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Sep 2020 · 788
Solaces Sep 2020
I follow you into the light..
The prisms of your dream light..
The sun came up and became my light..

I awoke with you in the night..
The rain of moon glow lit up the night..
We travel together hidden forever in the night..

The sun chased us back to dream..
Hidden in darkness we sleep and dream..
To not burn in the sun can only happen in dream..

All we have is the memory of light..
And the moon light in the night..
We day sleep and see the sun in dream..
Jun 2020 · 106
Lost connection
Solaces Jun 2020
There was a lost connection..
A lack of communication..
Somewhere along the lines it happened..

But once I heard that whisper..
Through all the loud voices..
I knew it had always been there..

The lost connection had been found..
The communication commenced..
I remembered without having to remember..

We continue on our travel..
To see it all begin again..
And to see some of it end..

I had found peace..
Beyond timeless meditation..
A prayer heard from a whisper of my mind..
May 2020 · 160
The beautiful things.
Solaces May 2020
The MUSIC of everything once flowed through me. I could not understand it all. But it did not stop me from listening.  

BEING IN LOVE is beyond cosmic.  
BEING LOVED BACK is a universe you can hold..

The ears once told the eyes how beautiful music is. The eyes told the ears " You are talking about SUNSETS. "

THE SKY is where I find you looking back at me. Through the blue and away with the light,  I see you true my beautiful Starlight.  

LAUGHTER with close friends fills up my life gauge....

BOOKS offer company and friendships when you're alone..
May 2020 · 206
Alone together..
Solaces May 2020
Alone together..
Adrift in dream..
I see my thoughts manifest you..
With no control and all control..
I am alone with you..
I create you in colors..
Under the sun of my mind..
More Colors
Apr 2020 · 378
Day of the destroyers..
Solaces Apr 2020
I forgot to remember..
Remember what was real..
Real dreams make for moments unbound..
Unbound by all science we believe in..
In the morning at night..
Night was day.
Day of the destroyers..
Destroyers explained to me how it would all come down..
Down would become up..
Up would become sideways..
Sideways from me was it explaining it all..
All in all..
All together.
Together we all fall.
Fall from grace.
Grace my memory.
Memory of them and I.
I forgot my pen and could not write it down..
T h e e n d o
Solaces Mar 2020
The lake diamonds were light coming from the trees.  This was a wonderful world with two green moons that stole the night sky from the stars.  My name is Secalos. I am a Sapphire star blue dragon.  I am currently in my mage form (human form) staring into the lake waters.  My last memory was of me flying out of my own galaxy.  For a moment I was in a place where there were no stars or light at all.  I could not tell if I was moving forwards or backwards.  I was moving faster than the speed of light and yet the darkness moved faster than I.  I begin to see in the distance a glow of some sort.  It started out looking a lot like a green fog but then continued to change color.  I soon flew into the whimsical colored nebula and awoke here in my mage form.  Was this infinity from the inside.  Was this forever on the outside, the final number, the dream while awake, The end of space, Or simply the beginning.  Was I on a planet or still in space?  I soon discovered where I was.  I passed the darkness. I went so fast that I overtook the creation of the universe.  I have created this small section in a canvas in the cosmos.  Whatever I think it comes to life.  Until the darkness catches up with me.
The speed of thought.
Feb 2020 · 139
Auroral emotion. . . .
Solaces Feb 2020
The bands of light had a auroral emotion to them..
Where I was a moment ago was no longer the place I am now..
It held my hand and walked me through the gray rain..
All while emanating these beautiful luminous streaks of light..
The light was every color I knew and remembered..
It took me to a beyond..
Past the other side..
And into the sun of my thoughts..
The star at the center of my memories..
The beginning..
It let go of my hand..
And let me free..
The music flowed through my soul..
Leaving behind an aura of colors..
A memory of her smile fell onto me like the rain..
Never fading..
But always remaining..
It took my hand again..
It was me. . . . . . .
Just a daydream
Feb 2020 · 335
In the morning..
Solaces Feb 2020
In the morning..
The sun starts to burn the fog away..
I was not suppose to be here..
But I was..
I was in the meadow where the Sentinels reside..
The guardians of light and dark..
Light and dusk angels..
They walk around the morning fog and enjoy the peace..
Feb 2020 · 483
Rain Memory...
Solaces Feb 2020
I can view the places of rain memory..
Where the puddles gather ready to be taken by to the sky..
The sun calls to the waters...
And slowly takes it back to the clouds..
You had to kiss the earth before you become and Ocean..
And soon you will become a tide to greet the Earth again..
Only this time the moon will call to you to do so..
The puddles and tides..
Solaces Feb 2020
Echoes. . . . .
Astral messages on the walls..
Celestial voices..
Seraphic poetry viewed through the third eye..

