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23.6k · Mar 2015
Without shadow
Solaces Mar 2015
Without shadow she is..
Because she is the source of this light..
She is the shine, the luster, the last star in my sky..
She is without shadow..
When you find true light
21.2k · Sep 2014
Solaces Sep 2014
If your lies told me truth, then I shall believe them true..
I tried
Solaces Jun 2015
Where the candles illuminate your face..
Where my dreams get the illumination just right..
I see you there for a moment for an eternity..
As my dream candles reflect in your eyes..
You light up my darkness with your luminescent soul..
" My dreams of you are in candle lit light."
19.0k · Nov 2018
I am forgetting about you..
Solaces Nov 2018
I am forgetting about you..
Your smile has gone away..
No longer written on your face for me to see everyday..
Its getting easier for me day to day..

I am forgetting about you..
Saved memories emerge from time to time..
They are full of colors of you and are easy to find..
But are fading away to darkness as if I were blind..

I am forgetting about you..
No more haunting smiles in dreams..
No more deep brown angelic eyes that made my soul scream..
Because I couldn't have you in my arms under the sunbeams..

I am forgetting about you..
That part of me is dying..
That part of me walked under the moonlight and was crying..
But there you were in the clear night sky simply shining..

I wonder if I will forget about you..
I think that part of me will not die..
I think that part of me will stay alive..
Nothing left for me but endless goodbyes..
10.5k · May 2015
The Summer time
Solaces May 2015
The summer time storms..
The summer rain..
The summer with you..
The summer change..

The summer sunlight..
The summer in Texas..
The summer night..
The summer nexus..

The summer dreams..
The summer flowers..
The summer stars..
The summer night showers..

The summer cools..
The summer sighs..
The summer dies..
When fall arrives...
Enjoy your summer...
9.0k · Feb 2014
Blue and brown eyed twins
Solaces Feb 2014
Black dress,  white dress
Twin souls, twin sisters,
hold hands in the october sun..

both different, both the same..
on this day, a frog is caught..
they take it home..

they feed it, they take care of it
butterflies white, butterflies black..
sisters smile to eachother..

brown eyes, blues eyes,
sisters, twins
souls trapped under the october sun..

holding hands
blue and brown eyed twins..
are followed that day under the october sun..

One of them could have run..
but blue could not leave brown..
and thus they are together forever..
Twins, blue and brown eyes..
Solaces Oct 2015
Wisdom in a bottle of lighting. How you marvel at your creation! But after the lightning arcs away then what have you left but quiet thunder..
Don't be consumed with ideas that don't last.. There is much more around you that deserves your light.
Solaces May 2013
I'll walk you through the rain..

Hold your hand in the lightning..

We will clap our hands as the air cools from the passing lightning,
THUNDERCLAP rumble on through..

Come play with me in the puddles brother..

Lets make a bottlecap boat with a sailor ant and watch it float on through the grassy ant lake..

Lets watch the rain moths fly on through after a good storm.. where do they go? into the dreams of the ones who are sleeping now..

Smell the atmoshere, smell the rain.. Watch as the day becomes filled with orange and sad gray..

Sure its muddy, and a bit cold.. and of course we are not wearing shoes.. But we are having an adventure, there is no time for such nonsense.. Only magic u and i create.. together brother, always together..
Solaces May 2018
I could not find you in the woods..
With the moon as my light..
You were lost in seven thoughts..
Lost and out of sight..

Your light steps were fading..
Your stardust too..
Pinch harmonics and shadow voices..
Are coming through..

I see you looking toward the stars..
And then you look toward me..
Your eyes are filled with moonlight..
You shine and leave to the star sea..
7.2k · Nov 2014
The lines in my hands
Solaces Nov 2014
I know the lines in my hands are a constellation in you're worlds sky.
Look to you're sky
Solaces Jul 2015
PIZZA vs. SUSHI Breaking off course:

Arrival set: 1515-2212
Log... On set for 1515-2212 but with a short delay for minor star drive repair..

" Lizor Why did you lie on the log that we needed to do engine repair.. The star drive is at perfect balance!? " Soler have you ever been to the human planet Teres (Earth) .. We have to stop an retrieve something that will send you're sensory buds past Rapatolian Rapture! And what might that be!? First thing is first.. Punch in these Teres numeric values into the wave length.. 830-583-9864! " Thank you for calling Pizza hut how can we help you!? " Yes we would like a large pepperoni pie and a large Extra Italian Sausage pie.." Dine in or delivery? Delivery will be fine.. Please just leave it at this address.. Ok that will be $22.82 It will be ready in 20 minutes.. Replicate 22 Teres American dollars and 82 hard cents and a 10 dollar tip..

