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Lizzie Oct 9
I’m constantly pointing out constellations for people who will never see the same lust within them that I just cant live without. I don’t know why I still get excited to share the beauty of the stars with people who will never notice the passion in my eyes as they gaze up at Cassiopeia and Orion sharing the winter night sky above New York. My dreams are in those stars, caught in the webs of the constellations. My heart is in the moon and her ever changing face. My soul is lost in the galaxy in search of a long lost mate hidden beyond the planets. Someday i’ll know when my soul mate’s been found, on that day the passion in my eyes will be met with another just as strong.
B D Caissie Aug 6
She wore her heartstrings on her sleeve. That nearly brought her to her knees.

She tried to stitch them close to the vest. The result was just a tangled mess.

Her tears flowed down like a raging river. She held herself but still she shivered.

She tied her hardships with a little white bow. Then wore it proudly for all to know.

She was soft like a lamb with a heart of a lion. Her soul was bound with the sisters of Orion.
Kitt Jan 7
Orion hangs
dutifully over the
Building adjacent to mine
His sparkling features
resemble a warrior
Lean and strong and toned

As I sit alone here in my car
Music plays softly.
My phone is about to die
yet I pull out my notes to scrawl out
A memory in the making

One of those that wasn’t
of a particular event
—A moment frozen inside itself
for no apparent reason.
A moment frozen in my mind
for no other reason
Than for its sheer simplicity, mundanity
And yet its softness.

Thinking of you
is what makes this moment
so crystal clear and bold.
Remembering your smile
is what emblazons right now
in my mind.

Memories of you sparkle
like stars against ebony skies
and draw constellations in my heart
Tracing patterns and marking paths
we have walked together
and paths we have yet to take.

And so, to Orion
I cast my final thoughts
of the night.
Euphie Dec 2018
Quiet and strong.
He who hunts
in the sky,
will hunt
for eternity.

He is daring,
and holds no fear.
Hunting for
the Great Bear

Who could weaken—
Orion’s belt?
No one,
except for Orion—
George Dec 2018
Traffic and thunder in the distance,
it is hard to tell the difference.

Does it matter,
with both so far away?

It does, when the rain gathers,
and its sheet starts at a pace,
making its way to you ...

... closer, closer and closer by the second.

What even Orion cannot out run,
you have no defence.
I have a storm that follows me.
Do you?
John White Nov 2018
My favourite constellation is Orion.
I like it first and foremost
because on a cold clear winter night
it is easy to find in the sky.  
The four corner stars are very bright.

Once you find it
and your eyes adjust to the darkness,
you can discern his belt,
the three dimmer stars across the middle.

If you keep looking
and the night is just right,
you can see his dagger hanging off his belt:
even dimmer stars in a column.

And on very special nights,
far from cities and stress
you can actually see the Great Orion Nebula -
a cloud of interstellar gases
where stars are actually born.

With each thought we share,
each story, picture and sound,
we see a little more of each other.  
I am certain if we keep looking,
on a very special night,
far from our daily lives,
we will discover the universe together.
The Dragon steals the waters of life,
The Dragon steals the waters of life,
  The Dragon steals the waters of life,

a Hydra eats those who lie.

This is the story of
                          Darr-en Gunn,
His life was a
                             short-en-ed one.
While hunting some snakes
                                           having no lucky breaks.
Found himself consumed by a
                                                               ­   gi-ant one.

Was warned of one snake,
                                           the seven-headed Drake.
Found himself consumed by a
                                                               ­  gi-ant one.
In Old Foggie swamps lies a place
                                                           ­      he haunts.
With a hunter digesting in a
                                                               ­ Dra-gon!

The Dragon steals the waters of life,
The Dragon steals the waters of life,
 The Dragon steals the waters of life,

a Hydra eats those who lie.

All children should learn  
                                                         ­                    of a swamp that churns.
In a place where they say
                                                                 the wa-ter burns!
Hy-dra is originally Sy-dra. 'Sy' meaning 'thief' and 'Dra' meaning water so the Hydra is a water-thief. IE: it burns up the waters of life. 'Dragon' in Proto-Indo-European(the first language) was spelled 'Dher Ghen.' So "Darren," is Dher Ghen with the 'G' silent.
b Aug 2018
i should feel blessed
to have things to miss.

i only feel lucky,
and rather empty

to have something
to miss
is to have something
to lose.

i am stubborn.
i am a sore loser.

i will circle dates
like a child to chirstmas
for Orion,
and for May.

so until we feel
the sun and its heat.
i bid you adieu
and my love from afar.
ill be waiting
Diana Garcia Jul 2018
I’ve got this massive ego
I need to deflate
Or else the only
time I’ll finish is when I *******
There’s apologies I have to make
But should they be heard
Should I write him or
send a bird
I might explode if I go unheard

But I should probably mind my business
So his baby mama won’t witness
The weakness we might share
What if the spark is still there
I’m not prepared, in fact I’m scared
His two beautiful daughters
don’t need to see that daddy still cares
Not just for their mama
But for someone whose not there

As far as I know
He’s unaware of how much I care
How sorry I’ve become
Don’t see myself being welcomed
Into his arms, into his home
****** up my chance
Now I wake up and feel alone
I want to atone

I pray she brings you misery
And you tire of her company
Like this fool broke his promise
Of matrimony..
I’m tired of being lonely

I’m tired of being late
So I lay awake
After I *******
I ask myself
Why did I wait?
Maybe I wasn’t ready
I think of him now
And I can’t keep my hand steady
Stare at the ceiling till my eyes grow heavy

The wettest of dreams
when I wake it isn’t as real as it seems

My heart sinks

It’s been so long.
Maybe it needed to go wrong
So I could write this sad song
Maybe I needed to get hurt
So I could see how much I treated you like dirt..
I’m sorry.. it’s like I had an epiphany

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