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Upset I am so often
So often you couldn't imagine
You would say
I shouldn't be upset
That would mean
I am insensitive
Extravagance upsets me
Ostentation upsets me
Wastage upsets me
Abject poverty
Mocked at by filthy affluence upsets me
Creepy behaviour of
Highly qualified intellectuals upsets me
Upset I am so much
When a pall of gloom
Corona uncontrollable
They mock at modern system of medicine
Speak against vaccines
Condemn and declare
Polio eradication, TB eradication programs
All useless and counter-productive
When they see conspiracy in everything
When a top doctor and Padamvibuhshan awardee
Endorses 1956 recommendation of an UK expert
Not to treat half a million
TB patients
Give better nutrition only
Half would have survived
Half would have died
And with that TB would have been eradicated
I am really upset
I ask him why the expert
Couldn't eradicate TB in his own country
Where even today more than 7000 people die of TB annually
He laughs at diabetes
Cites example where one
Without treating controlling high diabetes
Lived long life
Such attitudes really shocking
I am witness, I am victim
Side effect of adminstered steroids
Of uncontrolled diabetes
Escaped death narrowly
Due to diabetes induced heart attack
What should be done of such great men?
They deserve to be sent to a mental hospital
Upset I am really, really!
Of late, during this Corona pandemic, there's is a flood of spooky videos in social media. They aren't doing any public good. Please ignore them. Adhere to official instructions and guidance from Government.
Catch a calling pigeon,
Tell him what you really think.
Express your deepest statements
To the rim of your last drink.
'Cause society will tell you
That your voice is not worth hearing,
As they cast their vicious judgments,
With their pompous faces leering.

Release your thoughts into the silent night,
Or share them on a small poetry site.
Intellectual conformity is promised:
We learned to lie without being dishonest.
How does one share an opinion that isn't held by either the majority or the loud minority?
Simon May 10
"The Conjecture Radiance" is likely the most upholding effect that starts (when everything and everyone of course, least expects its full force), like an "onward march" to some type of safety.
(That then genuinely is apart of its own point of action).
However way you define its own least likely nonterrible way of communicating with the even least likely scenario, where each word is like a magnify glass too rich for its own purposes to handle. Basically, concluding the fact that whatever conjecture is full of such "radiance", doesn't conclude the Shareholder ("in the details") of this involvement. Or even (especially so), the very Caregiver (in the "emotional dispatching concealment" of the wrongdoings for how it certainly took too much of its pride into such ineffective reasoning at heart), is the truly deciding factor (at large) that actually pinpoints the very most primal directive, involved... Who do you think that might be...? If you truly stated with "I wonder", or even (for an entirely better recognition), for, "I'd reckon...'BLANK'...with...'BLANK'...!"
Well then... You’re reasoning to carefully "request" (from which the very ground you walk), would then appoint (in-charge) the very reckoning of one's own reasoning...had then gone toe-to-toe with something even more..."unimagining!"
After all, just because something even more...unimagining...would then seemingly come out of the blue and cost the very likelihood of your entire self, (from deep within that very self to go entirely "unmanaged"), just so everything leading up to this point...could then adopt (a certain flaw), or more specifically, adapt a certain plan involved (when and only when, you've gotten used to it, over time), doesn't give anyone (in the slightest degree) even the correct involvements for something even truly greater to take afoot the very compassion, from which everything is meant to take apart...and then reassemble, (when the time is right...) Just so everything (and everyone), can finally establish the very "belief" back into itself.
"But wait..." …Someone eagerly asks, "what about the 'Radiance' part...?"
Then something goes silent, until everything comes up from the very ashes, to once again then (single-handedly, of course), present the very ideal customs of the eventual "Hotseat" from which ALL such decision-making, choices, options, opinions, logic, analyzing, reasoning, concentration, focus, etc. That all align (and reflect) from some even GREATER common interest (still inconceivable, at large).
(And of course, it's obviously not from within yourself, or anything usually coherent like that. OH NO!)
It's much deeper and irresistibly separate then that could ever be...
"From within yourself." HAHA! What a bunch of hogwash!
That was the inevitable "Take one"...
"Take Two": Begins with one certain flaw involved... And it's not again (I repeat this...) Isn't "from within yourself."
"It's much more coherent than that!" Mark my words (that aren't good enough for simple results to ensure it so....)
You will find the "Conjecture" (in your very self), before you even discover what the ("Radiance") part is even about....
Stay tuned for "Take Two!" (For "Take One" is not up to standards with itself, if it wasn't for it's still BLANK one-sided half from being mysteriously misplaced from it's own such Conjecture, where the Radiance part, is too increase the full on "contact sport full of certainty"...(that entirely hints at fully making it from simply not actually being able to glow too brightly at heart)!
"For the very end of such a a truest guarantee for inevitable warfare!"
Something that fully departs is like a logical effort for something that is not up to *****!
However way you slice it, it truly/actually depends on what your willingly able to take for (effort itself), to seemingly stack the odds in your literal favor, forevermore!
Opting the favour that hopefully will (eventually) rise upward...just so ("what is the now"), could statistically "found" some sort of answer to this oncoming conundrum. One without ANY UTTER WARNING! Or even one without fully taking in what you do for your very self (in the logistics of your own life patterns). Because in the end, you might as well be the loyal knight full of such...”logical boundaries” itself!
“A loyal knight of logical boundaries” (in the making….)
Simon Apr 19
The lamp is now representing itself in the absence of being semi-peaceful. While having the inner-struggle in just simply trying it's best to get by....
After this very truest representation had sold itself to the highest bidder (being its own inner weakness giving into the symptom, that is "giving up"), without so much as a single plausible (enough) explanation...
Things don't become tolerated (very well), anymore.
After all, it's up to the standards of one's own grief to now simplify the very behavior (in their own sequence, after sequence, after even more sequences that have sheer luck tied to them without hesitation for utter pleasurable shame for the results that clutter the very cog in the wheel) that gives freedom in the disguise for wonder. Wonder...that isn't including its own freedom, as that's just another common (filled) sense illusion, now.
It's the very scenario that agrees that it hast to become order to see its own self for what it had become....
Meaningfully speaking, everything up to this very point in time...comes with an arresting degree for silencing the inner willpower of an inner voice that can't (safely, very well) reach for the outside world (and even remotely reach out into the outside world, like...AT ALL...)! And simply express (for the life of itself), its own symptom. Not only a symptom (or two...) But more the very part as to how, or why, or what essentially became of itself...when it started feeling this particular (and more peculiar way...), where it doesn't know how to handle itself, anymore (in that very dire moment for shameful results). Especially the guilt trip that it starts to feel (all the sudden), when it begins feebling itself over such hesitating tip-toeing maneuvering. But what comes (next, anyhow) with so much as a single that there's always a certain something, (or certain someone) truly waiting for you on the other side of a spectrum (where you have yet to truly notice in ALL such forming varieties upon the certain specified number of emotions bleeding itself DRY for the appreciation of finding a solution too it's current problem....)
Once you understand this...or more like correcting the wrongs (that had up to this very moment in time, had made you this spiraling short-circuited piece of machinery, or justful faulty technological prowess...) Gives you the very nurturing desire to bid farewell to your own inner strength. Just so you can now have the very pleasure of now purging past this unknown barrier on the other side of this spectrum that has this very certain (someone) waiting for you...that will then of course, give you that single, (when you least expect it...) RESTART! That had been in an orderly fashion ever since the very beginning (when you first started first experiencing this symptom in the first place). A trapped scenario full of crippling sequences of events!
Descriptions, or even visuals are lost...without defining what a lost light (who's very brightness is increasingly going dim), doesn't even have the very means (as of yet) to truly become recognizable of the ("notice of things"), for simply "why" it's becoming this very way, in the first place...?
The Triple L Apr 14
I thank you, overcast,
Though so many hold you in contempt,
I say to you, dear friend,
Those who are unable to find it within themselves,
To pay you with the respect due,
Shall never find appreciation in our universe.