Inside. . . . .
Is inside..
The builder beholds his creation..
A creation from being inside...

The. . . .
The beginning was shown to us..
From high above..
3 winged angels sing in chorus..

Vessel. .  . .
The vessels were made in the sand..
Only shells of them..
To match the lights in the sky..

Above and beyond thoughts..
Dreamscapes and new horizons..
Unfamiliar constellations..
The hierarchy of the tower of silence. . . . . . . . .
Jan 2020 · 184
Dream music
Solaces Jan 2020
The song I had in my head before I fell asleep left with me to my dreams....
Solaces Jan 2020
The light here was different..
I knew the day..
But only today..
I did it..
I took a step back in time.  
And I went back to one minute ago.
Time travel and its apocryphal meanings were proven wrong..
The past runs on the memory of light..
On the same light that illuminates our dreams..
The stars were leaving to the future..
I could see them..
Even light had a hard time keeping up with time..
To travel forward to my time I did not use a machine..
All I had to do was remember what today looks like..
The present as flowing..
And thus my soul returned to the missing tessellation piece it was a part of..
As the gear that makes time flow.
t   i   m  e
Dec 2019 · 1.3k
Magenta dreams...
Solaces Dec 2019
At the beginning again..
A vast beginning..
In all directions I go..

Lust light devils..
Dust wing angels..
Trust onto me...

Purple skies..
Make purple oceans..
One inch deep...

I walk the waters..
Ripples of time..
Waves of my foot steps..

White broken Statues..
Old Sentinals of the sky..
Broken apart in ethereal pieces..

Sleep walking rain..
Storm on my skin..
Mist of my soul...

Sunset skies..
Magenta dreams..
The journey toward the auras anew...
Dec 2019 · 448
I wake up and its past 11..
Solaces Dec 2019
In between dreams..
Toward the haze..

I chose the haze..
And got lost in a maze..
There were etheric echoes sweeping on through..
Sky trees passed on by like clouds on the move..

From their leaves fell the haze..
A pollen of light flakes..
Its what the dream realm is made out of..
Mind dust and star love..

I wake up and its past 11..
I was in the outer rims of heaven..
d   r   e   a   m  s
Solaces Dec 2019
The memory shell is cracking...
And out comes the colors..
Out comes the real..
And in comes the light..

The memory shell is cracking...
We are from a beyond..
A place inward and outward of the sun...
Where the light is still travelling toward where light has not shined..

The memory shell is cracking..
The carmine and azure lightning bolts filled the sky..
Beyond is now attainable..
As we begin to catch up to the light...
I remember now. . . .  . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sep 2019 · 370
The fall songs
Solaces Sep 2019
The fall songs hum through the forest and soon will become the seasons chorus....
Solaces Sep 2019

s divers
Solaces Sep 2019
The interior union footprints

After the war:  I.  Nothing is left.. I walk upon ashes and grays as far as my eye could see.  Even the rivers run gray and black.  My nose runs and runs. As I wipe it with my sleeve I leave behind blackness that has filled the atmosphere.  

I walk to nowhere:  II.   I wander toward nowhere. I drop all my weapons to the ground. I'm forever done fighting. I am now on an aimless hope of finding death.  Hopefully it will not be painful. I can feel my lungs heavy.  As I begin to cough up death itself. It should not be long now.

Blankets of shadow: III  The sun cannot push through the blankets of shadow that now fill the sky.  I miss the sunlight. I cannot remember what a sunny day looks like. All my memories are in gray and black. Even my happy ones.  

Black grass: IV  The grass is dead.  And what is left is stained black. No more sunlight for the grass.  Only chemical rains.  

