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Kylia Jan 2015
It's this time,
When it's truly the middle of the night.
When the witches and wolves come out to dine,
When mr moon refuses to burn bright. 

When he and she 
Are snoozing tight,
When you and me 
--our imaginations take flight.

When ghouls and ghosts 
Don't worry the light,
When vampires boast
About their bites. 

When silence is ominous
--to the banshees' delight,
When goblins are most honest
Fine I'm lying, alright.

When faeries come out,
Pink green blue red white,
When zombies get up and about,
Completely oblivious to the mosquito bites.

When it's time to celebrate
The water sprites' wedding night. 
When all long dead mates
Finally get to reunite.

It is also time
For the stars to excite:
One kiss for one dime,
Mermaids, the queen of the night.

But when the moon disappears 
And the sun takes along its light, 
These creatures wipe away a tear...
It's time to say good night.
I have an imagination virus.
Kylia Oct 2015
Her image shuddered;
Streaks of ebony lightning against the backdrop of 
Cloudless, midnight blue
Muscles tensing, preparing
(A predator on the loose)
She pounced, back arched in 
Feline grace, emerald eyes reflecting the 
Silent spirit of a 
Battle-hardened warrior
Twisting turning mid-air limbs outstretched
Landing with a whisper, the
Imprint of her paw prints humming the distant song of a
Secret moonlit sonata. was it? Constructive criticism will be much appreciated. I'm trying to improve on my limited vocabulary o.o

Also I thought it was interesting to challenge myself to write a poem beginning with every letter if the alphabet, so here's the first one. I've been really, really busy recently cuz my grades haven't been too good, so sorry for the unofficial hiatus :/


Also if you're bored check out my instagram @all.those.silver.linings where I've started another series (Daydreams) dedicated to all those thoughts that didn't make it to a full poem, and basically make my poems fancier and post them on a social media platform to share it with other people. Meh.

Kylia Oct 2014
I had a feeling
Yesterday night I think.
But my head might be wrong, as it is

It was a queer feeling
Rather peculiar, one might say.
It was blank--as white as an
Unused sheet of paper

A Kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, sounds,
All put in the blender that was my head,
And so it mixed, clashed, tumbled, blended.

Into a white frothy substance--
Pure, clean, white.
The absolute, infinitely
enormous, sense of nothingness

And for that single, flashing fraction of
A moment,
I felt weightless, free from the burden of emotions.
The calm before the storm.

If only for a moment.
Just a feeling that I experienced. Not really sure what it is.
Kylia Jul 2016
I count: A Silver line(ing)
Wait, two.
There they bask on top of his head,
(Is it just me or is it getting hot in here)
Dyed? I inquire.
No answer.
They lay, black-hole swallowed amongst
Livelier, Lonelier, counterparts
Youth, I imagine they think
To themselves, is a void(ing)
Age is the neon pink vitality of last
Chances; they know
The average lifespan of their kind:
730 days.
--the queue groans forward two steps--
So they shift slightly and give in to an ebony hollow-
Ness (cafe) isn't good for your health-
I muse an an afterthought.
The nest shivers,
Rustles as the tree stalks away on neon pink
Roots, a beige trunk.
Gave myself 5 minutes to write something from this inspiration and edited it a little afterwards. Hope ya'll have a nice day :)
Kylia Nov 2014
And she thinks her thick mascara and
Glittery eyeshadow hides the way she
rolls her eyes dramatically,
And how she
angles her body slightly away from
Me, but very very much more towards
The other student.

The better one, the
Goody-two-shoes, the one with the
perfect grades, the talented one,
The hypocrite
Ohhh OF COURSE she's talented.
--in pretending, maybe.
Seriously? Are you that blind?

But what Ms "I know everything" doesn't know,
is how she goes around raising eyebrows at
Everyone who's not
As good as her,
How she puts on her mask, when a teacher
Stumbles into her radar, and
Rips it off when they disappear, a masterful disguise.

But what
Mr Know-it-all
doesn't know, Is what
happens when a student gets
detected. Once you're in quicksand,
There's no getting out, until you're
made to feel as if you're
worthless, Pure
carbon, when you
could be

All these poor, poor, poor
Teachers. Being fooled so easily, or
It's just what they wish to see.
After all, everyone loves an angel
Even if its the devil

"All the worlds a stage"
To some people, I guess,
the world really is a stage.
Ugh, I hate this kind of people. Just had this exact experience this morning, made me feel like puking on her.
Kylia Nov 2014
He raises the bow, slides
Delicately across strings,
D major, A sharp, C minor
Elbow straight, raised high,
And something magical happens

Notes released into the air,
Gliding swiftly, cleanly, clearly.
Mourning put into music,
Rejoicing in regret,
Reading without words,
The deepest, the understanding
of the soul.

