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nightdew Mar 7
there are voices in her mind,
constant echoes that bubble wildly,
telling her that she's not good enough.

it tricks her into thinking,
that maybe... just maybe,
she's really not good enough.

they tell her she's not suitable,
not for this not for that,
and she just happens to believe them.

as naive as she is,
she's quickly fooled,
for thinking she doesn't have the potential.  

but deep down,
passing the harsh reminders,
she really is good enough.
and if you think you're not enough,
baby, you are, you always were.
Kleigh Nov 2018
His love makes her fly
Up in the bright sky
Now,she's higher than high
And riding the cloud nine
When he call an angel 'mine'
An angel in heaven
Is already fallen
An angel left broken
As his man left back then
She's like a crushed airplaine
An angel fell on the ground
She was fooled by his man around
An angel wasn't his true love
She was treated by his fake love
We are destined to create a sad story
V liv Nov 2018
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage.
You became worse than them.
Speak of others
Being distant.
You became further than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
You'll always be at rainbow's end
Eternal *** of gold
A fairy tale told long ago
Forever I've been sold

I try so hard but out of reach
With each hand would grab hold
No words needed so please don't speak
Would never let you go

But when I give up in defeat
The cycle getting old
The hill to climb becomes too steep
Turn down 'Yellow Brick Road'

The Wizard who I wish to meet
Told he can take me home
I hear the scurrying of feet
New shadow is well known

But like they say it's "Trick-or-treat"
And both will I be shown
With me you stand here in the street
No longer I'm alone

Now found; forever I had seeked
But actions had been cloned
Reached out but this dream could not keep
Like that; I'm turned to stone

You laugh and turn off in retreat
A call without a phone
A diet forced myself to eat
These actions had been sewn

This game of love again I'm beat
And tossed like trash I'm thrown
You stole from me just like a cheat
This life I live alone

No tears to cry but inside weep
My head, the space I roam
No need to hide; Escape don't seek
From now on is my home
Written: November 13, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Heptameter in Common Meter format]
Jon Thenes Apr 2018
Reliving and Preliving
may all my signals ghost to sway
Just falter information
i shall be spirited and a weather
A clamour among all my houses
an assault laid upon my understanding
in knots
combing out the fantastic
a floss upon a sea
and not a wound
; Misplaced I shall better be.

and then I breathe
this is no longer to be
I am in practice
; unfooled to better be
Kris Balubar Apr 2018
I should've known
You played a sweet smile
Capturing innocent hearts
Trust flows without thinking

Who knows I played
Right into your silly games
Trapped without knowing

Full of exposed,
You took things for granted
And left things unfinished

Selfish, creepy's me
I can't trust anymore

Well played,
You radiate the pain I feel
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2017
He sculpted himself
Into my "perfect person"
And I loved it

Till I realized
It was an act

And I was nothing
But a toy
To play with.

Aleeza Nov 2017
I have never understood
why people gravitate towards light
when it blinds the eyes that cannot adjust
when it can be traitorous

how long have they taught us to reach for light
to reach for a hope that is not really there?
how long have we been fooled that it is purely good
that it will be the salvation of all?

I have found more comfort in darkness
for it does not choke the life out of the shadows
for it does not parch the lands with its severity
for it does not deprive

and i do know
that with darkness there lurks an evil
a doubt that traps you in its embrace
a danger within the shadows

i have been so afraid of such a love
so afraid that they will cast me out because of what i want
for it is not what they dream of
for the shadows are their fear

but i will stand by it
because in darkness
i have found the cure
for the unending light
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