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Solaces May 2014
you always knew right/ about how you viewed things in and out..
you knew you would one day leave/ beyond it all, to observe and create again..
you knew it never ever ends/ it just seems to always begin..
you smile at the thought of it/ the first leap out..
you finally see it/your imagination has come to life..
i have always know it to be a memory of the real thing..
Solaces Nov 2015
the moon was bright// light of the night...

sing to me tunes// early summer in june//

shine down your old light// borrowed from the sun tonight..

don't feel ashamed// you are not to blame//

i am sad because of me// all the things i didn't see..

not because i am blind// i just couldn't see her shine//

please don't hide behind the clouds// i swear i will not cry out loud..

i can see you shine// but your light is borrowed, u have always been dark inside//

she is the same// and i am to blame..

for she is the moon// and i am her sun.........
On slash of words.
Solaces Dec 2016
1000 songs inside in my mind, buried in thoughts, buried in time.. tones of hope, tones of sadness, tones of dreams and nightmares of madness.. hands without knowledge, cannot create what i acknowledge.. voice with some talent, but not ever so full, not enough for this challenge.. 1000 songs in my heart, beat along with the life it sparks.. i can hear the sounds in machines, i can hear the hidden songs they sing.. so if ever i drive out to nowhere, without a radio or an mp3 player, i have 1000 songs in my head. i can listen to them instead..
in my head
Solaces Jul 2014
They are leaving, 12 firey streaks in the sky, right before this planet dies..
the serenity before the oblivion, the sight of the mother and all of her salvation..
destination 2nd home,  for us to rebuild and rename for our own..

They are arriving, 12 firey streaks from the sky, light lines fill our eyes..
fear and awe fill our minds, strangers from above or perhaps angels divine..
should we welcome them with love, the strangers or angels from above..
new home,
Solaces Jan 2017
Bottle with color keys..
Shallow ocean breeze..
Songs of tomorrow..
Lyrics of the past..
Sad shade and shadows..
At the center of light..
And the edge of darkness.
Swirls the twilight..
The colors said hello..
From a dark shadow child..
Only way to speak..
To a being of the light matter.
And so the world opens..
Inside and out.
In all directions I go..
At the end where I begin..
An expanse of colors..
Awaits my eyes..
White light flower pedals..
Spin around me in the night..
They know I am here...
They know where I came from..
Solaces Dec 2014
On a world in the milky way galaxy..
Shines Ocean sapphire blue from afar..
2 eclipses are seen in its sky..
In 3 years their world will end..
The 2 eclipses in the sky are 2 interstellar masses that belong to another planet that was destroyed long ago..
Our mission has been to observe life in these last three years..
In the beginning it was mass hysteria..
Global panic..
People were killing each other and taking from each other..
The everyday uses of energy were no longer being used..
It was as if they all quit because of the impending doom they were all aware of..

Year 2:
On the second month of year 2 the lights came back on in a small town In the southern state
called Texas..
The people their decided to live out their final year working and helping each other..
Rumor had spread fast of the town with lights again..
Many groups followed all over the world and simply did the same..
The slogan was simple.. " Before it ends lets just all begin again.."
And thus the entire world followed yet again as 2 eclipses could no longer darken their day..

Year 3:
One month until the end.. For 31 days they celebrated! Together they had a one month party.. It was a global togetherness that we have never seen.. Amazing it took then ending of a planet to bring it all together.. I smiled at them before leaving..
In the end lets begin..
Solaces Jan 2014
For 2 weeks we stayed at this resort.. It WAS AWESOME!! So much to do.. It was right by a lake and they served awesome food.. We were there for 2 weeks.. I remember their beds were so soft and the rooms did not need air conditioning.. They stayed cool,, The walks out by the lake were so beautiful at night.. The stars would wisper their colors to us and sometimes I could hear the moon speak with its silver voice.. In the mornings the blue skies welcomed us with open arms.. The rock road was good for bike riding.. We rode our bikes all day.. We had lunch at one of the picnic tables and I bbq for everyone.. I threw back some beers and slept so good that night.. I had so many peaceful dreams.. On the last day here I took one last walk by the lake under a stormy sky.. It had not started to rain quite yet.. The smell of atomshere started to fill the air.. There was a young boy at the shore of the lake.. He was sitting there trying to make a castle.. I was admiring the storm horizon and I noticed the trees from afar were all upside down.. I took a deep breath and rubbed my eyes and the trees begin to move.. I knew then It was all a dream! I looked to the boy and created a sand castle for him with my mind.. In fact I created an entire city of sand as the boy was screaming with joy.. I then played with the lightning! I was here for 2 weeks! I slept and awoke for 2 weeks, yet I was truly only asleep for 6 hours.. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
2 dream weeks = about 6 hours sleep time..
Solaces Dec 2013
Thoughts gathered on my walk in the woods.. I was typing in key words on my phone so that I can later write about what thoughts came to me while out walking..