Of the bass, harp, violin,
there is only one sound I hear
It is the cello, one cello,
Played by one whose every breath
in rhythm, flat nose, sharp ears
Eyes closed, head rocking, like of
one possessed, but by the spell, the
beauty, the ethereal essence of music, that
One cannot simply deny.

Brother, I know you have the it
that it takes, though I don't know what
is it, really. But I watch you, and I
Simply know, deep in the
Recesses of my soul,
that you can.
So stop dragging me to these
performances to tell me
look at them! I'll never be
This good
And start trying, actually
trying, for once in your life.

I'll be waiting to see you
on that stage, playing for me.
Don't disappoint me.
The orchestral concert that you brought me to today has raised my expectations bar, and I'm not sorry. Try to do at least something seriously in your life, so you won't totally and irreversably waste your miserable existence. But even if you don't, I'll still love you :)
P.s. I know you won't even read this but I love you for who you are, as my wonderful totally awesome leetle brother who never does anything right and gets scolded daily by absolutely everyone (including me) and... never mind.
Kylia Sep 2016
! the !
! next act has !
! started in a tumble !
! of colours ; the seat !
! next to me is empty but !
! she is a million miles !
 ! away and nowhere !
! to be found !
! - !
have faith.
Wish you were here
Kylia Jan 2016
His ebony wings were spread-eagled, nailed crimson to a 
Cross (my heart, hope to die)
Head bowed, body dangling from gossamer strings pulled by 
Shadows mouthing out lyrics to an 
Unsung melody; a siren
Song of surrender and serenity amidst fragments
Of a fairytale heart that eternity tends to tear apart. 
Ichor peeks out from sleek surgical cuts, frosting his heart with
Thoughts that don't belong to him,
Voices that say "This is truth this 
Is gospel so take it take it or leave it" but there's never really a choice, not really.
And he's a blind man waiting for the sunrise:
Black and black and black and blue but he can't see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore
Where is it? 
Where is paradise? 
So under the stars it is- walking, walking, walking till his eyes smile with the light of constellations, chest rises without the weight of a thousand planets. Finally. 
Finally. *
The sun has risen when the train tracks suddenly cleaves in half and
he *chooses.

He chooses freedom.
Instantly the perpiration latches itself on him like a long-lost lover, but it doesn't taste like the 
barrel of a gun anymore
So he keeps trudging, dreaming about once-upon-a-time wings and caresses of the wind that drew shivers down his spine and sketched onto him an electric soul 
He blinks the roaring sand from his eyes,
When suddenly he finds himself lost, derailed, bare feet blazing, gazing 
up into the periwinkle desert sky. 
The abyss yawns louder and louder:
The sand is beige beckoning, the rocks burgundy bewitching
Slowly he leans forward--A tipping scale 
But he doesnotfall,doesnotfly, hovering on the edge of a shimmering faultline
Instead he melts into the arms wrapped around his waist (pulling him back)
every scar, every word he doesn't speak out loud outlined in unfamiliar pain and a scarlet emotion he doesn't recognise
In his ears are matching heartbeats, echoes ricocheting off bullet-proof wards, hiding a
Rock and roll soul
Look up just a little and he's drowning, heisdrowningdrowningdrowning in a troubled sea of brilliant green and flecks of gold
Cards fold, feet bold
Into the darkness he fell, bracing for the crash-land.
Rolling heads over heels, till the damp dust settles and lips meet lips.
What a sight. 
For once in his life, he doesn't fight. 
For a long time, they sit like that--back against back, 
Until cerulean blue eyes turns to amber and spring-bud green burns to ash.
"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
Stephen Chbosky

P.s. Please read it as a story :)
Narrates the life of Castiel, but you can interpret it as you wish to.
Kylia Dec 2015
Pale fingers intertwining,
a bittersweet hand squeeze. 
His thumb softly rubbing against her
cold, silken skin 

--But their faces!
Rosy cheeks, shining eyes
Two staccato heartbeats.
The wind whipped and tossed and screamed,
ebony locks flowing like the whispers 
in the night.

The horizon was near.
The ocean looked up hungrily,
muttering; tempting, teasing
Screams filled the dead air:
Elation, as they leaned in to embrace.

Finally, an exit out of this maze. 
Now we can truly be together
Now we can truly be free.

I'll find you on the other side, darling.

Two extra splashes into the now silent sea, 
Two soaring doves, carefree gemini.
Not sure why I thought of this when I thought of bones, but here. All criticisms are kindly appreciated... :) have a nice day...or night...or whatever.
Kylia Jun 2015
Blinds rattle
Hearts break

Wild winds buffeting
Hearts mend

The sky splits open
Hearts shatter

Silence in the streets
Broken hearts don't mend

The gates of heaven close
Only time can heal
Just a little something about the cycle of a broken relationship
Kylia Jun 2015
Memories forged by the steady stream 
of Time, crinkles by your eyes and 
Teardrops down your chin. 
It all went back to that rubber band--
Remember your shocked face when
it missed its mark, how my face stung--
Literally, before you stumbled and then 
(I think it was that moment you sung)
Straight into my heart with your laughing eyes
, and that corner of your mouth that never 
seemed to lift quite as much. I realise, 
Just how deeply you sank your white anchor
Into my black unforgiving sea. 

