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Dnlbllrd Jun 2020
With one big swing he flapped his wing
Blowing the bells to make it ring
To open the gates of heaven for worshiping
Anon, he would be falling

Flying, soaring, anon he would be falling
Enamoured with women, Giants would start rising
Roaring, wailing for their sin they'd be bawling
Mourning, regretting, for their sin they'd be falling

Jieun Feb 2020
I look at God's stories and teachings
and I always keep on reading
"satan is the devil"
"he's the purest form of evil"
but i wonder, what if maybe
he was just misunderstood.
what if he never wanted for things to go wrong
and he had just made a mistake
What if the reason was he was just confused all along
and he ended up in this kind of fate..
I'm not saying we should believe in his wicked words
or follow his evil doings
but what if he just needed a prayer
for him to revert back and be accepted again by our Father
if we kept praying for sinners..
and we keep praying for souls to be saved
why can't we pray for him?
a fallen angel...who also needs to be prayed?
my fellow catholics, please don't attack me T^T
i’m not much of a believer anymore,
but something i never told you
was that i dreamt of you
not too long ago.

in the dream, I was holding your hand,
and we stood amongst the blades
of the wind, with our heads high,
grinning against the world.

in the dream, god approached me
and said...

“i hope you realize she is special. care for her,
protect her and loath her in love.

when the world tries to topple her,
be her mountain.

for i,
will not be there.

when she sheds her tears
and they spell her sins,
take those words
and craft a melody
she’ll later on sing.

for i,
will not be there.

and when she’s broken down
and her wings can no longer
soar, be the king she’s wanted
for so long.

for i,
will not be there.

for she is the fallen angel,
I worked the most

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I’d thrown back my head and let out  
that cackle
But I didn’t realize that that candelabra
The lit one
was so close
And my head went
Sponto jumped up
Arms raised and ready
Ready to clobber me
And Hilary
To my left looked at me and screamed
Immobile except for her face stretched by
distress and fear

I’d watched that horrendous
De Niro version of Frankenstein that afternoon
And everyone was screaming at the monster
I remembered those scenes now
And I understood
I stamped out my burning head quickly
Before I got hit
I learned a lesson that day.
The spot of hair, you know
Never did grow back right.
erin Oct 2018
he was her fallen angel.
his raven black wings which fragmented the light while they flew
shined onto her pale shin and forced her to shield her eyes
but no matter how much she begged
he'd never take her for a ride.
but one day, he finally lifted her
higher and higher they went,
they grazed the clouds and kissed the sky
and then he dropped her.
and only then did she really fly.
for someone i thought i knew. but now i'm not sure.
Carmella Rose Aug 2017
she was beauty in sorrow,
a lightning in the sky,
a rainbow after rain,
but a devil in disguise,
she wasn't given a chance to prove,
now she rules,
she is a devil queen,
that could freeze up hell in a second,
and shut down earth,
her looks are perfect,
raven haired,
browns eyes,
pink lips,
but either do we know,
there is a dark side of hers,
that we could not see,
and even the brightest light
could not light up,
she's a princess of chaos and danger,
she loves the smell of blood
and sad faces
with angry souls,
she could see right through you,
so never ever get her mad,
'cause any second she could freeze you up,
her specialty was never fire,
it was ice that ignites her.
Kylia Jan 2015
You are my seven deadly sins, my
Ticket to hell.

And I, your
Fallen angel.

Together, we are death,
doom and destruction
I'm not sorry.
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