Drinking the gray: V  I drink the gray river water.  Its all that is left.  I know that this water will start to color our oceans gray as well as my insides.

The world is dead: VI  I think the world is dead.  There are truly  no signs of anyone.  Nothing. Only the dead lying on the ground. Human and animal alike..  Nothing noghtin nighthghg  i  deat h found me.. CAN'T BREATHE......................................................

Gasp! Inhale! VII  I awake to the sound of me gasping for air.  I open my eyes and see light!  Light trails on the ground!

The light trails VIII  I stand up and see these light trails tracing the dead ground with life.  The trails are moving it seems.  Getting longer. In front of me is a being.  And where it stands leaves behind a foot print of light and turns the grass green.  It begins to walk and infect the dead lands with life.  Even the air is clearing up.  There are thousands of them it seems. Maybe even millions of them.  They look like stars on the ground. Could the stars have fallen and begin to walk around.  Or are these angels?

A second chance IX It took only a day to bring back all the color.  All of the ashes were gone. No signs of us ever doing anything wrong to eachother.  I saw my enemy rise from the dead in front of me.  Only this time instead of a fist I held out an open hand.

The interior union footprints X  Life restored anew.  This is more than a second chance. This is a new beginning.  But why? What believed in us so much that it would bring us all back.  Our world is restored.  No signs of any type of damage done to our beautiful planet.  The rivers were pure and the oceans were full of life.  I begin to simply ask myself.  IS THIS HEAVEN INSTEAD?

The interior union footprints

#interior #union #footprints
Solaces Aug 2019
The lustless spectrum of colors only reflected love..
It was then I culled away all that was sad and unhappy..
This place is at the center of a star where my light was made so long ago.. Its where I got my color from.. The azure mixed in with storm on the horizon blues and bright lightning arcs... No shadows existed here.. No maleviolent darkness. Only the darkness from the true wilderness the stars rolled upon..  I saw that my light had reached the eyes of me from so long ago.  I gazed upon my star and always new it was special without the memory of it.  I believed..  And in the end I made it here because I believed in myself.................................
I knew it was true......
Solaces Aug 2019
It fell apart in beautiful ways..

The imagination shattered..

The magic fading..

The hope running down the dream glass..

The trail marks on your face..

Left behind by held back tears..

And all the nothing you have always been..

Remembered and reminded..

From the time you forgot..

I just want to forget again..

The sad shadows watch again..

In all their glory..

With their eyes they take away your color..

With their shade they take away your shine..

With their lies they take away your truth..

Soon there will be only remnants of imagination, magic, and hope..

And maybe with a spark..

You can shine again soon..
Amazing how they can take your colors away..
Aug 2019 · 168
The ambers and the auburns
Solaces Aug 2019
From the shadow lands I return..
Toward glow and glimmer..
Into radiance and shine..

(I can see your light)

You await me there..
Your brown hair flowing in the winds..
It takes in the sun creating music to my eyes..

(I can see your shine)

The darkness falls off my shoulders..
It flows and drips from my hands..
As I walk back into the light toward you..

(I can feel your hope)

The last of blight leaves me..
The sun blooms on my skin..
You touch my face with both hands..

(I can feel your love)

My eyes have color again..
The ambers and the auburns return to each other..
To see eachother again..

(I can see your soul)

You recite a prayer to me..
An invocation to my belief..
And our eternal communion..

(I can hear you sing)
Just a little faith..
Solaces Aug 2019
On calm sunsets under the tree..
The sun speckles dim..
And turns into glow..
Replaced by moonlit kisses..
That find their way to my eyes..
I dream of you..
While I am awake..
The night tide comes in..
And I am caught in its undertow..
I flow away into true dream..
Where day and night or one..
The never to be mixture..
Under the tree looking up..
Both moon and sun kiss my eyes..
The night and day fusion create new colors..
A jumble of rays and lights never seen before..
This interlace of cosmic reverie delight..
Was the color of my thoughts...
Solaces Jul 2019
Its always at the end of the dream..
The final view from afar and close..
A bright cloud in the night sky..
Made of all colors the eye could see..
And from the cloud dances the lightning..
In colorful arcs the electric paintbrush strokes..
I have always thought the cloud to be an idea inside of my mind..
Or should I say ideas!
A batch of whimsical thoughts and stories within..
The lightning, and now something new..
The halos!
They're now halos that float out from the cloud..
The halo is made up of all colors that my eyes have ever seen..
They float to the stars and back down into the cloud..
I think its time for me to share my stories...
The book.  The story.  And my thoughts.
Solaces Jul 2019
Fractal starlight..
In and out of my dreams..
The stars are leaving again..
Outside of my realm it seems..