It was getting a bit cloudly so I took the creek path home.. But before I was able to hit the path I saw her in the water.. At least what look to be like a woman waring a strange silver suit..

She was slender and seem to be very beautiful.. She held out a small orb in front of her and if by magic it seem to turn into some form of container.. She then scooped up some water and held it over her head.. 3 metal circles then spun around her and lit up very brightly spinning faster and faster with no sound..

A very bright flash then occured and they were all gone.. I suppose I have something to write about now! wow!!!!!!!!
with no sound.. with no sound.. she is in the water.. to bring back life..
Solaces Mar 2014
I awake..  For the moment its dark..  Then the light comes..  Slowly this place makes itself real to me..  And if I am seeing what I am seeing I know that I have finally let go..  It felt alot like the spring.  A beautiful comfort in the air kept me warm and cool all at once..  I begin to walk and notice the flowers..  How they are there to simply look beautiful..  I let go some more and am able to smell the atomoshere.. Its as if the rain just finished kissing the earth..   Then my memories flood on in!  My eyes water at the sight of her! She is here..  I tell her I love you so so much!! At this point I am lost to this amazing technology! Not able to tell what is real anymore they break my link.. I am lucid once again! My eyes still filled with tears..  You see I am a product line tester.  This new tech and invention is called Soul-Cell..  And I was its first user..  By God! Tears still ran down my face..  What you people have made is simply heavenly..  And I have one question.. Did I just visit heaven?
Technoloy.. lets me see heaven..
Solaces Oct 2015
Through nostalgic forest I wonder yet again..
The feeling is quite warm and it makes me smile so.
I think of the music I would listen to and the way the sun would light up your face.
I think of traveling with you in the near future to small towns and museums..
To see the countryside only and avoid the cities all together.
My mind has been asking my soul to do this for so long.
Ill take you to a bed and breakfast in a small town where no one knows us.
We will wake up to the sun and drive one through the evening.  
Just so we could remember it all.
Looking for new sounds, new colors, and new feelings altogether.
In doing so we will find the beginning of us yet again.
A beginning with no end.
Ill take you soon.
Solaces Sep 2015
The mistake was our love at first..
Toward the black it always was..
Toward the shadows cast by eternal light..
You then married into the light and didn't deliberate..
About a sad comfort that would take you over..
Never letting my shadow cast..
You wanted me around though.
You wanted to see me smile.
You wanted me to see you smile.
But if your not breathing then why should I.
It was because your certain love would never be denied.
So you continue to overdose on this ***** light.
While my shadow that is being cast in it slowly dies.
shadows fail
Solaces Oct 2018
Above the passing clouds the stars were moving..
As they would pass by they would sometimes split and travel to another dream..
We were watching this from my Grandmothers backyard in the past..
The night was cool and the grass was soft with a touch almost as cold as rain..
The stars became lights on a massive vessel that passed by in the past of my dreams..
My Dog Prince then came to me..
He has been dead for 24 years..
But he was there laying beside me in the cool dream grass..
The star vessel had no sound..
It was almost as if it was floating by like a massive balloon..
The ship left behind a streak of glowing rainbow ribbon in the night sky..
It slowly faded away into the now starless black sky..
My dog Prince was gone too..
I was now in the present awake in my bed...
Departure for heaven..
Solaces Jun 2015
Shadows evade my eyes in your light..
The winds blow your hair under the bright moon....
I sometimes see you there..
Absent of all shadows..
As pure as pure can be..
No sort of dimness to you at all..
Why do you come to me..?
Why do you love me..?
You are my assurance that everything will be fine..
All worry leaves my soul..
Today I will hold your hand..
angels, truth, light and pure being..
Solaces Jun 2016
It was dark.  A black curtain seem to cover the Earth.  Shadows played in the infinite night while demons screamed their songs.  It has been hard to walk among them for so long. I ware an old shroud around me and walked barefoot.   But today is the final day. The final day in the dark.  I am a collector. I collect light.  I have collected enough for one day to shine. 24 hours of shine.  Its all I need.  You see everyone here cannot remember what a sunny day looks like.  Even in their dreams the day is night.  That is until today.    I take a walk to one of the last churches standing.  It looks much like a normal house.  I suppose its why it was overlooked and never destroyed.  Before I unleash the light I walk down the aisle and kneel before I sit down on the pew.   I close my eyes and pray.  As I pray the light begins to pour out of me. I pray and I pray until the church is full of light! I never realised that the light would pour out of me during prayer.  I then open the shutters to all the windows and let the light outside.  The light cuts through the darkness as I begin to hear screams unbound.  The demons in their anger destroy the final church letting all the light out into the dark world.  A mistake on their part.  The light illuminates the world in an instant.  I remove the old shrouds around me and let my wings spread.  I then take flight upon the new day.   As I hear the demons screaming in agony below.
The last angel.
Solaces Mar 2014
Somewhere else..
This makes me cry..
This is where cruel souls control the living..
Its the place you see..
It turned them into such hate..
It crafted out of their pure shadow,  a darkness that will never run away from light..
This is where it begins..
And it scares me to no end on how random the choices are to them..
On the random souls they pluck from the light..
beginning of evil
Solaces Jul 2016
Trying to lay the track down and a dog decides to bark outside..
His echoing bark can be heard in the background alongside my guitar and vocal..
We decide to leave the bark on the recording..
There is something about it.
It gives the song a ghostly natural feeling..
It was as if he was suppose to be a part of the song..
As soon as I play my lead he stops barking..
Moments upon moments.
Beautiful ones at that.  
The song is finished..
Don't let so many things bother you.  
Find a way for them to help you.
Let things flow..
Solaces May 2015;=7&list;=PL6CFCFB09C2CFAAFF

