words from an idealist. (:
Sean Scribbles Apr 14

Goodnight father
Goodnight sun
Goodnight detestability of day and enjoyment of all things costly and fun
Goodnight to you
And goodnight to me
Goodnight dear bed frame and thank you for this, your stability
Goodnight my pillow
Goodnight my bed
Goodnight and would you carry me, over the moon and back again?
Goodnight to you, to these honest things, which I may or may not mind first thing in the morning
Goodnight my distant memories
And goodnight to my favorite mystery, to your quiet and kind consistencies
For it’s a good night I offer, honestly
A good night from another
A goodnight from me
Goodnight my father
Goodnight to your son
Goodnight moonlit stars and spinning earth
Though the turning therein has just begun
Goodnight my Lord, goodnight and please, watch over those in need of sleep
Goodnight my God, a good night to you
Good night you have been, good to me
Sean Scribbles Apr 12

Don't think that I'm being brave just for me

Well perhaps initially, it was so

But to see the kind of person I will

And most definitely would like to be

Be it down the road

That will take time in order to see

I'm discovering that when I'm impacted. My subconscious is enamored. Then I start to practice and never stop. Until I become whatever it is I've envision. That's it. That's my song. :p
Sean Scribbles Apr 12

Blessings upon you child of the rain
Who walks so freely beneath the clouds

How your life is filled with a freedom of heart
And a clarity of mind, which is unrivaled by
Even the most ill motivated and questioning eyes

Blessed are you

Because you understand the collective side
And the joy which can be found inside
When all around you is pouring down
And falling out

When so many others are hurrying up and scurrying about
Just to curse the sound
Of the falling rain

It is you alone who are not afraid
Of stepping out, and soaking yourself
Be it skin and bone, one and the same

How you welcome the storm without concern
And dance and sing without reserve
Amidst the downpour of the rain

Like a child who was never taught
Or even told to try and abstain
From such innocent things

For you are alive and always well
Within this, the present moment
Most endlessly and without restraint

How you throw your arms around the sky
Most lovingly each time it cries
To comfort it

To hug the storm without remorse
And to appreciate the summer’s day
For what it is, devoid of heat

Oh childlike, child of the rain

It’s because of you and your carefree ways
That I wish the storm could ever stay

And perhaps one day
That we two could play
Right here alongside, within the rain

Listen in -

Goodness gracious... This verse consumed my life for a few hours. But I really like it. Thanks for commentin and throwing a thumbs up my way whenever possible. You are awesome!!! (:
Sean Scribbles Apr 11

Would you meet me beneath the smiling moon?
Would you put on your favorite tennis shoes
And walk with me?
Not into it, but through the night

Would you drift here with me side by side
Most innocently?
Just to break with me from the daily grind
Of walking along this followers line?

Could we walk in stride for once in time?
And talk about all the things in life
Which supersede the most basic need
The desire to simply run and hide?

Let the goodness of your lovely thoughts
Wash over me and float with ease
Above the trees until the moon is really smiling
And so am I with an effortless ease

If we could meet beneath the smiling moon
Just for tonight
Would you walk with me?

Listen along -

This is probably ,y favorite verse of this month thus far... EASY!

Sean Scribbles Apr 11

After writing like this for many years
As a poet-try
You cannot help but grow a good bit
Like a poet-tree

Hue hue... Very funny.
Sean Scribbles Apr 10

Why would I spend any amount of time?
Trying to sound more like an old man?
When I’ll become one of them soon enough I think
And sound like them
It'll even be easier then because I just "am"

Give me time. Give it time. Give all things time.
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