"Behold Soler.. This is Teres Pizza.. take a bite! Everytime I am near Teres I stop to get a pie! By Rapatolian this is by far the best sensory my 4 tongues have ever gathered!
"Next time we will try the sushi! No next time we will get 12 pies instead.. I do not think they can make anything to match such rapatolian rapture.. What is sushi anyway!? Who cares! Set course back for home..

Cosmic taste!!!
7.1k · Oct 2018
The light I turned off...
Solaces Oct 2018
Shadows blossom in corners where light is at the center of this room..
I play music I have never heard..

I turn the light off and the shadows become void..  
Into the darkness they mix with eachother..

That is until one of them lights a candle..
The shadows play among the candle light..

The candle light slowly dies away..
It was then a grand shadow brought forth a blazing candle..

The blazing candle lights up creating days across the cosmos..
The shadows call the blazing candle a sun..

The sun burns and burns for almost forever..
Other shadows in corners of the expanse do the same..

They light their own candles creating suns..
They later name the far away suns stars..

The universe has become lit...
Because shadows missed the light I had turned off..
Suns and stars...
7.0k · Aug 2014
Don't blame the stars
Solaces Aug 2014
Don't blame the stars.. they still shine for you, even if they are not there..
Millions of light years
6.7k · Jun 2018
The fallen light rain..
Solaces Jun 2018
It was a boardwalk on the stars it seemed.. On the otherside of the universe.. I got to walk it.. It was raining light here and there.. The air smelled of star jasmine..  I could see your eyes every now and again as a raindrop of light would pass by them..  They were a deep dreamy brown that seem to swirl away all of my worries.. I was in your dream.. Somehow I made it here.. Or maybe you summoned me here..  I wonder what I look like to you in the fallen light rain? Do my eyes shine as bright as yours?
In her dream...
Solaces Jul 2015
I thought of you last night.. While all the stars aligned in our sky.. The beginning has started all over again.. Lets scatter the stars together..
5.7k · May 2015
Smile in the sun 10w
Solaces May 2015
All I ever need is your smile in the sun..
Makes all the bad **** go away..
Solaces Mar 2016
On starlight road.
Blue neon star sign blinks.
On my way out of this world.
Off a cliff and slingshot past the moon.

On the other side of the twilight.
I meet with you.
We walk the bridge of shadows.
Over the river of light.

Tomorrow songs.
Played on yesterday's light strings.
Lyrics of time.
And melodies of dreams.
Beyond this world and the next.
Solaces Aug 2015
The back door.  Green eyes and smelly fur!  The werewolf comes for our kid.   Its time!  White Knight teddy armed with a wooden sword and Judy the red Raccoon and her magical red powers!  Its time to vanquish this nightmare before it even starts!  The werewolf tears down the back door and howls in the darkness.  All we can see is the bright green eyes shining in the blackness.  And there awaits White Knight Teddy and Judy the Red Raccoon!  W.K.T lands a flurry of blows with his awesome unbreakable wooden sword as the werewolf cries in pain!  Judy the Red then emits waves of magical red beams that knock the werewolf out the back door as it screams in fear and scampers back into the woods!

And so W.K.T And Judy the red Raccoon triumph over the would be nightmare that was trying to haunt their kid.  NOT TONIGHT!!!
Stuffed animal guardians ( Note  My BROTHER AND I HAD THESE 2 STUFFED ANIMALS!   My Mom would tell us that they would stand guard all night when we slept and kept evil things away.  This is how I would picture them!
4.5k · Nov 2014
Red Lightning
Solaces Nov 2014
Panic filled in the streets of Sun Rose city.. I remember the traffic jams.. The people running for cover.. It was because we saw the red lightning. At first it was mixed in with just your normal thunder storm.. But then people started to see the red lightning on clear nights.. It was then we knew.. They had dispatched the weapon.. It was already to late for everyone in the city.. The red lightning already burned through our air.. We were breathing in red death.. The Combined Tri-axis Empire retaliated..

We fired back using a weapon that would poison their entire water supply.. None of them would ever have a drink of clean water again.. Our air was being replaced with the red death.. and their water with blue death.. The red death however begin to grow worse and worse.. The small clouds turned into fog killing even the soil itself.. Nothing stood up to it.. No materiel could survive in it.. Then the red hurricanes came.. They left red lifeless dirt in their aftermath.. All oceans burned... The end of our world.. We once called it
Lij-Tm.. We were hoping to one day visit Lir-Te.. But that dream is over..