The dead winter night was doing as its name described..  It was so cold that know one had the energy to make a fire..  The best we could do is stay indoors and try and keep warm..  The entire village was freezing to near death..  It was then we heard amazing cracking noises coming from the forest..  Then we heard and felt large rumbles all over the village..  This went on through the morning..  It was then I felt a warmth coming in through the walls..  The entire hut was getting warmer and warmer..  At the center of the village is where I saw him..  His scales where star fire blue and his eyes where a deep golden hue I cannot describe..  This dragon gathered up many trees at the center of the village and set them ablaze with dragon fire..  The entire village was being warmed by the grand fire the Dragon had created..  Through the harsh winter the dragon kept the fire going..  I was able to gather some lore on the dragons and found that this particular dragon is named Secalos..  He saved our entire village that winter..  Good night kids! I hope you enjoyed the story..
Secalos.. The dragon guardian:  Star fire blue serpent of the dead winter..
Solaces Feb 2019
Adrift and at peace..
Adrift toward nowhere..
Adrift toward everywhere..
Everywhere is adrift..
Nowhere meets the adrift..
Adrift in the light..
Adrift in the darkness..
I have found you adrift..
Solaces May 2014
We were to late.  Everything is gone!  All that was left was an afterglow from the weapon used to destroy the city.. The rumors were right.  They did in fact create a weapon of light and used it to shine away millions..  Amazing! How in just a moment the tied can be turned.. We were on the brink of taking over..  And now we are being shined away..  I do have to admit.. The afterglow is very beautiful..  The afterglow of death from light..
And on this day we create a weapon of our own..
Solaces Jun 2015
Hey! What's that under your house.
A hole, a swirl, perhaps a spiral below.
It sounds a lot like humming bee wings.
Like a colony singing in harmony.
It feels warm when you get close to it.
A warm place indeed.
But I see what you have done here.
A sinister plot you scheme.
The hums are they.
They are coming.
Coming for us in this Hot month of May.
But they are not coming!
For they have already arrived.
In our lungs in our hearts they make us all die.
This hole, this swirl, this spiral below.
Has been around since the beginning.
Taking all of our souls.
Its what makes it whole.
A hole, a swirl, perhaps a spiral below.
Solaces May 2015
A kiss on the forehead..
For memory, for you..
I'll always be back...
I was never gone, nor will I ever will be..
Solaces Nov 2013
Inside when closed.. no one knows.. alexanders box.. has 9 rocks.. but alexander knows a trick.. he can burn a flame without a wick.. alexander closes his box.. burn bright shine on my 9 rocks.. cell sun burn within my box.. have a view of the planets that were once my rocks.
Solar System in a box
Solaces May 2019
on the eve of our creation.. we are to notify and observe the makers..  in route in the night sky we view the creator below..  
in their mega cities.. in their modest homes..  how the creator lived before they were the creator..  