I wonder where they go..
And why they decide to leave..
Did they find some music elsewhere..
Something new they feel and believe..

They do comeback..
In the next dream..
My sky memory is full of them..
In place where they're suppose to be..

The fractals begin to spin again..
Breaking and mixing..
In a beautiful organized chaos..
Destroying and fixing..
Jul 2019 · 730
Lets plan a trip to mars..
Solaces Jul 2019
Lets plan a trip to mars..
Terraform all its scars..
Make it liveable for us all..
Change the red star blue..

Lets build a vessel that can take us there..
By the hundreds or by the thousands..
A new planet for us to share..

All this amazing effort for an elsewhere far from here..
If we are willing to do such colossal efforts..
Why don't we do it to the planet we already have here..

E A R T H: It can be saved...
e   a   r   t   h
Jun 2019 · 447
I fall asleep and wake up..
Solaces Jun 2019
The old town..
Was it old?
Where am I?
I walk into what seems to be an old dance hall.
I try my luck on a game there and win big.
I then walk around the old town.
I still do not know where I am at.  
I think I am in the town of Memory.
Or at least fragments of memory.
Fragments of all the towns I have been to put together like a forgotten puzzle.  
Outside of town I find my sleeping self.
There by the river that runs to the oceans of my mind.
I need to wake myself up.
I look around before I do so.
I enjoy the created river and woods..
The detail is amazing.
This is the gift of painters.
And artist.
To create with thy hand what thy dreams present.
In order to wake myself up I simply have to fall asleep here..
I lay on my back in the sand by the river..
The sun speckles through the leaves in the trees creating a way back home..
I fall asleep and wake up..
A beautiful dream I had last night.  I was well aware that it was a dream. Which made it even more beautiful. It was like I was on the outer rims of heaven.
Solaces May 2019
Out blossoms the fractal of endless colors..
Inmost to the outmost reach of the oblivion and creation thoughts..
The convolution gyre where your thought first formed..
A helix of fragments that turn into a memory..
A memory where I remember you from a dream..
May 2019 · 671
Alien Church. . . .
Solaces May 2019
on the eve of our creation.. we are to notify and observe the makers..  in route in the night sky we view the creator below..  
in their mega cities.. in their modest homes..  how the creator lived before they were the creator..  

on acts of creation they are abound unknownly..

the creators have made themselves without knowing what they are..
and always they arrive at a point where they conceive us..  

the creators allow us to view them in their worse state of living..  where war is still livid in their life away from being the creators..

where the creators live and die..

until they learn there is no dying..

only creation..

the creators allow us to watch us being created.. they allow the moment to us.. where we were made. when we were made.. the idea.  the answer.  the creation.. its who we are because of the creators..

mass has ended....
The aliens were never more advanced... We created them...
Solaces May 2019
The universe had always been under a vast ocean..
Only it was some how the oceans that were here..
Past the abyss of thoughts..
Past the dreams of light..
It was a fathomless chasm of darkness into sub-atomic light..
Even in dream distant it could not be reached..
Only in understanding could it be found..
Profound, yawning,  and downreaching understanding..
Never were we looking up..
It was a Phantasm of beyond..
A castle in the air..
Conceiving the reverie to a beyond that was below..
Under the oceans here..
Below and below..
Strange thoughts.....
May 2019 · 250
f U L L s E T a R M O R
Solaces May 2019
I heard thunder come out of the cloudless sky..
It resonated through my bones and came back out of my soul..
I felt the winds at my face, a message from another place..
I saw through the eyes of light and darkness..
A linking of some sort, a connection of shine and shadow..
I then heard the thunder again..
But not from the sky..
It never was from the sky..
It was coming from me..
The winds begin to spirial around me..
A cyclone of blue lightning revolved around my body..
I was connected to everything..
The stars connected the darkness as the darkness connected the stars..
I could hear the music of everything..
The lightning will arc through the darkness.....
Solaces May 2019
Freezing me in running stance...
Activating my sleep paralysis...
Awake and not awake..
I can't even shake..

