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With you
I want to
Talk more
About coffee
He said

And he was I
I guess
Genre: Observational
Theme: Memory
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
Every person
Who knows
Distance is measured
In miles
Why haven't
Yet ponder
How closeness is measured?

"In smile"
My dear
Genre: Observational
Theme: Feel it
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
He stole my sight
Away through cleaves
Her freckled hair lost among leaves
A wit, a fancy unbecoming of us
No sword or arrow could ever become thus
No just
This man trampled what belonged to us
His heart,
A link
To the Past
Contempt for videogames?
Misplaced feelings for the heroine?

Who knows??
Her eyes
Me back

To my
Fall I

Am ***
Mud my

Mind my
Oh my
O'Falafel Middle Eastern Cuisine
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
You are
My kind
That is enough
To defend
Genre: Romantic
Theme: The same wavelength
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे
व उसका हम उसके बाकि सव हमारँे हँे
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे

रातके साथ दिपका, दिनके साथ धुपका ——२
गगनके साथ बरिसका और मिट्टीके साथ पेडका ——२

इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हेँ
व उसका हम उसके, बाकि सब हमारँे हँे
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे

सराबीका साथ मेहकदाका, भमरेका साथ रंगका ——२
हाथका साथ हाथोका और दिलका साथ दिलवालोका ——२

इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे
व उसका हम उसके, बाकि सब हामारे हँे ——२
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हे ——२
Genre: Gazal
Theme: Connection
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2019
Even I can't explain, what it is
But it was not just a coincidence

What is meant, will stay
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Unexplained
Matthew Feb 2019
Will I crumple up and die?
Will others mourn their loss?
How will other react?
Every moment seems
Lost under the cybernetic skies
Little experiences connected by the frayed cords
Of a dusty computer
People disappear
Often becoming nothing of their former selves
Every photo to cling to, but never a soul.
Tangents creating a cohesive line from a
Ring encircling our world,
Yet snapped by your disappearance
Can't perceive a name
Only dashes
My head won't remember your name
An Acrostic poem based on an experience.
x Feb 2019
can't let go
I grasp I take hold
And I can't let go
My hands sweat and slip but I grasp harder
Wondering if it would have been smarter
to just not grasp at all
To just surpass it all
Because now the collapse of it all is on me
And things like this don't have a plan b
... so I think
Wondering about the correlation
Connecting the links
the what ifs
Pleading the fifth to all the things I can't explain
Perspiration runs now like rain down my finger tips
Under looking the bliss
Measuring the ignorance
Memories like fingerprints engraved on us two
Enslaved to the emotions and memories of you
I wish that I would not have taken hold of you
Hands stuck as if glued
With vision skewed
And thoughts just as lewd
Wishing our hearts did not have **** encounters
Wishing that thoughts transcribed were not vouchers
Feelings and emotions for you cower in my brain
Perspiration from my hand like rain makes a puddle
As your actions are rebuttaled
I notice the subtle grit in your voice
the off step in your poise
hands overly moist
overlooking the choice to let go
aching to let go
Heart in hand
hand in heart
I can start to feel the asphyxiation
how can I deal with the gratification of vacancy?
The truth in the blatancy
So I wait and see what will happen
Stuck in the latency of entrapment
A stagnant motion
The collapsing notion of lungs  
A grasp that has my neck rung
Hand in heart
Heart in hand
Em MacKenzie Nov 2018
I read a disturbing truth someone questioned on the internet,
“the world didn’t end in 2012, but since then have you truly felt alive?”
I don’t wish to presume, but I would be more than willing to bet
that you feel the same, that you’ve fully lost your drive.
Marking calendars like clockwork, each box an imposing X,
but you’ve lost your absolute and essential favourite red pen.
We live as NPC’s but I’d like to believe we’re far more complex,
though we make the same mistake over and over again.

No sun burnt out, no moon fell,
but I swear the galaxy has changed,
we’re dazed and living under a spell,
our lifestyle’s completely deranged.
There was deviation from the reservation
that fate held out for us.
Abandoned salvation for sedation
the golden pastures have turned to dust.
But there’s got to be a link between worlds.

I know there’s growth in destruction
instead I loathe interruption.
Can silence be considered a confrontation?
I know there’s redemption in healing,
but I take each hit without showing feeling.
Can violence be considered mediation?
Decipher every word’s meaning
while performing spring cleaning
we’re all the same; we just want a good purge.
Ignoring every clear right sign
but complain about the fuzzy line
the one that’s crossed when you can’t resist the urge.

No sun burnt out, no stars died,
but the dimensions sure are blurring.
Auto pilot’s on and gravity’s been defied,
and no one sees this all occurring.
There was deviation from the reservation,
that fate held out for us.
I trade motivation for inebriation,
the golden pastures have turned to rust.
But there’s got to be a link between worlds.

Time isn’t so strong when you can break the clock
you know it’s possible to push back the hands.
For fate is chosen but destiny you can mock
from the deep seas to the hottest sands.
The past is already written
the ink is already dry.
The fire’s already been lit and
the flames are reaching towards the sky.
I’ve explored every emotional cave
and I’ve trekked through every lonely field.
When you’re scared it’s the only time you can be brave,
so grab your sword and don’t forget your shield.

No sun burnt out, no seas ran dry,
but the world suddenly stopped turning.
the world’s a game and life’s a lie,
but we must keep internal fires burning.
There was deviation from the reservation
that fate held out for us,
I replace meditation with self deprecation
the golden pastures I no longer trust.
But there’s got to be a link between worlds.
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