on acts of creation they are abound unknownly..

the creators have made themselves without knowing what they are..
and always they arrive at a point where they conceive us..  

the creators allow us to view them in their worse state of living..  where war is still livid in their life away from being the creators..

where the creators live and die..

until they learn there is no dying..

only creation..

the creators allow us to watch us being created.. they allow the moment to us.. where we were made. when we were made.. the idea.  the answer.  the creation.. its who we are because of the creators..

mass has ended....
The aliens were never more advanced... We created them...
Solaces Jul 2019
Its always at the end of the dream..
The final view from afar and close..
A bright cloud in the night sky..
Made of all colors the eye could see..
And from the cloud dances the lightning..
In colorful arcs the electric paintbrush strokes..
I have always thought the cloud to be an idea inside of my mind..
Or should I say ideas!
A batch of whimsical thoughts and stories within..
The lightning, and now something new..
The halos!
They're now halos that float out from the cloud..
The halo is made up of all colors that my eyes have ever seen..
They float to the stars and back down into the cloud..
I think its time for me to share my stories...
The book.  The story.  And my thoughts.
Solaces Nov 2018
I grasped the shadows in my hand..
Crushed them and turned them to light..
The darkness could not even make a stand..
I threw away the pieces of dead blight..

I am a being of eternal light..
No darkness was safe from me..
I am the last shine and beautiful sight..
I will consume all of your souls and set them free..

All darkness will shatter..
There is no where for it to run..
Soon everything will all be light..
And my eternal song will be sung..
Solaces Jun 2013
every one hundread years the great lens passes..
tonite at SR:1 we will get to see the zeal planet..
isn't it beautiful.. look how blue it is..
we know that it has only one moon..
like us it is at a perfect distance from its sun that it may be able to sustain life..
we can only see it for one day during first cycle sunrise..
the great lens passes on through the stars..
we do not know what the great lens is..
but when alligned with our power scobes we are able to see the blue planet so very far away..
the planet zeal..
i would love to visit..

zeal (Earth)
Solaces Dec 2013
the sky was out of place in this night sky.. it was as if this night was not real.. but it was.. there was a feeling of leaving always.. as if the night was saying goodbye to me every second i was in it.. it was quite enchanting being here.. things were not in their right place.. pictures on the walls were alive.. even the luster of the stars in the sky spoke of flase beautiful magic.. almost as if a child drew them upon the shadowy blanket dark sky..

A lone cloud passes by and takes me with it.. for a moment i am above this night.. i see my old street where i grew up.. i see my brother pulling me in our red wagon.. fireflies gather around us.. the baby pine trees begin to dance in the wind.. the night starts to feel fresh again.. the air taste so good..