And now it has come the time 
Of war, of demons, of pain. 
And brother, watch me repay you--dime
By dime. I do not forget the saints.
And so long as I shall live, I 
Promise, the demons that wrought 
carnage upon your soul shall die.
I will be your haven, just as you've taught
Me, once upon a time.
And by your side I will fight every demon sent by your past, and together we shall be victorious.
Kylia Dec 2014
The rich will always be rich,
Computers, clean body, nice clothes,
Proper homes, not shacks.
Elite schools, branded
Motorcycles, jewelry

The poor will always be poor,
A pen, a marvel
Firewood, abandoned train tracks
YMCA funded classes,
Hand-me downs, nakedness

Grandfather, father,
Son. Same lineage, same burden
To pass down
A Never-ending cycle

Cruel game of Russian roulette,
Spin the revolver, watch it
Turn, pick it up, iron to temple
--BANG BANG-- you're dead.
The more the rounds, the

It is a gap that cannot
Be plugged,
A boulder that cannot be put down,
Like Atlas holding the sky,
If released, the sky and earth
Collide, and we die--
All of us.
Sorry if this isn't really top notch, I didn't really have much time to dwell on it, just a basic idea, cause I'm in Cambodia doing missionary work. So bear with me please.
Kylia Jan 2016
You are smog you are 
the suffocating greyness coating my 
throat in thick layers like a winter coat,
Except on the 


Of cupboards behind
Bookshelves you are always there, waiting
For the perfect opportunity to strike
Hard, fast but its always your


Puppets dance on my shoulder they
Don't reflect what's inside
But it doesn't matter, does it? 
Only that everyone likes the 


Under the sun till my 
Head bake heart ache stop pulling on my
Strings I cannot feel my feet anymore 
How do I 

I promise this alphabet thing is still going on even if it doesn't seem like it but I have school. Dreaded, disgusting, mind-decaying school. I know I'm supposed to be grateful, and I am, I promise. But I just don't know how I'm supposed to like it. What will you do if I won't? Maybe I don't want to. Maybe I never will.
Kylia Jun 2016
In another life
She would have been born a boy 
Too late, they'll just try again
Pudgy limbs thrashing in water 
Soon the bucket is silent.
Time for tankas
Kylia Jan 2014
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate,
There are many different types.
White milk or dark,
From the cacao beans that ripe.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate,
One try and you'll get attached.
There's one for everyone,
So please don't ******!
Kylia Jan 2014
Fragile, translucent
Swaying, singing, smiling
Feeling of freedom and gentleness
Mother of all things beautiful
Kylia Jan 2016
Day 1:
You dance through it, with painted smiles and 
Portrait lenses tinted pink
You don't leave this sand castle you've constructed
Head in the clouds, tripping on thunderbolts

Day 2:
The sun draws shadows down your spine
You're not broken, only scratched 
A second-hand car, gone to get your fix
New paint to hide those scars

Day 6: 
There's no steering you away
By now its a repetition, wrenching sunlight from lemons
Black, white, black white
Black eyes, ripped pockets

Day 57:
Heaven is only for angels,
But you're a wolf in disguise
You flew too close to the sun, wax wings 
Burning, drowning, clawing (your way to the top again) 

Day 100: 
Today's the day. You're gonna do it again. 
Pierce the veil, soar to new heights
Away from those demons you used to know they shout out STOPDON'TDOTHIS
But you can't-FIGHTIT-don't want to wake from this dream

Day 9649: 
You're a blind man waiting for the sun to rise
It's getting hard to breathe in this haze
Then there's a pinprick of white
You surge forward, riding on waves of desperation

Day 335481:
Its an unsurmountable wall
You keep climbing and climbing and climbing and climbing but 
Look down and suddenly there's a hundred 
Miles left 
One word. Drugs. Actually, its three. DON'T DO DRUGS.
Kylia Jan 2015
You are my seven deadly sins, my
Ticket to hell.

And I, your
Fallen angel.