Lij-Tm ( Mars)
We call it Mars
Solaces Jan 2017
And from the shadows a shadow walked forth.  Slightly less dark than darkness, and leaning toward the light.  A shade, a duskling, a fallen angel, the dim one,  so many different names.. This being was a celestial  neautral, a sort of center and in between darkness and light matter..  His faith is exactly that.   At the center of it all..  The balance keeper..  

Not all is as it seems..  It never is.
From the shadows comes a shadow.
3.6k · Jan 2017
Linking light and darkness
Solaces Jan 2017
Your wishes do happen some where in the universe.
Never think they are wasted.
Waves and links are formed on the other side of the galaxy..
Linking light and darkness in such a way that you see the links in your dreams.
As the wave becomes a part of a nexus it travels forever painting wishes across the universe.
Leaving behind stars in its passing wake.
Thus comes the saying.
" When you wish upon a star."
A wish, a star, a light and a link in the darkness forever
3.4k · Jan 2017
On the lightning bike...
Solaces Jan 2017
On the far side of me was you.  I ride on my lightning bike passed Neptune in route toward home.  Its good to see my solar system.  I have been all over the galaxy.  Seen wonders no one has ever seen.  And yet none are as wonderous as you smiling at me for but a moment.  I cannot have you nor will I steal you away.  All I want is your smile. Just to see it.  Then I will ride off for the 2nd universe.  On my lightning bike made of star glass.  To see if I can find a wonder that is more wonderous than you.  I smile at the thought of me coming back again. Just to view your smile.  Because I know that even in the 2nd universe there is nothing more beautiful than you.
And there she is.
Solaces Apr 2015
In the summer we mixed glow stick liquid in bubble solution and had glow in the dark bubbles..  it was mesmerizing..  

As I watched the colors float all around me I begin to remember dreams I had not to long ago..

In the dream they were not bubbles floating.. They were glowing jellyfish that would flutter to the stars.. they were so ghostly and beautiful..

A strange yet welcomed deja vu filled my soul..  Its as if my dreams told me that this night would one day come.. a color filled night where the bubbles that glow bring me back all my dream memories..
Deja vu
3.1k · Dec 2014
Echo of light
Solaces Dec 2014
The resonating light left over was your last stance against the darkness..
You shine forth even after you are gone..
You halted the advance of such darkness..
A stalemate of shadow and light..
I am here because of your beacon..
As it calls out to me to finally push back this darkness..
This is you're echo of light::
a final stance, or perhaps still fighting on..
Solaces Jan 2017
I have finally brought back the blue skies and old sun to this Planet covered in a veil of sad eternal gray.  I have defeated an unknown enemy not of this world.  I have gained its power and soul.   As I transform into my dragon form I notice that my scales are made of sapphire blue light.   I take flight into the blue skies and farther beyond that.  I keep going higher and higher until there is no sound, until there is no blue, until I see the stars all around me!  
     I then see the old sun.  I am with the stars!  I begin to go faster and faster until the planet behind becomes a pale blue dot.  I am in the beyond.. My wings are made of golden light mixed in with dancing blue lightning.  I am a Star Dragon!  I can fly the light waves..  I can feel the suns feeding me power beyond.   It is endless!  It is eternal! It is so beautiful!
On first flight through the stars, Secalos finds a beyond that will never end!
3.0k · Aug 2014
voodoo smoke
Solaces Aug 2014
Haze.. come on down to the slow storm in my head.. come on down to the black sunny day.. voodoo smoke fills my lungs.. absorbing of her soul.. Through airways I consume her.. I lose my way back.. shadows made of light chase me through the haze.. blackness here is beauty that I cannot seem to hold on to.. The day is passed.. The night is wishing for me to stay.. so much blood is falling.. slow storm finally clears in my head.. A sky there was.. voodoo smoke cloud sky... goodbye haze....
The otherside of her
2.9k · Dec 2014
Sweet Tarts
Solaces Dec 2014
This red dot i see is what chaos starts as..
Once chaos has flowed out it becomes infared..
The begininng of a galaxy that i can hold in my hands!

The copper coin was the center of a dance..
Watch abe get up and do the charleston dance..
Put the coin to my ear and hear the music and dance..

Up and away.
Toward and a step back..
Leave my body and come back..