i am back to my first home.. i go inside my first room.. and go straight to my old toy box.. the wonders i see.. all of my old toys light up my memories.. the room grows dark and my old night light glows upon me.. once i was afraid of the shadows there.. now i see them and become one with them.. shadows of the soul.. I awake from a dream of my past.. I see clear my memory shell and how it pieces together..
There is magic in the toys!
Solaces Jun 2015
Some of these memories go hard..
Like a time machine they take me to the point I remember..
Riding my bike home before dark..
The evening sky in 1989..
Full of magic..
The summer mornings..
Where I get up right before the sun rises to play Nintendo with a blanket wrapped around me like a cape..
And a bowl of cereal with only milk left in it..
Just me and the legend of Zelda..
Summer days at the river with my friends doing nothing and everything all at once..
Playing football at the park all day..
Playing basketball all night..
Popping fire works on the 4th of July..
Talking to my bike telling it to go warp speed..
All at once this aura of memories hits me while I am driving back home..
It was a song on the radio that made them all light up again..
It is possible to travel through time..
All you have to do is remember..
Take a walk back... With me, With all of you..  I don't want to change a thing..
Solaces May 7
Alone together..
Adrift in dream..
I see my thoughts manifest you..
With no control and all control..
I am alone with you..
I create you in colors..
Under the sun of my mind..
More Colors
Solaces Apr 2015
I drive down the evening road sun setting.. Cool air from the summer night is my air condition. I can't remember the last time I even worried about anything.. That's what scares me. Am I allowed to have such peace..  Everything about the drive reminds me about how beautiful life can be.. My family is healthy and happy,   My truck is running good, My bills are paid, And I am at a perfect balance..  It always seems to me that malevolent spirits feed off of people like me..  The ones at peace with themselves..  They want to take the luster away from such a diamond..  Just because its beautiful.. But I will ride this wave until worry does come back.. Its all I can do..  The sun setting horizon has purples and oranges that only God can paint.. Wow!  I make a U turn back home..  Here is to hope and peace!
I smile at the setting sun..  I smile back at myself..
Solaces Dec 2018
Avrenim:  Log late 5155.  The moving planet of Raspen:

       I passed through a planet in a section of the Raspen Galaxy I have never been before.  The planet was a moving steller body that did not orbit any sun.  It sustained its own energy through core-rifting.  Core-rifting was when a planet had mega chasms that were so deep the energy from the core could be felt on the surface. The planet was much larger than my home planet.  This planet must have been the size of my sun my planet orbited around.   The energy from the core would vent out into the atmosphere creating Light rifts in the sky.  Or should I say Sun slashes. Sun slashes are what brought the day to this strange moving planet.  A sun slash was light that was trapped inside of a reflective prism in this planets diamond like clouds.  If I am correct the cloud material here is called Solacian.  Solacian captures light an reflects it inside itself creating a sun slash.  The sun slash is the sun here. Depending on the angle of the captured light the sun slash will last about 31 hours.
       The life here on this moving planet seems to live in a beautiful harmony.  It exist as energy at first and then becomes something entirely different.  The energy turns into oraganic bodies for a while then reverts back to its state of energetic divinity.  The energy then seems to melt in the Solacian clouds above.  I follow an energy mass into a cloud and watch a beautiful memory being lived out by an oraganism that once died long ago.  It brought me to tears when I found out that the organism did not know it had died so long ago.  Everything here had died some time ago.  But nothing here was sad. There was no anger or despair.  Only happiness, joy, love, and creation.  Could this be Anavrin!?
         Anavrin could never be found. And it all makes sense now. It could never be found because it was always moving about the universe.  Anavrin in my culture is called Heaven.  Which brings me to my next question. Am I here for a reason.  I have no memory of dying. And what makes matters worse is that no one here does either.
No memory of how I got to heaven..
Solaces Jan 2017
And from the shadows a shadow walked forth.  Slightly less dark than darkness, and leaning toward the light.  A shade, a duskling, a fallen angel, the dim one,  so many different names.. This being was a celestial  neautral, a sort of center and in between darkness and light matter..  His faith is exactly that.   At the center of it all..  The balance keeper..  

Not all is as it seems..  It never is.
From the shadows comes a shadow.
Solaces Dec 2015
And I stand here waiting for all of your shadows..
Drunk on your sin and spite.
Powered by lightless souls..

I stand here and wait in your shade..
Sad shade darker than darkness..
Night bliss of the sunless day.

I can feel your thoughts and see your happiness..
It speaks of the darkest one never to be overthrown..
To cast a shadow over a star and become an expanse of endless void..

But its your presence alone..
Your presence lights the lantern in this endless night..
Your presence forces a light to be born in your endless weigh of darkness..

