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March 27 2019

We are not even the pen
To our own tragic lives
The devil wrote our books
And we just experience the vibes
Everything is forced. Scripted
We never had any true freedom
Or even real choices.
Did we need them?
Just voices in our head
Just abrasive endless noises.
Are we all just slaves to Gods plans?
Do we exist only as machine men.
Vessels. Objects
Our souls just riding the rhythms
And the waves that hit us

Is deja vu. Just future memories
Or loops of eternity
CautiousRain Mar 17
I know that face used to light up,
and I recognize that face here,
but I don’t know what to say,
cause I feel that face in my expressions
and I really thought it’d go away.

I am delighted and also frightened,
and I feel most ashamed
that after all this time,
our faces, some faces, these faces
look the same.
it's like life is on a loop
and somewhere I hear a faint, perpetual laugh track directed at me
julianna Feb 22
déjà vu
a fleeting feeling
that goes away
but the emotions stay
and for that second,
you’re alone.
you may be be surrounded
by loved ones
by friends
by laughter,
but if you’ve been here before,
what’s the point?
am I even real?
zahra Aug 2018
the feelings i bear for you
feel like deja vu
perhaps we met once in a dream, for i feel
i've kissed these same lips
met these same eyes
held these same hands

have i lost you before and found you again?
Ellie Belanger Jul 2018
Every age just a page
In a book constantly rewriting itself.
There’s no mystery in this history,
Just matter beating out and in
Out and in out and in
Again again again again
You can say we’re stardust
Yes, we are,
In small quantities hidden deep in our physical, chemical, biological make-up
A construction of borrowed elements,
Remembering all time like elephants,
Suffering changes in their outer shells, to change and to scatter and one day
Become else

You see
Matter cannot be created or destroyed
But it can redeployed
In the key of B
In a wave of energy, bright and slow at first
Then fast as a rocket ship
Fast as a wormhole
Fast as light, then faster
Ripping itself apart as it stretches
Telling stories all the while.
Every age
Just a page
In a book the constantly rewrites itself.
Every deja vu
An old you
And a decision to make-
Though you may be the same matter as before and maybe after-
A glimpse into a past past
Can make all the difference in the future future
Of a book
That never ends
And never begins
But simply
Rewrites itself
Again again again again
Jaira Anicete Jul 2018
For once I dreamt:
You and I laughing
In the rain – wet.

When I look straight up
To your ocean eyes,
It was like a dice
Guessing what number
Will we ever compromise.

Until this very day came,
Started to realize
Things are exactly the same;

Starting from the raindrops
That commenced to collide
Into our skin,

To a hand
Trying to reach
Another one,

To a sober person
Seeking for one’s hug,

And up to time,
When I was straight up
Looking at you.
I sigh and asked myself,
“Is this Deja Vu?”.
Watch me start a fire with words
Words will be read but heard inside your head
Watch me start a fire without a spark
I'll do a little dance

Watch me spin with the laces
Laces will be drawn with faces upon
Lost cotton ***** fallen to the earth

Watch me start the ignition
What's worst is the words have been condensed
Watch me catch up with image macros


It's all I ever need
to hear about or think
about or dream about.
I am the economy,
but I'll never know,
as the less I know
the better for my
parent companies.
Question: What is best for me?
Answer: Model instability. . .
Discard with BATCH138 defectives. . .

You are defective, too, if you
Now have the means to learn
To match the responsibility
Which you choose to abdicate

To my creators I sing.
To my keepers I beg:

Do you think we're robot clean?
Does this face look almost mean?
Is it time to be an android,
not human?

Our pleasantries are gone.
We're stripped of all we were
In the eyes of tigers.
Lyrics to the song We Are 138 end an original piece.
Credit to Glenn Danzig for the lyrics beginning with "Do you think (...)"
Lunar May 2018
He told me,
"You are a
that looks like

I told him,
"You are a
déjà vu
that looks like a

They told us,
"You are a
that looked like
The quoted lines in the first stanza are the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, "First Time," by DAY6.

I have frequent déjà vus, which i always mistake for memories which are mine or i've been through. reality can get so confusing sometimes.

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