The glorious sunshine,
The melancholic rain,
The rampaging rage of the vicious storm,
The frost and fear of the seeping, invading ice,
None of them remind me that I am alive as much as you do.

For you remind me that not all is sunshine,
Not all is the chagrin of the rain,
Not all is storm and violence,
Nor is it the freezing embrace of death,
No, the extremities of the seasons, the encompassing grasp of the weather,
None remind me of the trials and tribulations,
The brilliance and horrors,
The humility of life,
The chance,
The pure,
Plausibility of my own existence.

It is you, overcast,
My dearest and most reliable companion.
It is you they shun,
For they describe you as boring,
And I say to you,
As I say to them,
The depiction is wrong.

Not everything is in the extremes portrayed by the weather,
Nay, life is full of boredom,
No one experiences life to its fullest,
And those who think otherwise are fooling themselves.

It is you,
The greyness,
The unmoving,
The boredom,
That reminds me I am alive,
And will continue to live for however long I have left.
I promise you this overcast, I will appreciate you, for you keep me breathing.
Written on a cloudy day.
Jess Carroll Mar 28
Why do we write poems?
Why do we rhyme?
Because in truth,
That is never why our poems shine

We write to forget
Or to express our feelings
Or maybe your reason,
Is to get rid of the words
Your mind keeps repeating

But nevertheless,
Those reasons don't matter
I think the main reason
Is so we can be happier

If you write melancholy poems
It is to release your inner poison
I know how it feels,
Since I am one of them

But if you write happy poems
I suppose I understand.
It's just a little easier writing
When the only thing you're afraid of is hurting your hand

Of course I'm not trying to start
A pointless argument of which one
Has a better method
Of speaking to your heart

Every poem is different just like every poet,
Sometimes it's hard to say what you feel is really true,
But in the end it doesn't matter since the question is actually
What does poetry mean
to you?
If you think this poem was in interesting, I would really like to see some comments on what poetry means to each of you. I think everyone has a different outlook on poetry, and if you feel inclined to answer this question, please do so!
Michael H Feb 24
Opinions are symptoms of society.
Neither He comes
From the depths of the sky
Flowing like a river
Nor He originates in minds
Neither He is camouflaged by the Creation
Nor He confines Himself
In the four corners of a temple or a church
He comes from the depths of your heart
Removing curtain of your mind
Zywa Dec 2020
Our skin is a pleasant separation
to undo with our body and limbs
and when we kiss and are one breath

we are also one spirit
no different thoughts
one passion, nothing separating us

agreeing with each other and ourselves
complete in boundless

But where there is space
presence arrives, thoughts
tacitly sneak in, hand in hand

they build a thick wall
as a solid support
for familiar views

You no longer see a wall
only a green hedge

rampant with repetition
and rooted in the need
to be apart, with acquaintances

without contradiction
ambivalence and understanding
safe and not powerless
“Borderline” (1994, Joni Mitchell)

Collection “The drama"
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