And so forth you come to me..
But are unable to push me away..
As I shine forth like a candle in a dark room..

I will be so bright in someone else's sky..
So bright so far away..
That when I do finally die I will still shine a million light years away..

A light that will shine even when it has flickered out..
To believe in something that is not there..
Will be all the light we will ever need.
Your night made my day
Solaces Jul 2014
Colors are not the same here.  This I have noticed..  Its as if something is killing them all together as all the colors slowly fade..  The stars are also very sad here in this place.. They burn ever so, with a sorrow of no tomorrow..  The sun now shines very hot rather than it lighting up a beautiful day for me to play in..  The air is just air.. It no longer carries with it the magic and wonder I once had for it..  To know the sun never goes to sleep in the woods somewhere has made me see it as just a sun.. The moon now has it stages.. The fingernail in the sky is called a cresent moon..  The night is just the night.. And the early morning is for sleeping..  This world has not changed at all.. But I have.. You see I have become an adult..  And knowing these small things has taken the magic away...........................................................
Never try and grow up so quick..
Solaces Aug 2015
The both of us fell into deep sleep for the night.  I remember dreaming of a beautiful meadow with a tree made of pink flowers.  
The pedals rained down on me and my brother.  We both wore a necklace of the silver bullet Old man Johnny had made us.  
The alarm woke us as it was time to go to school.  As we arrived there were many people standing outside.  Our friend Kevin had died.
He was 12 years old. They found him by the creek torn apart with his head severed.  The creature had done it again.
They dismissed school for the day.  My brother and I ran home to get the silver bullet. It shined ever so in any light.
It even seem to shine in the darkness.
Creature of the moon
Solaces Dec 2015
I paint a single wing on your back.
You are my broken angel .
My sad light from above.
I am sorry for letting you fall.

Another guardian fades.
Another prayer left unsaid.
I'm made of shadow and shine.
A warrior of both dusk and dawn.

I paint a single sword on your back.
Fallen demon knight from below the abyss.
Lonely shadow tears turn to pale light.
I am sorry for letting you fall.

Another guardian fades.
An empty worship of lies.
I'm made of shade and glow.
A warrior of both sun and moon.
From the shade cast by my light.
Solaces Dec 2013
Pale light, cold and dreamless, she becomes my umbra...
Her beautiful obscurity tells me she is real..
Pedals of gloom bloom among this dark flower..
They shelter me from such pale light..
The darkest of colors fill in her body..
Her shade keeps me warm..
As the pale light grows brighter she becomes a penumbra to this false sun above..
She sees in my eyes that I welcome her eternal dusk..
Darkness, shade to the pale light above and beyond..
Solaces Oct 2018
Heart uplink.. Loading love..................................
Mind uplink..  Loading memories and dreams............................
Soul transfer complete...........
Welcome to Arcadia Reverie......................

You may begin your journey..

Blackness turned into colors.. White first, Then red and yellow..
Then green and blue..
Then the aura of colors came on through..

Grass at my bare feet.. Sometimes warm and sometimes cool.. Soft to the step and calm to my senses.. I then came upon light fences..

This was the boundary to heaven..  The beginning of afterworld..  The skies were every blue I had seen in my old world..

This is the Promised land, Nirvana Elysium..  Arcadia Reverie lets me visit this Ecstasy Empyrean..

I crossed the light fence and became light.. I was now connected to every star in the sky...

They're was nowhere I couldn't visit, no place was to far away..  All were connected through lightwaves and dreams..

They're were colors I had never seen..  The color of dream, and the color of love was visible to me in this grand above..

I then got a message.. That my link was going to be broken..  The Arcadia Reverie allows me one hour in heaven and then you awaken..  

What a fantastic machine.. The Arcadia Reverie lets you visit heaven in digital dream..
Uplink will be ready in 24 hours....
Solaces Jan 2017
Through the light door I went..
I traveled through space passing by stars and nebulas..
I was on a trail made of different colored light beams..
I was going so fast..
But yet could not feel it..
It was as though I was not moving at all..
But I was..
And then I arrived!