Freaking out i go to the bathroom.
Sit on the crapper and do a loop..
Leave my body and enter back on through the back of my skull im awake!

Rainbow highway to oblivion..
colorless flowers laugh at me..
I pluck them from the ground and say " whos laughing now..

tripping on acid.. not me.. these are the stories of others.. I simply combined their highs! lol!
2.9k · Sep 2015
Hello underground
Solaces Sep 2015
Hello underground.  Hello to all of your shadows.  I meet with the dimming light here at midnight.   Hello small cracks in the wall.  I peak through at you.  See what is really true.  Hello dust devils.  Silence swept you away. My recollections are all I have to say.  Hello leftovers.  Time to eat my yesterdays. And start cooking what tomorrows say.  Hello milky skin. Pale as moon and taste like love.  Its what has always been all of the above. Hello underground.  Goodbye to all of your shadows.  I leave the dimming light at noon.  Just a visit is all it was and ill be back soon.
Look but don't touch..
2.9k · Aug 2014
The windmills were silent
Solaces Aug 2014
When I got dropped off the first thing I noticed was the floating islands passing on by.. 
They all had this blue windmill that would spin with a beautiful light at its center..
The windmills were soundless..
They did not whisper a noise at all..
I then turned around and noticed I was on a floating island myself..
I then looked over the edge  of this sky island and saw the clouds below..
I wanted to see what was under them..
My sky island seem to read my mind and took me below the clouds..
There were millions upon millions of people everywhere..
They were running after all the sky islands with their hands to the sky..
They were all screaming out " TAKE ME"!!
Take to the skies in the near end..
2.8k · Jul 2016
When I heard the wind chimes
Solaces Jul 2016
The storm is moving in on the horizon.
Its been a very long time since we had a storm out here..
The winds where picking up and all of my windchimes rang..
When I heard the wind chimes it flashed all before me.  
On where I was the night before and many nights before that..
Chimes and vibrations where the first to greet me..
Followed by lights directly shined into my eyes..
I could now remember sleeping with my eyes open..
Everything around me was made of a shiny lustrous metal.
Shadows would pass over my eyes from time to time.
To my horror I then realised what was going on..
They were studying what I was.
Looking inside me to see what makes me alive.
They spoke to eachother in strange clicks and hisses..
As they returned me home, my windchimes started to sing..
I awoke in my bed..
Was this just a bad dream?
They come from above and look inside..
2.7k · Feb 2017
Do you remember anything?
Solaces Feb 2017
Do you remember anything?  
" I told them I didn't, But I remember it all.  It was darkness..  A sort of darkness that for a moment I thought no light could shine in it..  I was numb all over.  At first I thought I was dead.  I started to ask myself, (Is this what its like to be dead) but then slowly the feeling would creep back into my limbs..  I then heard three different sets of voices.  They scared me to no end because what ever they were they seem to be communicating with eachother. Their voices sounded like hisses mixed in with strange deep tones from an *****. Thats the best I can explain.   I started to feel pressure in my hands and feet.  Then in my chest and stomach..  After that I felt cold and hot, then hot then cold..  Next was the crawling feeling all over my body..  It felt like large cockroaches were running all over my body.  Then came the sounds. From my left side then my right.  Then both sides, and then all around me..  I knew I was being tested on by something..  The last thing I saw was a door of light. It hurt my eyes so bad.. I then saw three silhouettes standing in the light.. After that I awoke here in the woods.. It seem like it was a dream.. But my soreness in my body told me it wasn't!
Vialarkeris:  Data Human Lifeform"""Project Helix heal""""
Male human :  W.B.C. EXTRACTION..
Our planet is being ravaged by an acute viral nasopharyngitis.. We have no way to stop it.  Millions have died. No cure can be found.. That is until today. History has been made in the most wonderful way possible.. We infected a male human lifeform with the virus and found that his body (although super feeble) was able to fight of the infection. It took a matter of only 2 days for his body to fully purge out the virus.. We were able to narrow down a cell within the human known as a white blood cell (W.B.C.) which could counter the virus and purge it out of the body. Although feeble the humans have a much better immune system than we do.  The human was returned near his home and saw it all as a dream.  Little did he know that he saved an entire advanced civilization with just a veil of his blood..
Bigger picture..
2.7k · Aug 2014
garlic, pepper, and coke
Solaces Aug 2014
What will it be today?"  
" I'll have some garlic, pepper and coke. "
" will that be all?"

