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Arsala 1d
I wrote this for myself,
not for its appeal,

you can say what you want,
but so can I feel

Freedom of speech,
that is written in ink

you can say what you want
and I can think what I think

Yell your opinion,
try to change my mind

try, try
to make me as blind

It’s my decision,
right to decide,

You can say what you want,
but so can I

Write what you want,
sing your choice of song

you can believe that you're right,
but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong

Just because you have the right to an opinion, doesn't mean I don't.
You can think that your right
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong
You can think that your right
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong
I repeat that doesn't mean I'm wrong☺
E Jun 26
I am not
Just a random person
Because I have feelings
And opinions
Please respect me
And I’ll respect you
Just because we’re on the Internet
Doesn’t mean you have the right to attack me
lua May 6
love doesn't cost much, to say the least. ive never bought love before but i know people who have. some say it costs an arm and a leg, some will say it's about a dollar and two cents. no refunds, as everything goes. sadness is an acquired taste, but it costs nothing more than the entirety of your youth. it has an interest rate too, so if you cant pay it all immediately, you're gonna be in debt for the rest of your life. sometimes you dont realise you bought sadness in the first place. sometimes you mix things up in your shopping cart and that's okay. it happens to the best of us. fear, on the other hand, is something you don't buy. it's just been there for as long as you can remember. some people have more of it, some people have less. sometimes people like to share their fear to other people, or even force it into a poor, unsuspecting fool's hands. everything else is a hand-me-down, opinions and what-not. kids these days like to take those opinions and cut them up and add new stuff to it, making it something new entirely. it's interesting, and it's become some sort of new trend nowadays — a trend i gladly participate in. but there's one thing i don't think i can buy, not for now atleast. happiness. happiness is something i see in a store shelf, a price tag with an ungodly amount of digits sticked on it. happiness is the item in the shop that i pick up and inspect with a longing in my heart, but never can buy. i don't have enough money for happiness. sometimes people drop their happiness as they go about their lives, and i would be the person behind them to see it. there would always be an inner debate within me whether to keep it for myself, or to return it to the owner. on most occasions i am a model citizen, and return it to the person who dropped it. but sometimes i place it inside my bag and bring it home, to where id take it out and feel the corners of my lips twitch into a smile. i know it wasn't mine, but the rich people who can afford it tend to be so careless, as if they don't want it. i know i took someone else's happiness away from them. so i'd place it back in my bag, go back to where i found it and place it there, hoping the owner comes back and finds it. then i'd go back home feeling accomplished, yet heavy inside. it was the right thing to do, i'd repeat to myself. one day i'll buy my own happiness. happiness to call my own.
Chad Tannous Apr 28
both truths can exist in the same shared event;
we can each have our own angles.

it doesn’t negate my experience,
it doesn’t negate ur experience

saying ones story is somehow illegitimate
does the opposite of what those who say it
will always say they intend

it doesn’t bring us together
u say ur story’s “better”
you say because it hurts it must be real.
Marla Apr 19
Something about the high life always
seems to get under my skin.

Call me naughty,
but whenever I see those
monstrous columns
and slicked marble floors
with gold trim in the crown molding
and ivory steps leading to a forbidden
getaway breakfast club with an island vibe,
thoughts just flood through my mind
and rinse it thoroughly in champagne.
-What gives?
Being pampered is a gorgeous thing
and I wouldn’t give up living a
gorgeous life for anything except love
and world peace, although I see them both as two sides of the same coin.
I may not be the devil,
but I do love the concertos of affection
that spring through my heart
whenever the world around me
is filled with hidden smiles and
careless laughter.
Sights and thoughts like these
would normally tell me that the world
is fine and all is well, at least they used to.

I see opulence nowadays and all I feel
is the pinch of guilt mixed in with a dash
of utter hopelessness.
Most beautiful things are hideous-
Human lives mean nothing to a world
that allows people to slave away in
sweat shops for scraps to cater towards a comfortable lifestyle that they will never know.
These people build beautiful ensembles
that they will never see.

****, I lost my train of thought.

Whatever I was saying, it was probably
really important and dear to me,
but I’m a clutz when I type for too long.
Something about seeing my reflection
in the black mirror under me
tends to send my soul through a vortex
of jet flames. It really hurts and easily distracts me, but I’ll try to pay more attention.

Anywho, we should really be stimulating
the world economy by redistributing
different resources such as money and water that way we can all have peaceful, comfortable lives filled with love and affection. If you can’t agree with that, you’re an *******. Type of people we like to call bigots around my block and people like that don’t really tend to stick around.
We do though.
The different, the outspoken, the hidden,
the yet-to-be-chosen.
We’re late bloomers, sure,
but god put us here to kick *** and
you bet yours that we will.

This is goodbye.
I’m leaving this letter here
so that you can read it.
Please, read it with an open heart.
It’s really important, ready?


Grace Butler Mar 19
I don’t know what thoughts are going through my head because I can’t hear them
I don’t know what I think because all I can hear is the opinions of others
I don’t know what I want
I can’t think I can’t think I can’t think
Amanda Jan 21
Friends say we do not work
The same from family
Many different people think
With you I should not be
But I don't care what they think
Mrs Timetable Jan 17
“You should cover your grey’s, they make you look too old.”

Your lack of tact makes you look insecure. But I would never tell you.
Think before you speak
Jim Davis Dec 2019
Don’t form opinions on yourself
Based on opinions of others

©  2019 Jim Davis
Kinda stole the idea... and it doesn’t rhyme... but ... I love it!
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