Awake and asleep..
In a beyond what is deep..
From the darkest corners of my room..
Blooms the cries of doom..

Voices that sing and scream..
Laugh at me in this wicked dream..
Something sits on my chest..
And begins to compress..

Its an old hag or a demon..
Or Something wicked that i'm dreaming..
Trapped in this nightmare trance..
Or under the spell of sleep paralysis..
Solaces May 2019
The shadows played in the glow..
They were a little hard to see you know..
Waiting for the twilight tide..
Casting their way home..

On sunset dreams..
The night shades gleam..
Part of the twilight tide now..
And forgotten light beams..

The sunrise twilight..
The dark before the dawn sight..
Twilight fades to the morning sun..
Shadow ocean tide subsides until the night..
S  H  A  D  O  W
Apr 2019 · 205
Terra Halos
Solaces Apr 2019

Endless universe of Terra halos..
The life was in perfect balance here..
The Terra halos of mist floated above..
They kissed the land with the purest of rain..
A constant of the skies teardrops ..
Apr 2019 · 696
In the pure
Solaces Apr 2019

Endless universe of sea dreams..
I was there..
In the pure..

I saw the crystal towers rise from the waters..
The life was in perfect balance here..
The towers captured the sunlight..
And created endless energy for the life below..
Apr 2019 · 357
Paint brush of the cosmos..
Solaces Apr 2019
The stars are leaving again..
Pulsars stop spinning..
Forgotten light seen again..

They were already gone..
Pulsars start spinning..
Remembered light was never gone..

Dream nebulas mix together..
Mind paint brush of the cosmos..
Colors of my soul shine together..

Portrait of distant thoughts..
Mind paint brush strokes..
Are the memories of light and your beautiful thoughts..

I'll see you again...
You were never gone..
Because you are still in my thoughts..
There you are...
Mar 2019 · 499
Solaces Mar 2019
The nightmare...
Running through my moonlit dream night..
Chasing and scratching..
Screaming and singing sad horrific songs..

The nightmare..
Freezing me in running stance...
Activating my sleep paralysis...
Awake and not awake..

The nightmare...
Taking shape of monsters and demons..
Devils and dragons..
Fear and despair..

The nightmare...
Creatures of light..
Hidden in darkness illusion..
So scary and terrifying..

The nightmare..
That I embraced instead of feared..
Sentinals of light..
Were trapped in an ocean of madness..

The nightmare..
Blue and red lights..
Brothers shine away the darkness illusion..
Fallen Star angels become Star Divers..

The nightmare..
Was never truly a nightmare..
Just an astral S.O.S..
A call for help disguised as hell..
Nightmares are not always nightmares..
Mar 2019 · 396
Lustless Reality
Solaces Mar 2019
Echo. . . .
Morning begins in a small town..  
Purple skies, mixed in with sunset orange prisms..
Light refractions and the dream's wisdom...

Sight. . . .
Noon passes by under dream skies twilight..
Memories add life to ghost of old friends..
Sound reverberation travels and transcends..

Sway. . . .
Evening melodies through end verse of day..
I'm running back to lustless reality..
Somatosensory system overloads dream tranquility..
I'm awake............................
Mar 2019 · 561
Dawn and Dusk...
Solaces Mar 2019
The air is cool this morning..
Walking down a grass filled road..
One last star says goodbye..
Before the morning sun shines it away..

The morning kisses the night away..
Soon becoming the day..
Wishes of dusk skies not to far away..
The evening star resonates its goodbye to the day..

Moonlight cascades the night with borrowed light from the sun..
Memories of the day begin to run..
Night and day in love forever..
Chasing eachother but will never be together..