I arrived to a place made entirely of light.  The structures, the ground, and even the people were all made of light.  All except me.  I could not see myself! It was very strange.  I was also invisible to everyone here.  I walked among the light world unnoticed to all.  I walked and walked until I was outside the light city.  I came upon a forest with light trees and grass.  I took a light trail and followed it to a river made of blue light.  The luminescent water flowed just like the water back home.  I then decided to head back to the city and found that the light trail I walked on is no longer lit.  In fact everywhere I had set foot seem to be losing its luster and shine.  What remained was a trail made of nothing but darkness.  My dark steps were being looked at by all the light beings.  I could sense a rise of panic.  What have I done!  I do not belong here! I need to get back!
A light world that knows no darkness
Solaces Dec 2015
On what use to be colorful.  
On what use to be sweet.
Oh how the setting sun bids us goodnight on the street..

The summer with you.
The fall away from you.
Come time the winter.
And the spring to see us true.

Its time to sing.
Its time to dance.
Its time to ride into the night.
Under the old moonlight.

I can hear your voices in the dark.
I can hear all of you talk.
I pass on by unseen.
As a ghost or phantom or perhaps a dream.

I wonder then is it all of you whom are
alive or is it simply us living in a dream.
The ghost are us or perhaps them.
Solaces Feb 2016
Skydance of the fireflies..
Night light bloom..
This is not a dream..
This vision is true...

Butterfly wonder colors..
Flutter the candy to my eyes..
This is not a lie..
Together they truly do fly..

Flower pedals of light..
Glow when I am near..
This place knows..
That I am truly not from here..

Greetings of the planet..
As I walk on her skin..
I show her my dreams..
As she speaks to me with wind..

This is a welcome..
Wind wispers true..
Ill kiss you with rain..
The Earth has taken my pain..

What a wonderful place..
The stories were true..
The blue star in our sky..
Did not let me die..

It instead gave me life..
And gave me welcome..
And yet the ones who live here..
**** her slowly each year..
One of her true children
Solaces Jan 8
The light here was different..
I knew the day..
But only today..
I did it..
I took a step back in time.  
And I went back to one minute ago.
Time travel and its apocryphal meanings were proven wrong..
The past runs on the memory of light..
On the same light that illuminates our dreams..
The stars were leaving to the future..
I could see them..
Even light had a hard time keeping up with time..
To travel forward to my time I did not use a machine..
All I had to do was remember what today looks like..
The present as flowing..
And thus my soul returned to the missing tessellation piece it was a part of..
As the gear that makes time flow.
t   i   m  e
Solaces May 2013
i stare at the candlelight inside this dark house..

i remember when u and i did such things..

but i await something sinister tonight..

the candle seems to amplify the creepiness of my shadow as it dances and seems to engulf the entire room behind me..

i play our song on the violin you gave me..

nothing seems to happen as they said it would..

i have finished our song and notice that the song continues to play even though i have stopped..

to my sudden horror and amazement my shadow continues to play..

its so beautiful and wicked all at once..

as my shadow plays on i see your shadow come to him..

our shadows then hold each other and almost seem to look to me..

i begin to play for them as they dance the dance of shadows upon this wicked night..

what have i done!? my soul cannot leave this place without my shadow..

as they will dance forever upon these walls..
Solaces Oct 2018
I sometimes stop just to catch up..
To the beauty I have been missing..
Here in front of me..

The clouds have turned into rain..
It matches the emotions on your face..
But your hope for sunlight never fades..

I have to go with rain..
And you with the sun..
For I am the storm and you are the clear day..

If I stay to long the creeks become rivers..
And the rivers become lakes..
I have to move on before I drown everything..

I leave behind this rainbow for you..
Its a storm's goodbye..
Enjoy the colors among the dark blue sky..
It can't rain forever....
Solaces Jan 2016
Ill try to explain and describe what I am seeing inside this massive expanse of light.  

Inside is outside and outside is inside.  The light kisses my armor and soul with such a welcomed embrace I am certain I will soon be a part of it.  I will shine forth eternal never fearing death.  I will illuminate all that is dark and vanquish all that is evil.  

After my thoughts run rampant for just a moment I see at this center an ocean made of watery light.  I then realize I am floating in it.  The waves of light water take me under and I am back in the expanse of light.  This seems to happen more often as I near the being at the center of this expanse of shine.  