Log:  Ship Orinas last:

I made a short stop on planet earth.  I am back in route toward home.  Of course it's not every day one gets to stop and have the best spices and drink in the galaxy.
Must taste good else where.
2.6k · May 2015
A kiss on the forehead..
Solaces May 2015
A kiss on the forehead..
For memory, for you..
I'll always be back...
I was never gone, nor will I ever will be..
Solaces Sep 2014
The setting sun colored the green grass gold with farewell kisses of glow.. A final thought of the day was that the glow would soon fade welcoming the silver moonlight.. I have seen this time and time again.. The sun and moon still see me. They know of my ghostly presence. 

The moon whispers it's silver rays onto the green white grass.. Fireflies swirl around my ghostly body.. They are the lanterns of my soul.. I await the sunrise in this vortex of organic light..
Ghost under the moon and sun
2.5k · May 2015
The HaRvEsT
Solaces May 2015

came from strange places...


voices and echoes)))))))))))))))))))))))))


my ears search for a solace of something familiar...


he yelled "please stop!!!!!" and begged for his life..


my heart raced and i could hear its familiar beat..


i tried not to breathe or make a sound..


and then the silence came...


and then a door of light appeared as three figures walked on out..
Let the harvest begin?  Its been going on for ages..
Solaces Sep 2015
There are things unseen that keep this world living.. Things that go without notice.. Things that we make sure go unnoticed.. So the everyday things you see as everyday things simply are not that at all.. Everyday messengers and receivers are at a constant movement of life giving moments.. The bird you saw fly by, The cat that leaves and never returns, The butterflies that migrate south, And the ghost that sometimes haunt the living.. But when the path is interrupted the unknown ramifications occur.. The disasters, the catastrophes, the plagues, can all be prevented.. On this day two children, two brothers, will set forth a path that is unknown to them.. On a plastic bottle cap they put one large red ant on board.. They float it down the creek and watch in awe at the sailor ant they have set in motion.. This ant has a very small package to deliver.. Across a world to him, at the end of the river to us.. This ant will deliver a small speck of light.. The first star in an infinite darkness..
The flow must continue.
Solaces May 2015
I can always tell when I am on a different planet..  At times much of the surface looks the same as others...  But its when the stars come out at night..  Misplaced and rearranged they seem.. The stars of someone else's sky reminds me that I am never in the same place.. The constellations all have their stories..  I call it the book of stars.. As it is never ending to all the different eyes that behold them somewhere in time elsewhere...   This star page tells me I am on Earth tonight.. Orion is the first to greet me..  I must continue on..
The stars can tell you everything...
Solaces Apr 2016
She could talk a shadow back into the light..
With just the simple shine of her words....
Her words glow in the darkness.
Solaces Aug 2014
dark corners in the carnival..
what goes on there?
i want to play too..
i want a little darkness..
i want to feel inside..
the reds shine and glow..
some blues also..
neon wrist bands..
in they dark corners..
how they float in the blackness..
s      i      n
2.2k · Apr 2017
Solaces Apr 2017
Sunset blooms twilight glooms.. Toward the moon and back I'll be back soon.. Darling I know you look at me, From an empty shadows dream.  But I have found where light is born. I saw where songs come from.  I have to leave.  I have all these emotions to weave.  I never really really believed. Nor did I want to really see.  But you became my educator.  And turned me into a revelator.  I feel beautiful inside.  And these new feelings of belief cannot be denied.
I see now.
2.2k · Aug 2014
children called shadows..
Solaces Aug 2014
It was the first darkness who saw it first.. The whirlwind, the tornado, the vortex of shine.. small at first.. But no matter the size it sent darkness running in all directions.. only to see from afar and fear the glow.. darkness learned to hide behind solids.. creating children called shadows.. The light shines on as the darklings hide from it..
The first shadows of darkness, no matter how fast light travels it is greeted by darkness that has gotten there first..
Solaces May 2014
When I got dropped off the first thing I noticed was the floating islands passing on by..
They all had this blue windmill that would spin with a beautiful light at its center..
The windmills were soundless..
They did not wisper a noise at all..
I then turned around and noticed I was on a floating island myself..
I then looked over the edge  of this sky island and saw the clouds below..
I wanted to see what was under them..
My sky island seem to read my mind and took me below the clouds..
There were millions upon millions of people everywhere..
They were running after all the sky islands with their hands to the sky..
They were all screaming out " TAKE ME"!!
2.0k · May 2017
Painted black windows...
Solaces May 2017
Painted black windows...
The sun pushed some light into my window one day after I had painted them all black. Turns out I had missed just a small speak of glass and the sun came in like a beam of light and shined at the center of the my dark room.  I put my hand into the light.  It was so beautiful. Just a simple beam of light shining on my hand in a dark room.  Made me feel good inside.  This small beam of light made me smile alone in the darkness.  I don't know why. But it did. You see I wanted a room where no light came in. I wanted it dark, I wanted it cold.  But my simple mistake let in some light.  It was cosmic, it was dreamlike, I had created something that made my soul smile creating a memory that I will never forget. Sometimes just the simple little things can make you smile forever.
2.0k · Nov 2015
Endless blue blazing..
Solaces Nov 2015
blue flash..
blue sun bolts of the sky..
the lightning feels me cry..