Together, we are death,
doom and destruction
I'm not sorry.
Kylia Feb 2015
Pull me down into your moonlit lakes and stormy penumbras in your brilliant eyes
Smother me with your petrichor and evanescant forever afters and a fleeting eternity
Tempt me with the galaxies in your orbiting existence and questions--questions and gossamer mysteries
Be my eloquence of my stutter, my elixir to my poison, my epiphany for my existence.
Just a thought ;) decided to try out some beautiful words that I found :) personal favourites.
Kylia Aug 2016
you have always inked your own skies but this time-- this time Sea has engulfed the earth and these is no shore for hope to wash up
the crook of your elbow is a criminal cast of old time's sake and beneath skin-deep smiles each red blood cell drags its own wheelbarrow of
the size of teardrops roll down vein-encrusted mountainsides and you think (you know) to yourself: this is the end of the world as you know it. --then a glass ceiling rains down the sun and you pull oxygen; dissociate atoms: the yearning to breathe
you ring the doorbell and step in and something inside me rings as well; loud and clear and joyful and i notice
you leave your shoes behind.
I wrote this for you.
Kylia Jun 2016
Neon lights illuminunate glasses,
Getting picked on--***** those *******.

We don't worship your filthy pastors
In life we'll see who runs the fastest.
Rip my first pantun ;-;
Kylia Feb 2016
Oh, but does the mourning mother miss him so!
In the trailing yellows of sunset she sees him,
In the bed he used to dream in, now but a
pristine stain of blue against white, displaying the vague outline of
used-to-be times and the drool stain that she
couldn't wash off with tears
On the walls hung portraits of silence
(Was it just her or did the smile seem forced all of a sudden)
They stared with canvas eyes and
whispered footsteps that ran up and down and up screaming
Fly away butterfly, fly!
Fly, fly, fly!
And fly it did, crash-landing into a web of disaster--
Its black mistress spinning him round and round and round her
scarlet hourglass figure
Time lost its meaning that night,
Trapped in an endless labyrinth of dead-ends and
rubber bands he'd use to make constellations with
Imprisoned within the suffocating
Haze of thoughts, memories she didn't want to unlock
and smoke.
Smoke- slithering its way into the sky, smoke
coiling around its mangled metal corpse.
He was gone before the smoke had risen,
leaving her to sweep up the broken pieces of herself;
They bit savagely into her palms but the numbness:
It built a fortress of steel around her:
A mother's grief.
Kylia May 2016
Timid she creeps, painting
Sunsets on trees.
One by one
Fly, fire, fly!
Kylia Jan 2016
And the moon cried out to the stars with a great wail.
Then came the insistent pounding of sky and earth and
Everything in between.
Before awestruck eyes crashed a
Great wall of water;
Raging, wild like a wolf that hadn't seen the moon for
Far too long a while. It loomed over them:
Tiny, pointless in comparison.
A drop of water amidst an ocean.
The wave seemed to shudder when it crested,
As time stopped to wave goodbye, and then
As if someone had pressed the fast forward button on a recorder
The wall came crashing down
And down
And down
And down.
And that is how, my darling,
Humpty couldn't
(for his life)
put himself back together again.
Kylia Jul 2015
She was of many things—
She was of the sea, and the sun, and the
Stars (shining brightest in the night), but
Most of all, she was of the sky, she was in
The wings of the soaring winds, the thud-
Thud of a brave heart.

She was of many shades—
She was rose red, mellow yellow, as
Pink as the blush in her cheek and as green
As the grasses of the earth—nourished
By waters of violet and aqua-marine.
(Black and white)
Happy 14th to you! You're so quiet, yet filled with so much pent-up beautiful...Remember that if you need anything, there are so many people that love you! You just gotta open your eyes and look--really look.

On a side note you write so elegantly, I can't even begin to describe all your wonderful thoughts you put into words...
Continue being awesome, and thank you for making this world a better place!
Kylia Feb 2016
Two days. 
Two days drowning in the cacophonous silence of chaos
Burrowing deep into my waterlogged bones two
Nights kept alive by remnants of a forgotten time, 
Foggy after-images of thunderstorms and 
Learning to dance in the exuberant rain;
An under-developed photo.
Colours, that what you were. Chasing clashing carnival 

Two days. 
Two days burning alive. 
One day I'll turn to ashes, I swear.
These flames burn blue,
They burn with heat of missing you;
Grim golden, sorry scarlet
Do you miss me too? I try 
Not to think (I do) but you slither inside my
Mind like tongues 
Don't you know I'll burn you

Baby girl,
Do you remember that sunset we spent on the cliff like lust-filled teenagers?
We were feather-light then, floating to wherever the 
Wind blew us to. Wanderlust coated our skin a pearly white and there were
Nothing but sheets between us; a shimmering
Faultline we dared not cross. 
(You probably forgot) 
The way my heart felt as you cradled it in your sleeve. 
In that moment I realised all I could ever be was stone 
Cold, heart sold 
You carved me a rose, I threw you a hose
Its my fault, 
I should've known all I ever did was water you down, 
Dim your spark.
Its my fault, 
Forgive me for letting you drown. 

