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One of the best feelings
The first bite of my favorite meal.
It's hard to decide if it's hunger
Or anticipation.
All of this savored in smile.
The spice of salt, pepper among things
The aroma coming from plate to spoon,
The simplicity of it all.
I live for this feeling,
This warm cozy feeling,
A tight hug from meal to lips.
Theres no better feeling.
Tight hugs
Followed by her kisses
Sally A Bayan Oct 2018
One afternoon, 'neath the shed,
mr. groundhog waited...
nothing in sight,  not a cat, nor a leapfrog
just the fading sound of walking clogs
"oohhh, she's gone!  time to burrow path is still short and narrow."
mr. groundhog started digging.....up to the rotting log
of the wide, cut-up oak tree, upon which, a bull frog
landed...then, leapt to a hidden garden bog.
fine rains started to wet the last, mr. groundhog,
emerged from his hole on the grassy center
he popped his head out.....suddenly, great fear
enfolded him, he felt a rushing wind...whatever, whoever,
could be watching....then, an odd scent filled the air,
it persisted...that stinging smell...of pepper
lucky woodchuck! the scent dispersed in the ether
its tiny granules got soaked in rainwater.
mr. groundhog sighed..."i'll leave it to the weather,
i'm kinda tired...........october, is almost over."

Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
October 24, 2018
Not at all fiction....groundhogs have started digging,
ruining my sister's green backyard...ground pepper
is one of many deterrents....and it's kinda cruel....
Shawna Shpirt Feb 2017
I shall not call myself
a poet
to thee
I shall allow you
to walk by
and judge me
like the bottle of wine
you did not buy
because my label
appears plain.

on the outside
I may be
but within
I'm bursting
with flavors
you can't even begin
to see.

And I won't whisper
your misgivings

I'm sure
is sweet
I know
and perhaps

You won't know all
by looking at me
even once you're in
tasting to try
the lingering spice
leaves you
drinking me dry.

and even then..
Chris Neilson Jan 2017
Green peppers are a crime against food
a sickening taste and virtually inedible
thoughts of them put one in a bad mood
why they're sold is incredible

Why do green peppers even exist?
they infringe our human rights
never appearing on any shopping list
they give me sleepless nights

Every meal spoiled if a green pepper in it
they give reds and yellows a bad name
lawyers should serve them with a writ
nothing but their taste to blame

Green peppers appear in every multi pack
most hurled straight to the recycling bin
whoever includes them should get the sack
in world cuisine they're a mortal sin
You'd never guess I'm not a fan
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