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Azfar Hakimi Jul 6
My voice is like a sword ready to be used in a war, though my hands are weak like a paper in the water, but my voice is sharp ready to ****.

Our voice makes them calm, angry and sometimes sad while trying to understand what does the tone trying to sound and trying to be;
Lips that are supposed to be kissed but I use it for my protection from the devil and this lips will make them sleep, peacefully.

You decide if you want your voice to be quite or mute or loud or wild because the sea is endless and the fishes under it is dangerous, so, choose your path and sound your voice, if you dare to.
speak up, your voice matters!
Rozey Mar 26
You cannot deny your true feelings
Nor can you hide your true thoughts
One way or another it will show
And you won't even realize

The truth cannot be hidden.
I decided to enter an anonymous poem in my college's poem contest where anyone was allowed to enter a poem about encouragement. I entered my haiku "Beauty."
There's this girl constantly putting me down and telling me my writing is horrible. She has always disliked me for whatever reason she chooses.
So, after I entered this contest, I figure out she was on the panel out of three judges and turns out she was the first one to pick my poem out of the bunch.

How the truth comes out! She likes my poetry and my writing, she just refuses to show me support for the sole reason she has a bias. But she likes my poetry!
Desire Mar 8
Our oppositions are subjective, yet
we're subject to our opinions
but differences deepened by
developing diversity is false dominion,
proving one thing to be true:
Neither of us get the final rule.
Human supremacy is a construct,
freeing me to believe in a higher power
outside of me and you...

If neither of us are supreme, then who?
Anita Feb 21
Roses are red,
Violets aren’t blue,
I don’t need your opinion,
Who the **** asked you?
Just a little something
exist Feb 9
don’t take what someone says to heart
their comment is nothing but an opinion
not a fact
what makes you unique, is amazing.
M-E Feb 5
I will say No
No, is my new sublime
I will write it on the walls, in the aisles
I will make it rhyme
With everything I say
So, NO
I am not buying you
You salty bag of chips.
Gaurav Raj Jan 31
Isn't it funny
How people are only
Interested in the sad & crazy?
I'd laugh at them
If I wasn't one of them...
Bewildering constant disturbance
Pulling us down,
Burying us in the ground,
Beside these gnarled oak trees,
Like snuggled pissants with multiple keys.
A walking sea of hope has come this way,
On this lonely, wintry day...
To visit this sad land
In between the storm and
The battle of wills.
Be bold enough
To be yourself...
You're not a framed picture
They placed on their shelf...
To woe & to mock,
To put your dreams in a slumber of dust,
Throwing your love away like discarded crusts.
There's something for each of us here,
If they don't stereotype our souls...
What's not in you, can't be found anywhere,
Shake them out of their rut...
Let's do the insane thing
& Not listen to all these voices screaming in our heads.
Once a poet, who is now dead,
Said to me
In a crippled voice, much world-weary...
If it's not killing you,
It's not love...
At the moment it sounded a bit untrue.
What I can't forget
Is how he reached down himself,
To bring out a voice he himself
Had forgotten.
Are you gonna let yourself be lost
In this constantly diluted soup that's about to boil over?
Are you just gonna be a wandering ghost
Climbing up and down the chimneys of expectations?
Will you stumble upon yourself now?
Will you stop listening to these voices in your head
Telling you, you can't be this, can't do that?
Just like yours, my mind keeps playing tricks on me...
Keeps me concerned with opinions and trivialities.
All these dreams carved in my soul,
Have started to bleed on the floor,
& They have locked the **** door.
We will never be any better than the dead
Unless we don't stop listening to these voices in our heads.
For all, from someone who fears he is being shoved in a corner by schizophrenia and expectations and opinions, including his own.
Paradeaux Jan 10
Everyone is full of opinions about
What I should do,
Where I should go,
Who I should be,
And who should I talk to;

When they can't even look inside their own bags to clean their dirt.
Old vent.
Dess Ander Dec 2018
Illusions are the new reality
Victimhood the chosen mentality
Opinions lead to fatality
Common sense is the new insanity
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