Baby boy,
I want you to know this:
I'm sorry. 
I'm sorry for ever meeting you.
Sometimes I wonder, what were the chances?
Seven billion other souls to ignite,
But the Devil chose you.
I don't regret anything, the pain, the 
Charred black bond we used to share
Darling, you don't deserve hell like me.
No one deserves hell like me
Don't worry sweetie, they could never steal us,
Not the memories at least:
I've locked them away for another hour, another 
Time, another age to savour:
The son of Man and the Devil's daughter.
I was selfish, but please
Promise me one thing. 
Don't ever forget me, will you?
Not when the tides turn, not even 
when hell burns. *

So one more day passes agonizingly, then two
The seconds fall like honey, I can't bear to look at you
Day three, I'm taking a breath and gathering my courage
I watch as you approach me and my pumpkin carriage
Is that longing on your face or am I imagining things?
I'm not prepared for this-the room starts to spin
Three metres, two metres, one and oh ****. 
My mouth feels too dry, I'm going to be sick.

-An uncomfortable silence-

So, are we still--
Yeah, friends.

The smile that he smiles has me held tongue-tied*
Well, at least it better than saying goodbye.
Why did I make myself sad :/
Kylia Apr 2016
These days I get lost more often that not
In a labyrinth of escaping echos,
They belch out obscene words, each one left
Behind like red hot embers for me to pick up.
I strip myelf bare before you today, to say:
I will not be outshined, I will not 
be swallowed whole,
not by any of the black holes you hurl towards me like
shooting stars
(Come now dear, close your eyes and make a--)
Wishes don't come true by wishing.
You don't scare me, don't you
see? The monster under my bed I used to hide from--
its just a part of your hurricane heart
I get it now, 
now that time has healed those scars, leaving 
in its place opalescent stars--
you were just the by-product of tear-stained pillows and 
the (not so) occasional broken bottle

I strip myself bare before you today, to say:
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry my monsters were gaping mouths and mocking eyes, and yours--
yours were tangible fury and broken bones
slurred words and hollow tones I'm so
so sorry.
I strip myself bare before you today to tell you: 
I forgive you.
You know who you are.
I've stopped running from your ghost, now why don't you?
Kylia Apr 2017
Vad var det vi sa när vi
sträckte ut våra armar
Vad var det vi sa när vi två
tittade ut ifrån berget
Vad var när vi skrek när drommar bar oss bortom stan
Å, en dag ska vi härifrån

Och vis ska slåss
Ja, vi ska slåss mot goliat
Så tror på mig,
för jag vet att du är modigast


What was it that we said, when we
threw our arms up against the wind
What was is that we said,
when we watched, hand-in-hand, from the mountaintop
What was it that we shouted, when our dreams
carried us far beyond the city
One day,
we'll leave this place.

So we shall fight
Goliath never stood a chance ;
Trust me
for I am testimony
to your courage
lyrics from Goliat by Laleh, a song that means alot to me. My english adaptation  below :-)
Kylia Apr 2016
Dear Friend,
These years we had went by so fast
These years apart shall never mend
And this far our warm love has last
And my heart this parting shall ever rend

Dear Friend,
Do you still remember the first time we met?
(oh please tell me you do)
So much has happened, I’ll never forget
But now we bid adieu

Dear Friend,
My soul is here
My flesh is there
It is my mortal fear
That my heart I’ll never again share

Dear Friend,
We conquered the world, hand in hand
And sailed the seven seas
Without you I couldn’t have sketched the sand
Nor kissed the cool sea breeze

Dear Friend,
Maybe one day we’ll meet again
Before the ink has left the pen
When time is old and so are we
And we will one last time celebrate our jubilee*

Dear Friend,
Know that you’ll always hold a space in my heart
For the laughter that we’ve collected
And for all the times we tore each other apart--
(What can I say? We’re both demented)

Dear Friend,
I guess what I’m trying to say is
Life can be mean
Life can be bliss
But please remember to hold on
To our sun-kissed smiles and watery eyes
I promise
They’ll hold you through to dawn
So forget goodbyes
They are not forever
This precious love goodbyes cannot sever
This joyous pact we’ve together drawn
For now
Let us merely whisper
“Until tomorrow’s dawn”
Another beautiful collab :')
Bolded by him, Italicized by me.

For Faith (although you'll never see it)
Kylia Jul 2015
But her tiger eyes
--he recognized them at once--
Would not break, would not rip
--apart the gossamer webs that
smothered her chest--the one that
still remembers the smell of
petrichor and that aroma that she
still can't put her finger on, the
soft grey one that spoke of lovely thunderstorms
and sunshine snuggles and--

And she reminded herself just
in time, before the void swallowed her
(whole, jagged edges and all) into its
gaping mouth lined with shining teeth that glittered
--the mask he wore while masquerading
through the ball of her life, until
one day she saw--
Really saw.

But still, the chest looked forlorn,
sitting amidst the echoes of a past not
worth remembering, so she took

*And she shut the door.
Some words were determined to wiggle themselves right into my brain, and so I penned them down. Its about a chapter of my short life to which I say: Good riddance.
Kylia Sep 2014
The sea strains for the sand,
pulling, grasping at
each precious granule,
Their lovers embrace
with the rise and fall of the tide.

