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am just fantasising about you, your sweet body, those ***** sweet kisses. The heart warming sensual moans as our bodies rock, and I slide into that sweet honeypot.

I can still feel the tremors of pleasure as I go deeper and deeper into you. I Love the smell our sticky bodies as we wash each other with our body juices.

My bedroom mistress, I yearn to learn more from your wealth of the act. You are an artist and I wish to be your apprentice. Teach me, let me do the practicals. Grade me, but let me have retakes.

Let me scoop the honey,
let me lick every drop,
Let me get drunk,
Allow me to savour the life dregs,

Let my fingers play the fiddle,
Let me sing and waltz to the rhythm,
Let me strike the notes in crescendo,
Allow me to drown in the melody.

Our song will have no words,
The music will not be meant for more than a pair of ears.
In our studio of five by six,
We will edit and launch our album,
And on our memory wall it will hang,
As the best platinum album of 2019.
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Watching you stretch
Your leg extended along the horizon
Always reaching for the sky
Determination so fierce
You inspire me to put my ink to use
Writing effortlessly
About the way your body moves
How your genius creates the steps
Suspended animation
I can’t wrap my head around
Constantly moving
And consistently untouchable
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016
Her light can been seen
eternally, both near and far
free spirit, snow white queen
proudly bearing all her scars

Her words a salve and bandage
binding wounds and pain
never putting out as salvage
love and caring, her refrain

She doesn't have to say it
it's bound in every word of prose
heart as pure as any true commit
platinum is the angel, behind the purist rose
LRF, it just fits.
Sometimes it's just relaxing to describe something already known :D
Anne Scintilla Dec 2016
Silver flakes tarnish,
She left for gold; all along,
He was platinum.
121616  6:59 AM

Finishing my journal early in the morning and this was a previous entry written two weeks ago.
Kylia Mar 2015
I'll be rising out of the sea
--you'll worship me
Hide your face beneath layers of 
Tranlucent glass 
(see through)

I won't be on the other
Side of the equation for once
You'll burn with the force of my
Heat do you remember How
You perfected it?
(I do)

I will live a life--
Regrets, hatred, love, laughter
And all you will
Be is one of the many thorns 
In the rose of my 
(Previous life)

I will break you
Piece by piece--dissected 
Every scratch, every nuance 
Of emotion you show
I'll use it against you
(I learned from the best) 

I will raise my head
Above the clouds because I 
Deserve to fly--higher than 
You and your platinum eyes
That never seen to smile
(Not once) 

One day, but not just yet.

— The End —