teardrops fall..
from storms of my emotions..
lightning fills this sky like an electric ocean..

lightning has made me forget the stars..
dancing and chasing..
endless blue blazing..
For the moment I forgot about the stars.
Solaces May 2015
It was by far the most sophisticated machine ever built..  The breakthrough came to him while he was composing a star among the starless Saren system..  Two of them he built..  For each other for all of us..  And now after millions of years.. They have grown into a race all their own...  They call themselves humans..  And there is now enough of them to sustain us all.. A once dying race we were..  Now we must absorb them.. The time is now..
Built for their survival..
Solaces Dec 2015
Star sapphire blue was filling in the star shell of my Lightcycle.  I rode past the Binary suns of the Tri-axis Solar system.   In between the two suns I saw a small sapphire speak of light.  I rode toward the sapphire glow and saw it to be a massive dragon.  Its wings were shining star fire.   It was gathering energy from both the suns.  It was in a sleep state among the stars and sister suns.  As I got closer my Lightcycle begin to fill in with the memories of the dragon itself.  It was a beautiful beast!  But this dragon was 2 beings in one.  It seems at one point that this dragon is actually a person of some strange magic and lore.  It was on its way to a light calling it on the other side of the Galaxy.  The dragon then opens its eyes.  Fully charged from the sister suns the dragon looks to me.  It turns out it will take close to a month for the dragon to reach the other side of the galaxy.  With the power of my Lightcycle I could get him there in a day.  And so I escort the dragon to the other side of this galaxy.  I carry him along my emotion thought stream.  We arrive to a planet covered in darkness.  The dragon then turns to me with shining blue eyes.  He gives to me a harp with strings made of light.    It reads "  The melody of the star serpent Secalos."   To summon in thy darkest hour."   The dragon then entered the dark atmosphere to begin its long battle.  I rode back into the expanse of never ending dreams..
The melody of the star serpent.
Solaces Dec 2018
Four shadows, 10 minutes past midnight..
Bound to me..
Walk with me..
Under the wonder lust of the moon light..

Four shadows, 20 minutes past midnight..
Shape of me..
Changed with me..
Under the glowing warmless street lights..

Four shadows, 30 minutes past midnight..
Lost shade..
Gained life..
Under the dark blanket of dusk lights..

Four shadows, 40 minutes past midnight..
Ran with me..
Stayed with me..
Under the jealous stars outshined by moon light..

Four shadows, 50 minutes past midnight..
Head back home with me..
Tired and alive..
Breathing in the night as I breathed in the cool air..

Four shadows, after midnight..
Returned back home with me..
They wait for their time under all that is lit at night..
For me to walk and run with them and continue to live..
For about 9 weeks now I have been exercising and treating my body with better foods..  I have lost 20 lbs! The other night as I was running under the moon I took notice how much my body has changed. All of my shadows were thinner now! Lol it was pretty cool to see how much change they went through also. Under certain streetlight angles my body would cast 4 shadows.. The only time I have to work out is late at night..
1.8k · Nov 2013
The dreamcatchers were full
Solaces Nov 2013
The dreamcatchers were full..
I finally opened them..
I let the dreams run wild..
And share them with you..
my dreams on to you
Solaces Aug 2014
Behind her all the stars fell.. 
the sky was full of wishes..
but all i wanted was her..
everyone one else can have the wishes..
She shines brighter
1.7k · Jan 2014
Carnival in the woods
Solaces Jan 2014
Old dirt road.. With grass growing on it..
Leads to the carnival in the woods..
Hidden fun.. Under the trees..
No lines for the rides.. and you don't have to pay a fee..
It comes to life when I enter its grounds..
Hidden in my mind, my dreams of night, and memories of day..
Hidden for me only..
Or whom ever I may want to take with me..
It never leaves..
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