But I am not the sea.
The sky is not my sand.
"Reach for the stars"
They say.
When I am bound.
Chained to the rocks
Shackles made of iron
Caressing my feet

I reach for my sky
My haven, my light
But I cannot
For my wings are far too
Small, To carry my weight.
And I fall
      And fall
          And fall
Until I am grounded.
A fallen angel
Yet again.
Kylia Sep 2015
She doesn't look up, not once.
None of them do. 

Not when the words hang
From the tips of their drooping mouths, 
Droplets splashing onto those
Neon screens clutched in
Sweaty hands, soaring and tumbling past
Instagram, tumblr, straight on til'
Status udates, and 
Timelines that tell life stories and
Remind them that 
"It's her birthday today" because
They forgot that they forgot last year too.
So they crack their neck 
(It hurts to look down for so long)
, lift a pale finger to click: 
"Wish you a happy birth--

She is behind them, but they don't 
See, or don't bother to.

So when those words falter, halt
To a stop because that pale finger thinks
It would be awkward, will wishing
A happy birthday mean...
She sees, and keeps silent, because those words:
They have grown cold, hard, like concrete
Left to cool for too long. 
And when they close that white and blue screen,
Swipe on to more important things,
She picks up the hem of
Her faded dress and plucks off that 
One loose strand of thread that
Never seem to 

She closes her wings and fold them 
Back within herself. 

And on that particular night, 
On that particular date, 
She clutches a neon screen in her 
Sweaty hands, and count. 




3 pokes.
Is this a happy one or a sad one? Just can't make up my mind.
Kylia Jan 2016
"Shattering into a million tiny fragments"
What a load of *******.

More like being wrenched out from between your ribs, liver crunching, intestines spilling. Mind-numbing, heart-aching. Hunched-back, clock ticking, tick tock tick flames licking, counting down the beats till the end of the song, end of the line, straight onto those railway tracks, staring into yellow awaiting black. 

More like ripping it clean out, gripping it tight in satin-gloved hands stained blue black, squeezing it, pummeling it against the wall again and again and ripping in half like a teddy bear left in the dust for far too long: glassy ebony eyes, held together by spider webs. Cleaved straight down the middle, hacked into a fraction of what it used to be, a quivering mass of scarlet red and void black. There is no horizon to this empty sky.
Kylia Dec 2014
Here you go. You want to hear it, don't you?
For all the space in your handphone I
Wasted sending you
Useless messages,
For how I borrowed you too much,
Ranting on about life, apparently too much,
Because I thought I'd finally found someone who'd
Listen, I guess I thought wrong.

And I sit on my bed, and wonder,
Were you ever the guy I
Thought you were?
Probably not.
While I automatically go about my day,
I keep my phone at hand.
I am yearning. yearning for the sound of bells,
The sound that I reserved for your messages.
Bells ringing, angels.

I used to think of you as my
Little devil,
Bad boy as you were.
****, was I right.
It hurts, you know.
How I opened me out,
Lied spread-eagled on the floor.
Dug out all my secrets, my Achilles heel,
me...I trusted you.
But I was Prometheus and you were the eagle,
You dug my insides out.
Ate them.

And for trusting you,
For believing, even once
That you were the one,

I'm sorry.
People change. I really miss him. It hurts when you're thinking abut him, and you know he's not thinking about you. It's frustrating, annoying, makes you feel sweet, and sour, and spicy all at once, but you simply can't help it.
Kylia Sep 2014
A uniquely unique me,
Is all I wanna be!
When you can be so special,
Why waste your own potential?

When I can move my ears,
And growl (although it's queer)
And choose how loud to ****
--consider it a type of art

When I can hiccup-****-sneeze,
And appreciate blue cheese
And laugh and chortle and guffaw
--all my friends stare in awe.

When I can recite so many words,
(It doesn't mean I'm a nerd)
And snack 20 times a day
--don't judge okay...

When you can do all that,
Why feel the need to act?
Please just accept the fact
You are you and that's that!
I know sometimes people (like me) have doubts, and get depressed, but don't worry. There are millions of people out there who Feel. For. You.  Please just love yourself for you are. There is, after all, only and will ever be only 1 of you!
Kylia Aug 2015
The night sky was a piece of art, sketched
By a thousand eager caresses of the wind and
Painted with tender brushstrokes in the many 
hues of dark blue, sprinkled with white sand.

There she sat cross-legged, bare arms trembling with
Cold (anticipation) --the earth seemed so far away
Suspended on a canvas of concrete hundreds of
Feet in the air, metal bars in decay

Lights dying, fumes dissipating, horizon
Fading--Skyscrapers but a silhouette 
In a backdrop of gray (the silence felt wrong, somehow,
Like fine wine on a picnic mat) 

So she closed her eyes and imagined--
less gray, more blue,
The smell of petrichor, and the humming of birds, and leaves 
glistening with the sheen of morning dew

But she opened them again--
Saw prison bars, and she realised, 
All along she had been listening to a lonely
Melody her mind had devised...