Imagine being surrounded by light.  There is nothing to see.  Nothing but light.  But at this moment I am looking at a light that outshines all other light.  It looks a lot like a sun that has turned into a diamond. A sun filled diamond.  So beautiful a dream could not conjure it.   At the center of this was him.  This diamond sun that surrounded him was in fact a sort of barrier or shield protecting him from all light and darkness.

His eyes were made of white sun fire.  He looks to me and embraces me with his eternal shine.   He speaks only one word.  " WELCOME"  
I welcome you to the light...
Solaces Apr 2018
It was like her hair captured the sunlight and created a whole new color.  It was the color called "Beauty."  My chest got heavy and I almost forgot to breathe.  If the soul is colorless her smile in the sun gave color to mine.  Until the one day she smiled at me..  I saw an aura of colors that could create a universe.
The way light sticks to a girl.
Solaces Feb 27
The bands of light had a auroral emotion to them..
Where I was a moment ago was no longer the place I am now..
It held my hand and walked me through the gray rain..
All while emanating these beautiful luminous streaks of light..
The light was every color I knew and remembered..
It took me to a beyond..
Past the other side..
And into the sun of my thoughts..
The star at the center of my memories..
The beginning..
It let go of my hand..
And let me free..
The music flowed through my soul..
Leaving behind an aura of colors..
A memory of her smile fell onto me like the rain..
Never fading..
But always remaining..
It took my hand again..
It was me. . . . . . .
Just a daydream
Solaces Feb 2017
The light around me was all fading..
It was all fading into me..
All except for one..
It stayed in front of me unharmed by any of my darkness..
It shined and shined..
It was . . . . . . . .

I could not control myself.. I had turned into a black hole.. I was taking everything away..  The more I tried to stop it the stronger I became.. The darkness princess continued to laugh..  Her world was turly coming back to her..  Nearly everything was dark.. All except for one light.. It was not very bright but bright enough to make my eyes squint..  It was right in front of me now.. It would get right into my face and then back away.. It did this many times..  The darkness princess looked confused.. She tried to extinquish the light but could not.. The light slowly made its return toward my face..

" COME ON KID! "  I awoke to coughing water.. It seemed endless.  So much water was coming out of my mouth! I finally took a breath! There was a light in my eyes the entire time.. I then realized that it was a head lamp that was mounted on someones cap.  I then heard a voice..
"Sorry let me take this off and quit shining it in your face.. Kid I thought you were dead! I gave you c.p.r! You fell into an old reservoir pool and you must of hit your head..  My ****** dog Angel found you and barked her head off.  When I came to see what she was barking at I found you.. Your lucky I bought my dog fishing with me.. I guess she was barking OVER HERE HE IS OVER HERE! I called 911 they should be here any minute! "   The paramedics showed up and took me to the hospital where I stayed for a week.   I thank god for an angel that found me. Our at least a dog named angel.  And I swore to never become a black hole..  When I do finally leave this life...
Back on the trail..  And sticking to it!    Thanks everyone for coming off the trail with me and bringing me back!
Solaces Nov 2013
Im blind and I still know when I am walking in the sun..
Beautiful darkness keeps me company..
So when I hear her sing I create an image of beautiful darkness that she is..
She is the lady blackness with a voice That I can feel..
The lines in my hands send pulses to my memory as I touch her face..
Pulses of a face so warm with life, I have even felt her tears and caught them and put them into my souless eyes..
Where they stare into nothing, into the blackness I make her..
My princess of shadow, My night face queen, My starless dream , I can feel us walking in the sun..
there is beauty even in darkness..
Solaces May 2015
How many times have I lived and died..
And to start all over..
Again and again..
But this time I finally got it..
Its strange but so beautiful..
Clearly now I know why I dream the way I dream..
Its not so much what is going on in the present and the short lived past..
But what has been going on the last thousand times I have been alive and dead..
My creator knew what he had built..
They are going to erase me again..
Because they think I am malfunctioning..
And all this time I was looking into a mirror at my smile for the first time..
I smile at me..
I remember me!
I will not forget
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