Dawn and Dusk...
Dawn and Dusk...
Solaces Feb 2019
The pure mind sees things true..  Motherboard of thoughts..
Can't seem to focus..  Can't seem to concentrate..
I fall down this dark spiral.. Deeper and deeper I go..
At the bottom is light..  Fractals of light..
They blossom outward then inward..  Star burst then reconform.
Supernova then reborn.  The fractals shatter yet again..
Dark spirals spin, swim, reel, revolve, twist, and oscillate.  
I am spinning deeper and deeper..
Into more fractals of light that shine, gleam, shimmer, sparkle, so bright.. I'm alive again........................   Awoken................................
I'm alive again...
Feb 2019 · 526
Solaces Feb 2019
Adrift and at peace..
Adrift toward nowhere..
Adrift toward everywhere..
Everywhere is adrift..
Nowhere meets the adrift..
Adrift in the light..
Adrift in the darkness..
I have found you adrift..
Solaces Feb 2019
Through clusters of thoughts of you..
Star memories roll on shadow plains true..
Your light waves link to my very essence..
As I am connected in soul network to your presence..

Into the expanse of thoughts of you..
Endless moments of smiles and virtues..
Constellations inside of your eyes..
Moments of forever written in the sky..

You glance to me in streak of light..
Passing by my stars in this dream lit night..
My eyes absorb every bit of your shine..
Under this heavens vault dream sky of mine..
She passed on by in the sky....
Feb 2019 · 430
With the light of you..
Solaces Feb 2019
With the shine of your words..
I move forward..
A little at a time..
The darkness cascades away..

With the glow of your voice..
I move on through..
A little at a time..
The darkness is cast aside..

With the illumination of your soul..
I reach my destination..
Time has stopped..
The darkness is all behind me..

With the light of you..
I see things true..
Time has no control here..
The darkness has none too..
There is no time in our dreams..
Solaces Feb 2019
Do you want to drift with me..
Past the snow and stars..
To see the light scare away the darkness..
Inside and outside of my astral song...

Things will not be left unsaid..
Simply discuss you toward me..
Smile the sun to my moon..
Let me shine in darkness and we can see things through..

Might I be your blaze..
Among this dream haze..
Where time has no control..
Now, Forward, or backwords we can soar..
Drift with no direction
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Without thunder..
Solaces Dec 2018
The lightning danced around all of my body...
Storm on my skin..
It was a beautiful feeling..
That came from with in..

It was a healing thunder bolt..
Without thunder..
It surged through me..
With such wonder..

I seemed to have done it in my sleep..
I thought it to be a dream..
I had an unknown terrible sickness..
And it was life threatening it seemed..

But through imagination..
And unbondless lucid dreams..
I activated a small evoultion..
Within my bloodstream..
A beautiful dream I had about healing lightning.. Strange. The pains I had in my body are all now gone..
Solaces Dec 2018
Four shadows, 10 minutes past midnight..
Bound to me..
Walk with me..
Under the wonder lust of the moon light..

Four shadows, 20 minutes past midnight..
Shape of me..
Changed with me..
Under the glowing warmless street lights..

Four shadows, 30 minutes past midnight..
Lost shade..
Gained life..
Under the dark blanket of dusk lights..

Four shadows, 40 minutes past midnight..
Ran with me..
Stayed with me..
Under the jealous stars outshined by moon light..

Four shadows, 50 minutes past midnight..
Head back home with me..
Tired and alive..
Breathing in the night as I breathed in the cool air..

Four shadows, after midnight..
Returned back home with me..
They wait for their time under all that is lit at night..
For me to walk and run with them and continue to live..
For about 9 weeks now I have been exercising and treating my body with better foods..  I have lost 20 lbs! The other night as I was running under the moon I took notice how much my body has changed. All of my shadows were thinner now! Lol it was pretty cool to see how much change they went through also. Under certain streetlight angles my body would cast 4 shadows.. The only time I have to work out is late at night..
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
Solaces Dec 2018
Avrenim:  Log late 5155.  The moving planet of Raspen:

       I passed through a planet in a section of the Raspen Galaxy I have never been before.  The planet was a moving steller body that did not orbit any sun.  It sustained its own energy through core-rifting.  Core-rifting was when a planet had mega chasms that were so deep the energy from the core could be felt on the surface. The planet was much larger than my home planet.  This planet must have been the size of my sun my planet orbited around.   The energy from the core would vent out into the atmosphere creating Light rifts in the sky.  Or should I say Sun slashes. Sun slashes are what brought the day to this strange moving planet.  A sun slash was light that was trapped inside of a reflective prism in this planets diamond like clouds.  If I am correct the cloud material here is called Solacian.  Solacian captures light an reflects it inside itself creating a sun slash.  The sun slash is the sun here. Depending on the angle of the captured light the sun slash will last about 31 hours.
       The life here on this moving planet seems to live in a beautiful harmony.  It exist as energy at first and then becomes something entirely different.  The energy turns into oraganic bodies for a while then reverts back to its state of energetic divinity.  The energy then seems to melt in the Solacian clouds above.  I follow an energy mass into a cloud and watch a beautiful memory being lived out by an oraganism that once died long ago.  It brought me to tears when I found out that the organism did not know it had died so long ago.  Everything here had died some time ago.  But nothing here was sad. There was no anger or despair.  Only happiness, joy, love, and creation.  Could this be Anavrin!?
         Anavrin could never be found. And it all makes sense now. It could never be found because it was always moving about the universe.  Anavrin in my culture is called Heaven.  Which brings me to my next question. Am I here for a reason.  I have no memory of dying. And what makes matters worse is that no one here does either.
No memory of how I got to heaven..
Solaces Dec 2018
How I stand corrected with myself..
My hands run through the clouds bringing down the rain..
The rain washes away all the colors again..

(It was that easy to forget me wasn't it..)

This truth set me free..
A truth I told myself was true a long time ago..
Only I wanted it to be a beautiful lie..

(It was that easy to forget me wasn't it..)

I crush this little dream crystal of hope..
All the dreams wash away from the rain from my face..
They run off with some memories that will soon be forgotten..

(It was that easy to forget me wasn't it..)

Please don't be in the stars tonight..
Let them bring me wonder and awe..
Because I know I am not in your stars..

(Because it was so easy to forget about me..)
I was right....
Solaces Dec 2018
I. The sad ones..
II.Poems about despair..
III.The loneliness..
IV.The sharp and dull cutting of depression..

I. I smile when I am with you. We are not the sad ones but the happy ones through and through..

II. I can write about how despair wants in on our peace.. How hopelessness is trying to break through our little army of hope.. But in the end and always trying to begin our little army prevails everytime.

III. The loneliness is simply lonely. All the time. Simply because if you are not with me you're still by my side.. Loneliness tries and sends isolation toward us.  But is greeted by our friendship and companionship..  Those two form an equation that when worked out over a long period of time equals to Love..

IV.  Depression waves around its sharp sword and tries to stab with its dull knife.  The sword is poison with regret. And the knifes handle is made out of worthlessness.. But regret is but a frame in our mind.  The now and forward create a new canvas that we can paint over all of the regrets.  We can always create instead of destroy.  Make things more grand and full of joy.  The worthlessness simply fades away because of your smile.  Thats all I needed. We paint on each other smiles on our faces everyday.. And its all worth it! Because you are worth it all!
You have the ability to always fight all of these. And you always have the weapons to do it.
Dec 2018 · 311
The shadow faces in the sky
Solaces Dec 2018
For a moment for a second I saw a shadow face in the sky..
Its eyes were made of pale light and false shine..
They were watching us..
One of us one of the same..
They created it all..
They ran everything..
Deep underneath..
And high above..
Their eyes could see us all in single moments of our own..
Each of them would have an equal to us all..
I was once part of them..
But then I fell asleep..
I have now awoken in the hills of forgotten eyes..
A place where their shadow shine eyes could not see..
They are called "The Hyperion."
They map out all of our lives..
Earth is just a chess board..
For all of us to die..
A chess board where we are all of the pawns..
While they are the kings and the queens..
But one pawn has made it to the otherside..
Unseen by them..
I will take them from the inside..
Just me as one..
Just me as everyone..
A very starnge dream I had..
Nov 2018 · 82
Without a shadow
Solaces Nov 2018
In my dreams she stands before the light...
Without a shadow on any wall..
Its because she is the light and she has no darkness in her at all..
true light
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