Painting an impossible picture.
This world is far too technologically-advanced to acknowledge or care to appreciate Mother Nature. There are so many campaigns to promote "saving the earth" but do we listen? No! I fear that if this goes on for much longer, it will be no longer possible to change our ways...but honestly, what can one girl with her poem do? Absolutely nothing.

Based on a picture taken on a whim
Kylia Oct 2016
In case of emergency, place sandals neatly against toilet door. Be sure to turn off all light sources ; the monster exists in the mirror, too.
In case of emergency, press palms against tiles, become accustomed to friction. Remember: cold is the least of your worries. 
In case of emergency, enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it.

In the event of a fire, try your hardest to access a natural water source. The taps will be too far for your hands to reach
In the event of a fire, know that struggling does not relieve the burn.
In the event of a fire, wash hands thoroughly, and do not seek help.
After all, it is your fault for carrying a match.
Kylia Nov 2014
Sometimes I wonder
How inspiration comes...
Does it tap you on your shoulder to announce its arrival?
Does it sneak into your heart like Santa Claus squeezing his
Fat bottom down the chimney on Christmas eve?
Or does it hurtle towards you in the
Speed of light like a meteorite from space,
Exploding in a shower of sparks and a dramatic
upon landing?
Perhaps it cuts a hole in your heart and
Presents itself as a headache.
Or maybe...

I guess I'll never know?
The inspiration for this came like a pillow landing, I suppose, with a soft bump in my brain. I'm supposed to be doing my work, but I CANNOT FOCUS. Must have eaten too much chocolate. Actually now that I think of it, the last one sounds like a writers block.
Kylia Aug 2016
sound the horn ;
The dead are preparing for war, my
gut is a forge they cannot find
Who hides Hephaestus' phoenix inside
chinks of rattling 
chainmail ; 
up gravestones, RIP(ping) breath from

So when the skies tremble to hear the
wailing of a burning sun-set
they will ride in, a silent scream of glowing-iron-hell-fire-
Hail :::
Daughter of Echidna
will You 

lead us

to victory?
Kylia Nov 2014
fascinating how
at night, the moment my eyes
filter out reality, my blanket transforms
into                      a                    shield,
warding off all the spears that life hurls
towards me, only to shatter like
glass in the light of
Sometimes my poetry tingles have weird, weird timings. This thought decided to flutter into my insomniac brain while I lay under my poofy blanket and worried about ghosts and monsters under my bed.
Kylia Dec 2014
Everyone is a light.
Most are like chandeliers,
Fanciful yet pretentious.
Oh please, one lamp is enough.
But then there are some
Very rare, very precious
Candles, lighting the path
for others,
Even if it spells their own demise.
And these are the people
That will earn respect,
And these are the people
That will not die drowning
In their own tears of regret.
To all my awesome friends on HP, Yasuko, Phinehas, and Patrice, thank you for being there when I needed you guys, and for lighting up my life. I am forever grateful.
Kylia Aug 2015
Wallowing in grief, they said.
Clad in black, face wet--
Distant, drowning eyes burning
Hands clasped, knuckles snow
Rose; thornless, flawless

Too fragile, they said.
Lips pulled down, face blotched, splotches of 
Crimson red 
Stained shards of glass
Crystal clear mind, jagged 
Of a window (pain) 

Broken, they said.
Shivering shoulders, silent spells
But those eyes. Those
Shining depths, they bore love in its
Form, held her together like glue. 

Broken, they said. 
Well, she'll live to smile another day.
Kylia Dec 2014
True, they don't hurt you physically,
But inside,
Beneath these lies
You tell yourself,
I'm okay, I'm fine, really...
A ceramic plate chips,
A corner taken,
A fragment gone.
With time, what was strong
Has become weak.
For what is a house made of

Once it's gone, it's
That part, however little,
Will never, ever be
With you again.
Like fixing porcelain with
It just doesn't feel the same.
And it hurts,
Hurts, hurts, hurts.

If the glue is applied with the
Right care,
The end result, can be--
will be more beautiful
If it hadn't been
b r o k e n

sticks and stones may break my bones but words never will
I guess it depends on what kind of words,
Ain't it?
I have decided to let you people guess the quote, but it's kinda obvious, no? This idea sorta popped into my head and I spent 30 minutes scribbling down my thoughts. I really hope you read it to the end, just cause if you didn't it would seem like a really sad poem, and I don't want it to be sad. Be happy! And enjoy life, some people, like me, have found out how to do that by developing a thick skin that doesn't let any words affect me, which isn't always a good thing, also known as being stubborn.

On a side note,
Please give me some constructive criticism if you know how this can be improved, I really appreciate it.
Kylia Apr 2015
Why, why did you choose that
Path, were you sick of being haunted by the
Demons of your past? Or did you
Just decide one day that it wouldn't
Make a difference
If you were gone? 
Maybe you were right. 
Maybe the world does keep on spinning.
Maybe you didn't rock the world
But what you did. What YOU did--
Did you know every time you
Smiled a little piece me fell 
Into chaos?
Did you know every time you spoke you
Distracted me from the words that never would
Did you know when you jumped that
I would fall along with you?
Maybe you did. 

But don't worry baby,
I'm coming for you.
RIP darling.
Kylia Jan 2015
Just because you think you know
My story from someone I used to trust,
Doesn't make you my 
Personal advertiser. 

You can't see through my bluff,
Although you pretend to, because
You're not the first to pull this on me.  
I've had practice, you won't win. 

I made a mistake once, and I 
Made it again. Shoot me. 
I promise you, I won't 
Tell anyone, ever again. 

You don't have to announce it 
For the gods to hear, I act like I don't care,
Don't care how everyone looks
At me different now. 

So you became my mother now, 
Did you? Go on. Be disappointed.
Do it and I'll treat you like my mother.
Like I don't give a ****.

So you turned me into 
A monster, didn't you? 
All while telling me:
"I understand, really"

Now I know.
It all comes down to trust.
Trust, trust, trust, trust, trust...
Trust is a *****. 

I hate you. As much as I hated 
The other person who did this to me. 
As much as I hate myself. 
I ******* Hate You.
I'm so **** tired of all of this drama. Just want it to end, if that's even possible. Sorry for the cusses. I was mad. Like really, really mad.
Kylia Mar 2015
I'll be rising out of the sea
--you'll worship me
Hide your face beneath layers of 
Tranlucent glass 
(see through)

I won't be on the other
Side of the equation for once
You'll burn with the force of my
Heat do you remember How
You perfected it?
(I do)

I will live a life--
Regrets, hatred, love, laughter
And all you will
Be is one of the many thorns 
In the rose of my 
(Previous life)

I will break you
Piece by piece--dissected 
Every scratch, every nuance 
Of emotion you show
I'll use it against you
(I learned from the best) 

I will raise my head
Above the clouds because I 
Deserve to fly--higher than 
You and your platinum eyes
That never seen to smile
(Not once) 

One day, but not just yet.
Kylia Nov 2014
beginning there were
Stars, millions of
Fiery orbs clearly visible in
theVoid of

But do you see stars now?

The world has become our pollution,
Our demise. Making planets our to be stars
But if we want to--and we will, we can
Shine, shine bright, brighter than we've
Ever been before.

*And we will be noticed
This society is created to discourage us, to tell us that we're forever not good enough, and to blind us to the great things that we could have done--and can do, if we choose to. Don't let the negative opinions of others affect you, supernova.
Kylia Sep 2015
Living life on the edge--
Always wondering when the next 
Unearthly shiver, the next 
Wave would crest and fall on you and 
Everything would slow down for a few 
(They felt like hours)
When your insides would 
Flip and freeze and 
Everything was out to get you
But you were--
Stuck between cobwebs, face
Contorting (only on the inside)
--A short eternity 
Jailed between the suffocating
Walls of your crimson-coloured

(No escape)
Kylia Nov 2014
It caresses my face,
Rubbing one velvety gloved finger up and
Down my neck, tracing up the
sharpness of my chin,
My, what a contrast.

The wind is like
Dry ice,
It freezes lips shut and
chills even teeth,
But when it warms,
Your skin craves it like
Parched throats crave water.

The wind is like an
Earthworm, it burrows straight into my
Nose when I tilt my head back.
It slithers through the holes in my shirt,
And breathes in life.

The wind is like a swarm of
Stinging my eyes, making them leak.
It stings for a second, then
Flies away,
Only to attack again, and again,
And again.

The wind is like a spider's
Invisible to the untrained eye,
Yet strong as steel--
Maybe even
It catches stray objects and
Swallows it whole,
Trapping them in its
Unrelenting fist

To me, the wind is also a force of
nature, both
Meek and Mighty--unpredictable
But what is it? Really...
It's all up to you

Everyone has different opinions on
Different matters, so
Don't judge.
Watching hair fly while staring out the window aimlessly during a thunderstorm proves more inspiring than I thought.
Kylia Sep 2014
Past the painted pond
Posing poets in poems prettily paces
Painted images of snapshots, frozen yet alive
Pained smiles, opaque brightly colored masks
Plain moments, everyday treasures

Pouring souls, alphabets flow, watercolor.
Pooling, swirling, creating
Pictures appear, fade, appear
Patiently strung together, words
Piece by piece, dissected
The letter P is too underused. I'm pitying it.
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